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Mama’s Master List

Double Dare

“There’s no way you can get him to do something like that,” Sam told me.

“You wanna bet?” I replied.

“A hundred dollars says you can’t,” he returned.

“You got yourself a bet buddy boy,” I said laughing. “But you can’t interfere on how I do it.”

“Ok. It’s a deal.”

Later on that evening…

“OK Sam  It’s your turn. Truth or dare,” Dean said.

“Truth because I don’t trust you,” Sam said laughing.

I joined in laughing because Sam was smart to not trust his brother. Dean had already had me doing two extremely crazy dares.

“Ok, what’s your most secret sexual desire?” Dean asked him.

“Well hell. Maybe I should have taken the dare,” he said as he took another long drink from his glass. “Deepest sexual desire? I don’t know that I have one but it might be cool to let a woman tie me up and I just lay there.”

“Wow dude,” Dean replied. “That may have been a little TMI.”

“What the fuck Dean? That was your question.”

That got us all laughing again. As soon as we had ourselves back under control, we continued playing. Finally I thought the time was right.

“Ok Dean. It’s your turn and it’s on me this time,” I told him.

“Give me your best shot sweetheart.”

“Truth or dare?”

“From you? I am going with dare. Let’s see what you got.”

“Tomorrow, when all the hunters get here for the meeting, you have to join us in a wife beater, flip flops, maybe a pair of cutoff shorts, and … you have to walk in carrying Fluffy!”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Nope. You asked for dare and that’s the dare. Take it or give up.”

“I never give up. I’ll do it.”

I looked over at Sam and smirked. This was going to be the easiest hundred dollars I ever made!

The next day…

Everyone was gathered around in the war room. A few people had already been asking where Dean was. Sam and I both told them all that he would be there soon. Sam and I were in a corner and he was telling me he didn’t think his brother would follow through.

To both of our surprise, Dean walked in just as I had dared him. The laughter and comments floating around the room were hilarious. To make it even better, Dean had carried the dare even a little further. His cutoffs were so short and the front pockets were just hanging out there. He had a pair of shades on and it looked like he was sipping some kind of iced coffee!

I was dying with laughter. I watched through the tears streaming down my face as he just sauntered into the middle of the room, sucking through his straw. I  glanced around for Sam and found him literally on the ground, gripping his stomach, laughing so hard.

Dean stopped in the middle of the group and just kind of looked at everyone. I could see the tiniest of smiles there and I knew he was trying to stop his own laughter.

“What’s so funny?” he asked everyone. “Dudes, come on. It’s hot outside!”

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M A R C H    B O T M !

i know i’m quite late at getting to this, but i’ve been wanting to start doing botm’s for a while now so, i decided to go for it anyway! i wanted to try something a little different, and since i know what its like to be a new creator on this site and the feeling when an edit you felt good about doesn’t get too many notes - i wanted to help shout out all the perf bloggers spending their free time making original content for us to enjoy! so, the three categories are:

  • blog of the month
  • creator of the month (gifs, aes, hp, multifandom - everything)
  • writer of the month (fics, headcanons, poetry - everything)

there will be one winner and two runner ups per category each month, and you’ll get a spot on my new ‘botm’ tab which i’ve just added to my page! and some more prizes which i’ll pop under the cut below 💕


  • must be following me
  • maybe check out my edits and the hprarepairnet?
  • reblog this post (likes only count as bookmarks!)
  • closes february 28th
  • there will be one winner and two runner-ups for each category
  • please put your creations/writing tag in the tags
  • not restricted to harry potter/multifandom blogs!

P R I Z E S    B E L O W

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