161001 BOF (부산 원아시아 페스티벌) B.A.P - That’s My Jam


anonymous asked:

Hi I was wondering how would Daehyun, Himchan and Youngjae react to finding their s/o's sex toys?

Himchan - Painfully blatant. When he sees it, he’d pick it up without a second thought. He’d head straight to her and ask if this is what he thinks it is. When she begrudgingly says yes he’d crack a smile and just be like, “good to know you have one too”

Daehyun - Oooh, a dirty little secret that he’d love to discover. Daehyun would be that shit to “accidentally” stumble across it when she’s in the room and be like “ohhh, what’s this?” He’d wave it in her face pretending he doesn’t know what it is even though he’s well aware that it’s a sex toy. He’d become smug when she gets embarrassed, then he’d throw in the idea of using it together next time. 

Youngjae - Youngjae would be genuinely confused. He’d stare at it for a while, trying to figure out what exactly is it. When it occurs to him that this is a sex toy, he’d slam the drawer shut and leave the room immediately as if nothing happened.