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Bulletproof Game of Poker (Youngjae mafia/gang AU pt.3)

Word count: 7.9 k+

Genre/warnings: Mafia/gang AU (swearing, blood, violence)

Summary: What was meant to be a harmless undercover mission involving poker and unveiling plans had quickly turned into a gunfight. Good to know that one out of six had showed up bulletproof.

(A/N) The poker part is quite a mess, forgive me for that. I tried to read into the rules, and partially even understood them. Still, there are mistakes which I apologize for.


“Spill it, brat,” Youngjae had pressed him against the wall, gun directed at his guts as he only smirked in reply.

“Can you take it a little calmer, Youngjae?” Himchan said, leaning back in his chair and watching all unfold in front of him. Day X had finally come around the corner, and everyone had assembled at the base to prepare for all there was to come.

“I saw everything, you went to converse with them-”

“I thought you were too precious to spy yourself, and that’s why you always sent out either me or Junhongie-”

“Your blood would actually look very beautiful on the carpet. I’ve been wanting to see it on there for ages.”

You sat there and watched silently. You knew Youngjae well at this point, maybe even better than Jongup did, who laughed it all off and finally rose his hands up in surrender, asking to be listened out and not backed off into the wall with a gun pointed at him only seconds after he’d come in.

Jongup was a mystery to you and to everyone really, yet even you could tell he started worrying a little after being backed off, because Youngjae was stressed and irritated out of his mind. And was someone who could compete with him when it came to shooting, as there was a popular belief he was the 2nd best right after Jongup, while in reality he was just as good. Jongup just liked bragging about it by showing off, while Youngjae used his head and shot only as much as required.

But you knew him, and knew more than well he wouldn’t pull the trigger on just anyone. Not even Jongup, whom he’s been having countless arguments with recently, and whom he didn’t trust at all anymore.

“Gentlemen, m'lady,” he tipped his non-existent invisible fedora at you as he went by, seating himself in an armchair, “I have great news that you’ll love to hear.”

“I am officially a betrayer,” he announced, and you had to use all your strength to keep Youngjae seated next to you, as he jumped up immediately and looked like he was about to startle Jongup.

“.. And so is Yongguk hyung.”

At that statement though, the whole room went silent. Sneaky stares were thrown at the man in question, but no one really said anything to him, as everyone knew. This was out of question, and was some type of plan they would have to follow. Jongup would be capable of such things, maybe. Yongguk wouldn’t.

“Jongup, well done. You played it nice,” Himchan suddenly broke out into a smile, even standing up and walking towards him, shaking his hand and returning to his original place.

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B.A.P’s reaction to kids loving you

Thank you for requesting and for waiting patiently!



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Ahhh he would adore you so much more by seeing this. He loves, loves, loves children himself and wants to be a positive influence on them. Having them love you would tell him that you knew how to talk to them or behave around them. Either that, or you loved to spoil them rotten. Either way he would start to like you more than he probably already did.


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Himchan would be a little similar to Yongguk where he would probably admire you from a distance. He would also adore you and feel his heart grow warm whenever he saw a child cling on to you, but he wouldn’t really voice it. He would probably develop feelings from this but stick to a friendship since that’s what he’s really most comfortable with right now.


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Oh he would just love this! He might actually feel a little jealous just because he wants kids to love him as well. He’s always trying to get their attention and be their number one. Seeing them cling to you would probably tell him that you were caring, kind and patient enough to help them grow. It was just another added charm for you.


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He would also think you were the most wonderful human being and begin to admire you even more. He, just like the older members, is very drawn to children and would love a family of his own. Seeing how all these kids would love you and rely on you would honestly probably make him fall in love with you. He’s very caring himself, and you would come off just as caring as him.


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I don’t think it would mean much to Jongup other than you probably appeared more fun, lovable and an open human being to him. If children felt comfortable enough to be around you and want your attention, and since he’s still a child himself, it would make him believe you would understand his interests and accept him too.


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Junhong would also admire you and would try to get acquainted when he saw how cute you were with children. He also becomes a big gushy mess when children (and puppies) are around. He wants to be a role model too so to have someone like you, who already appears to be one, would be great. He would love to get to know you better and develop a close friendship.

His Child is Kidnapped- Youngjae, Jongup, and Junhong [Gang!AU]

Part of His child is kidnapped

Part I, Part II

Angst of course… I’ll tell you which ones WILL involve death of a kid. In this one, Jongup’s is the only one, so if you don’t want to read something like that, skip his.


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