Please let 2k18 be the year Babies stop with all the hate against and assumptions about TS Ent. Constantly reminding about what happened is not helping in any way to get rid of the stigma our boys and their company face since the lawsuit.

their decision to go back.

Trust™ them to eagerly speak up for themselves.

Trust™ them to openly call people of their company out (like Himchan did with the grave-stone-fail of the Blue Teasers during a Heyo! Session).

Trust™ them to be happy about having a comeback although it means hard work, less sleep and long hours.

Trust™ them that they love what they are doing. For their love of music, themselves and their fans.

For the sake of it, please…
trust™ them and spread positivity.

That’s what they are trying to narrate.

Not hate and unforgiveness, but love and benevolence.

You don’t have to forget about what their company did and you don’t have to stop calling them out for it, but you could try to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that they listened and learned through B.A.Ps rebellion. Instead of spreading all the negativity the second one of them looks just slightly tired out or overworked, think of how run down you feel after weeks of 8 to 9 hour shifts alone. Being a celebrity comes with unhumane and irregular working hours, and that’s obviously not a great thing, but we get to see the boys hang out with friends all the time, enjoying their free days, even DURING promotions. That’s a maaaajor step up of what their lives looked like before. None of the boys gave us a legit reason to mistrust their company or their decision to go back to them. So far TS handled problems very well, giving Yongguk the time to get better through rest and therapy and pulling Himchan out of promotions due to his broken rib. Despite being tired and worn out sometimes, they seem genuinely happy about how things are working out for them.

Obviously the pressure to be more successful is hard on them, but we can’t blame their company forever for screwing up big time. Just because we want the boys on Weekly Idol doesn’t mean TS has any say in who they let promote on the show. We don’t know what’s going on Behind the Scenes, we don’t know how much TS tries to get the boys out there - BUT we SHOULD KNOW that it’s not only on them to decide. Heck, we don’t even know if the six of them even WANT to go on Weekly Idol (am I the only one who does not necessarily like the way the MCs have treated them in the past…? I understand it’s about entertainment and being funny, but sometimes they are just plain rude…) or what else they are trying to do to promote them. We don’t know what fails in their attempts. The stigma of TS Ent. being a bad company and B.A.P wanting the money certainly doesn’t help them to get noticed in Korea again… 

Anyway, I’m starting to ramble.
You obviously don’t have to listen to me because I can’t dictate you anything - it’s solely your decision what you do and write and want to put out there and trust me, I understand why no one likes TS… - but it’s almost on a daily basis that I see negatvitiy towards the company and it’s just not… well… a positive thing to do.

It reflects badly on anybody involved.

And it’s spreading a bad mood across the fandom (regardlessly of if the reader agrees or not) mistrust and sometimes even hate, and that’s sad. Our boys don’t teach us that and we, as a fairly mature, friendly and positivity-spreading fandom, should not fall for senseless hate and finger pointing.

For the sake of the happiness of B.A.P, we should certainly stay sensitive and alerted for anything remotely negative TS tries to do, but we should also try to promote a healthier and more trusting relationship between the boys and their company and fans. In hope that the stigma around them slowly fades.

We don’t have to fight a war against TS. Not unless B.A.P does anyway.