First Time With Them: GOT7 MARK

/ BamBam // Jackson // YuGyeom // YoungJae // JinYoung // JB // Mark /

/ B.A.P // BTS // KActor // KHH // SF9 // PENTAGON // WINNER // BtoB /

  • Wild;
  • I know it’s like… Jackson’s thing, but mARK;
  •      Ma boI! ;
  • Defo the wildest one yet jfc;
  • It’s the thing of the quiet ones, you see;
  • He’d make you feel so good you’d see stars;
  • You’d get to experience a bit of everything, tbh;
  • He’d deliberately ask you what turns you on in the most lewd manner;
  •      Just to see you with your red cheeks;
  • And he’d do those things;
  • Say there’s a mirror in his room;
  •      And he’s into the voyeuristic side;
  •           He’d fuck you in front of that mirror;
  •                While making you watch;
  • He’d also comment a lot;
  • So a lot of dirty speech;
  • “Look how wet you are for me” ;
  • “I guess you like to see yourself being fucked in front of that mirror, huh?” ;
  • Heck, he might even be into the daddy kink;
  • But on the other hand, he’s also a switch;
  •      No doubt about that;
  • So while he will assert dominance over you on your first night;
  •      Just know that you will always get a chance for revenge;
  • And as I said, he’s damn wild;
  •      Wild = kinky af;
  • He’d cover a lot of things you’d never imagined experiencing with you;
  • And the good thing was that he wasn’t ashamed;
  •      Which would be reassuring and confidence inducing;
  • However, after the night he would return back to his quiet self;
  • Cooking you breakfast, or lunch, most likely;
  • Feeding you;
  • Smirking at his handiwork on your neck and collar and chest;
  • Totally proud of what he’s done but would not boast.

B.A.P as “Clear Carnage” based off the story, “Carnage


Clearwater Academy, the school of the rich… and the filthy rich. No luxary is unattainable to it’s students. But underneath the lavish lifestyle of it all lies a grittier truth. Two rival gangs; Zaikai, Clear Carnage and their leaders are two forces to be reckoned with. Yongguk, widely known as “Carnage” by those who don’t have a death wish leads Clear Carnage. And Kai leads the twelve member gang called “Zaikai.” Their corrupt family businesses lead them down the path of delinquency. But their bloody thirsts to hold the tital of “top dog” in Clearwater keep them here. Fur will fly and blood will be shed… but in the end, everybody bleeds the same.

EXO as “Zaikai” versionsEXO-K / EXO-M