why bap members are problematic
  • Youngjae: would probably be that friend who laughs when u trip instead of helping u up
  • Daehyun: loves food more than friends
  • Himchan: won't leave daehyun and jongup alone
  • Jongup: watches anime tiddie all day
  • Zelo: never had an embarrassing stage during puberty
  • Yongguk: would probably ruin friendly outings by discussing philosphy and the meaning of life

Himchan: stop acting like you’re 3!

Daehyun: fine I’ll act like I’m 2, goo goo ga ga bitch.

Himchan: stop it-

Daehyun: sorry I can’t tell what you’re saying because I can’t speak yet so I can’t tell you’re being a bitch rn.

Himchan: im bout to fight this baby *squares up*

Youngjae: Himchan calm down, he’s just hungry.

Himchan: then get this mother fucker a snickers and out of my face.