Kpop related Updates

T.O.P officially completes his test for military duty so he will probably be leaving soon

Yongguk won’t be promoting for the comeback due to being diagnosed with panic disorder (god bless him cause it ain’t easy at all)

Gary is leaving Running Man which means no more Monday couple and I honestly feel like my family is falling apart

Got7 Younjae is sick again so he’s out of promotions but they won’t say how he is sick so I’m worried

But on a good note BTS DOPE reached 100 Mil views and VIXX Hakyeon is real.


Ah, Yongguk…what can I say? It pains me to know that you are going through a difficult time right now, and I wish there was some way I could make it all better. But, I know you need some time to heal on your own. You are the sweetest, kindest, most caring leader and person, and I hope you never forget that. I hope that you come to realize just how talented and special you are in our hearts. Your family is here for you, your friends and members are here for you, and babyz are here for you, till the end! Get well soon, my love. 

Remember, we always want to see your smile. ♥

161025 - Twitter - Youngjae

@BAP_Youngjae: 소식을 듣고 많이 놀라셨을 여러분들에게 글을 올립니다. 용국이형이 앨범 프로듀싱을 하고 무대에 서며 우리와 함께 더 나은 비에이피를 만들려고 많이 노력하고 있습니다. 비에이피라는 팀에 리더로서 또 프로듀서로서 그 무게감이 벅찼을텐데.  멤버로서 또 동생으로서 그 무게감을 나누지 못했다는 생각에 형에게 미안한 마음이 듭니다. 음.. 이번 앨범 활동은 같이 하지 못하게 되었습니다. 그래서 이번엔 저희가 용국이형의 자리를 채워보려고 합니다. 물론 100% 채울 수는 없다고 생각합니다. 그래도 우리 다섯명과 또 여러분들과 함께한다면 어트게든 될거라고 생각합니다. 지금까지 여러분들이 해주셨던거 처럼 이번에도 저희와 함께 해주세요. 항상 든든한 버팀목이 되어주셔서 고마워요. 사랑한다 우리 베이비들 

I’m tweeting for all of you who must be very shocked upon hearing the news. Yongguk-hyung is working very hard producing albums(,) standing on stage and making a better B.A.P with us. As a leader of a team called B.A.P and as a fellow member and as a dongsaeng. Um.. We won’t be able to promote together for this coming album. So we are going to fill Yongguk-hyung’s spot. Of course we are not going to be able to fill it 100%. Even so(,) I feel that we will be able to make it work no matter what if there is the 5 of us and everyone together. Just like how you all have been with us till now(,) please be together with us this time too. Thank you for always being a reliable pillar. I love you(,) our BABYs

trans by transforbap ; take out with full credit

No one will read this probably but I just want to thank the fandom (or the part of the fandom that I see) for being so positive and encouraging. So many Babyz have written completely educated and reasonable posts about Yongguk’s break, and honestly it’s really really encouraging and helpful. I don’t know about anyone else but personally I get overwhelmed really easily and if I hadn’t seen the things that everyone’s been posting I probably would have had felt a lot worse than I did about everything, which I know is not something that Yongguk or BAP would have wanted to happen.

Like I don’t really know how to say this, just thank you so so much. It’s so much easier to stay optimistic when the people around you are and when you have perfectly valid reasons to be, and what I’ve seen in everyone’s posts is that we DO have valid reasons to be optimistic, which is really important. As a result I feel like I can focus on supporting and loving BAP and Yongguk with more of a peaceful mind rather than wasting my time feeling upset and scared. Umm yes so I’ll probably delete this but that’s just what I wanted to say, thank you so much I love you.


I’ve read a lot of comments and reactions regarding our dearest leader’s current condition. I’ve read comments blaming TS ENT for this. Yes, they may be the one behind this and they’re doing it again — forcing to do this and that, but we still don’t know who wants to do these activities (since they’ve signed an agreement before, I think), especially the upcoming comeback. It’s either the company’s choice or the artist itself since we all know that B.A.P is so passionate in their job, especially Yongguk and they really want to make good music for us to enjoy. We don’t know what might happen in 2019, right? So maybe they’re cherishing the moments. However, doing things they may enjoy excessively might still lead to conditions like this. Maybe he ended up with this condition due to tiredness, pressure, and anxiety about their comeback because he wants us to enjoy and be happy about the 2nd full album. That is how much he loves us — BABYs.

These are just my opinions and I’m not sure for some, of course, but it’s been decided. Let’s just respect the decision of TS ENT, B.A.P, and Yongguk and stop the blames because everything is already done and decided. I think he will be worrying more if he read the negative feed backs about the decision. Let’s just wish him a fast recovery, and miracles might always happen. Let’s pray for him and give him more love and support. We are their BABYs, right? Let’s look the other side of the coin. We know how strong our leader is, right? He can get through this with the help of our love, support, and prayers.

Also, let’s not forget to cheer for Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, and Zelo for the successful comeback and promotions!! ^^