What I love about each B.A.P member


  • His airport fashion looks like he just rolled out of bed. So soft and fluffy.
  • Actually most of his fashion is him being a comfy bunny
  • How his hands are usually balled up in fists
  • Like is he cold or nervous or what
  • It reminds me of a toddler
  • Sassy!Jae
  • Trolls his friends
  • No one is safe
  • How he gets emotional about B.A.P & BABYz
  • When Youngjae starts to get choked up, you betcha you’re gonna cry too
  • When he couldn’t sing his first part in 1004 during their Matrix showcase bc he got so emotionally overwhelmed T-T
  • He’s considerate of those close to him
  • Remember when he gave his shoes to Jongup in 1004 so he wouldn’t slip during his dance
  • And how he stayed up to talk to Himchan during One Shot promos
  • He bought his mom hand cream bc he thought she would like it
  • Open-minded
  • Little ball of sunshine
  • Always looks so soft
  • Such a soothing speaking voice
  • Extremely caring of the other members
  • Tenderheart baby
  • Bubble Tea song
  • Ice Cream song
  • How he’s so competitive
  • But if he knows he won’t win, he won’t play
  • That’s not how games work, sir
  • Floofy hair
  • Cute smile
  • His reoccurring problem of getting confetti in his mouth
  • Help him pls
  • Apple cheeks
  • Never ages
  • Apparently, if you push him he’ll either fly away or break
  • Cuteness is over 9,000
  • He always looks great in a sweater
  • AKA that one he wore in Coffee Shop
  • He’s totally Boy Next Door/Boyfriend Material
  • Really likes to wear hoodies
  • His extremely soft heart
  • Give him lots of love please
  • The way he gets so animated when talking/telling a story
  • …chokers…
  • He’s a tease during concerts
  • You think he’ll grab your hand but sike
  • He didn’t let anything stop him from taking singing lessons and following his dream
  • Dorks around with Dae all the time
  • He’s loud…sometimes louder than Daehyun
  • Rip to the audio guys
  • He’s always yelling in excitement but its so cute
  • Like I want to be that excited about things
  • He’s an actual bunny bc he’s always jumping up and down
  • When he hits whoever is next to him when he laughs
  • I just really love how excited he gets okay
  • But seriously, who let him get ahold of chokers
  • That time he and Zelo controlled the crowd in Chicago through the V app
  • That face he made when Zelo beat him in arm wrestling and drove his watch into the table
  • Any time he sings randomly/dances randomly
  • He’s the best at aegyo
  • He’s confident in being himself
  • No one loves Yoo Youngjae more than Yoo Youngjae 
  • He speaks Japanese very well
  • He gave Zelo kisses all the time
  • That one time he wouldn’t let Jongup go to sleep when they were playing a game bc he couldn’t beat Uppie
  • So Jongup lost on purpose
  • You gotta learn to admit defeat dude
  • Named his car “Blue Dragon”
  • Overall squishiness 

Feel free to add some of your favorite Youngjae things! This got really long oops.

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