How B.A.P Sounds in Bed


Yongguk is going to want you to be more vocal than him. To react to his deep complements and comments and he’ll want you to tell him how’s he doing too. The reassurance will be so fucking sexy to him. Yongguk is by default (and blessing) deep toned. So whatever he says in bed will be low and it will drive you crazy. Yongguk won’t over do it though. He’ll mostly be honey groans and deep moans, especially when you’re giving him head. When he speaks (lord bless you) it’ll be in whispers. Against your neck or stomach. Compliments and just pure (not pure) body worship.


Himchan has no problems being vocal in bed. He’d love to dirty talk to you while he teases your body. Imagine (!) you’re on the bed and he’s letting his fingers trace over your body while he comments on your rocking hips and indulging on the things he wants to do with you, for you, to you. Himchan would be okay with just being himself with you, so you’ll hear many of his beautiful groans and grunts. His hand will be flat on your stomach as he rocks into you. The feeling of you making him groan, he might say something like “Ah, Y/N. You feel so good. Just for me.” To cover up his moans a bit because he’d rather see and hear you. 


Daehyun lives to praise you while you two are having sex. He’ll tell you how good you’re doing or how absolutely amazing you feel. “Damn, you feel so good, baby.” Or “Ah, Y/N.” just all breathy. When he’s not talking he’ll either want you to praise him back while he looks into your eyes or splatters kisses, literally wherever he can get his thick lips. Or, and hold on; he’ll be moaning. The most beautiful, body rocking moans that make you moan with just the simple thought of them. And Daehyun will moan right in your ear, he won’t care. Just because he wants, no, needs you to hear how good you’re making him feel. 


Youngjae wants the reassurance that comes in your moans and screams for him. Your sound is his praise and he craves each of them, needs them even. Youngjae will go harder, faster, stronger for your loud sounds that award him the title: God of Sex. There is honestly nothing Youngjae won’t do to get your sounds just the way he wants them. He’ll try his best to keep his own sounds at a low to hear you but that won’t always work. His hums and grunts will still be in your ears but he’ll want you to be louder than them. Honestly Youngjaes shaky moans he releases when he enters or pulls out of you are the best things in the world. If you’re loud enough he smile sweetly after you’re both done and praise you for each sound you made.


Jongups sounds will be at the same volume throughout your sex-capades. He’ll love that moment when you get loud towards the end, signaling to him that you’re close. His heavy breathing and groans will be steady, in line with his hips motion. Jongup will have no problems controlling his sounds and movements but when he lets go and you get to hear some of his deliciously sweet moans. You’ll be hooked, doing anything to hear one of them again. They’re the best sounds to make you feel properly praised and cause your whole body to shudder. Jongups sounds will haunt your wet dreams and bless your daydreams. 


Two words. Heavy. Breathing. Junhong loves to hear you out of breath. He’ll pull you onto his length and bring his head closer to your face to hear you gasp and then pant at his size. His head will fall to your chest as he continues to move, listening to every sound and breath you take. Junhong will also be a loud breather with a few hisses and hums. Every now and then you’ll get a grunt that will knock on your sexuality. He loves to hide his sounds in your chest, neck, thighs, anywhere!  At the end when you’re both laying in bed, holding each other. That’s when Junhong will be vocal. Asking about your day or telling you about his.

B.A.P Debut Story


“I was born in a hospital in Incheon on March 31st, 1990. I’m the youngest out of two sons and one daughter in our family. My brother and I are twins.”

“I learned how to speak really late. I couldn’t speak till I was 5 so my family thought I was mute.”

“In kindergarten , I received a lot of awards in competitions like children’s arts or math competitions. My older brother always placed 1st and I was always 2nd though.”

“I used to really like sports when I entered elementary school. I liked all types of sports. In third grade, I was recommended by my coach to sign up for little league baseball since I liked sports and in 6th grade, I started soccer but because I caught the eyes of a recruiter from a different elementary, I even went to practice at a different soccer team in another school.
Also, I entered a basketball team without my parents knowing, in which I even advanced to the National Sports Festival. Back then, the anticipation of my surroundings were high and some even believed I’d become an amazing athlete. However, I wasn’t able to achieve that due to my parents being against it.” 

“Because both of my parents were working in Seoul to provide income for our family, I spent majority of my adolescent days at my grandfather’s house. Even for school arts festivals, my parents never came and at the time, I was upset since I was younger but my grandmother always did.” 

When he entered junior high, Yongguk rejoined his parents living in Seoul.

“I started gaining interest in music from junior high and on. One day, I just thought how hip hop music seemed cool. It was also because my older sister liked American music so when I’d turn on the computer in our house, there were only songs in that genre. Because of that, I naturally began listening to hip hop music and gained interest, which led me to start looking for related videos myself.”

“I think after seeing videos with rapping in it, I realized then for the first time that I wanted to rap myself.”

“In my second year of junior high I wrote lyrics for the first time. After composing lyrics, coincidentally I found an online forum that comprised of people who were interested in hip hop and rap just like me and it was a whole new world. I posted my lyrics for the first time on an online forum and the responses were really good.
At the time, I saw lots of responses like, “Your rap is unique” and “It’s refreshing.”

How did I feel? Of course I felt so happy that I felt like I was going to fly. Many people listened to my music and I even received a question that asked, “Do you live outside of the country?” I think my motive back then was to not be swayed by the trend and prove “I only do my kind of music” to others.”

In high school, Bang Yongguk was really a quiet student. Despite moving onto the same high school as his friends that he was with in his junior high years, he was known to be the kid who never really talked.

“I didn’t really talk in high school and I would just go to school and come back home to do music:  that was all I did.”

In his second year of high school, Bang Yongguk started meeting up with his hyungs (who are label-mates with him currently) that were promoting at the time and began studying on composing. He said he started gaining more knowledge about music from professionals who were around this time.

“In meeting up with the hyungs of our label back then, I composed by myself. My spectrum in music began expanding and seeing them produce music, I learnt a lot from it. Even when writing lyrics, I used to just write what came to mind before but, then, I think I started thinking a little more before jotting down lyrics.”

However, Bang Yongguk’s parents were very against him doing music.  

“Because my parents didn’t like me doing music, I even rebelled for the first time. I used to sneak out to produce music alone. The storage room we had, I remodeled it into a producing room and I used to stay there. That was the place where the life of rapper Bang Yongguk began.”

However, the bigger his dreams got, his parents’ disapproval grew stronger as well, but both parties eventually found a compromise:

“My parents told me, “Be studious first and then do what you like,” so I opened my eyes to studying as well. Having them tell me that they wouldn’t say anything afterwards once I would achieve something first, I went to the library by myself and began studying. My test scores? I eventually ranked first in the entire school. Even after that, I maintained my status in our school’s top rankings (smiles).”

With him being motivated to focus on his studies so that he would be able to make music in the future, he earned a scholarship, of course, but was also offered a job in a major corporation that is one of the top nationwide.

“I received an excellence award in studies for the first time in my entire life and received a scholarship as well.
Once I graduated high school, I was even offered a job in the S Corporation (Samsung). However, I wasn’t interested in any of those and I only had one thing in mind which was music.”

“I showed my parents my all in terms of being studious and it was my turn to do what I wanted which was to pursue in music. Eventually, I was able to convince my mother and she began to have an optimistic outlook on me pursuing music as well.”

“When I was 20, all I had to me was music really. When I promoted underground, I promoted with a quite popular crew and we released a compilation album, even so as to holding a nationwide tour and I stood on stage without any worries.”

However, Bang Yongguk never knew what satisfaction was. He even left the crew for the purpose of finding his own color in music and was on the constant search for finding his own kind of music.

“Even when I was a part of the crew, I still had dreams of going through my own challenges and when I left the crew, I still did music by myself underground. It was a difficult period of time in my life but with music, I was able to hold strong.”

With him being stubborn about music constantly, the opportunity of a major debut was given to him by fate.

“In 2010, the Untouchable hyungs that I’ve always known and was close with told a representative of our current label about me and when I was contacted by them for the first time, they said they wanted to make a hip hop idol group. I was shocked in hearing the term “idol.”

“I hesitated a lot at the time and I thought that if I was classified under an idol group, it would mean that the spectrum of music I was able to put out was limited. However, they told me, “If you come into this group, you’ll be able to live out your dreams” and that’s how they convinced me. After hearing about the members, I thought, “If I just work harder, it can be a good group.”
So I told them I’d do it.”

And that was how Yongguk took his first step into the TS Entertainment company.

Her Wanting to Try Face Sitting: B.A.P


I think Gukkie would be quite flustered by the suggestion, and might even deny it the first time, but as he put more thought into it, he would quite like the idea, the full access to your pussy as you sat on his face quite arousing him.


I think he would be quite reluctant to your idea because he took great pleasure in seeing your face as you came, and with you riding his face he would be ripped away from such pleasures of his.


I think he would be the most excited to hear such a suggestion coming out of your mouth, and it’s all because he thinks that he would be the best person for such a thing. He liked going down on you, and you sitting on his face would simply give him more comfort and room to eat you out.


Would be a bit awkward with the idea and your bluntness to proclaim it. If he would have drank something at that moment he would off have spit it out. Why? Because he wasn’t as keen at eating you out like the rest of the members simply because he liked to get things right on.


He would use this opportunity for his own benefit, since he wanted to try out new things with you anyway. Because of your request, you’d see his rough side come into play as he’d eat you out with a certain predatory aggression.


To be honest, you sitting on his face had always been one of JunHong’s fantasies, so when you asked him whether it was okay to try out, he wouldn’t even try to hide his happiness as he’d take you into his arms and slowly carry you to the bedroom.

Morning Rain and Warm Hugs (Bang Yongguk Scenario)

Request: Hello! I absolutely adore your blog and your writing never fails to make my day. :D If you’ve got the time, may I please request a fluffy domestic rainy day scenario with either VIXX’s N, B.A.P’s Yongguk, or G-Dragon? Thanks, I hope you all have a lovely day~! ~Rainy Day Anon

A/N: Hello!!!!~ I hope you’re still here! I wrote your request from a while back and I hope you like it. It was actually lotsa fun to write! I picked Yongguk since we don’t really get many B.A.P requests for some reason…Anyway! Hope you enjoy!! ~Red 

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,476

Summary: Sometimes, rainy days are just the absolute best. Especially when they’re spent with the one you love. 

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B.A.P X EDITS: B.A.P X FANCASTS [3/?] - Yongguk as Cedric Diggory

Cedric: “I realise I never really thanked you properly for tipping me off about those dragons.

Harry: “Forget about it. I’m sure you would’ve done the same for me.

Cedric: “Exactly. You know the prefects’ bathroom on the fifth floor? It’s not a bad place for a bath. Just take your egg and… mull things over in the hot water.

Her Running Away From Them but Them Finding Her: B.A.P



It wouldn’t have been the first time that YongGuk had managed to find you, but what was terrifying was the fact that he did it with such ease and grace, appearing before you with all his confidence and mock surprise of finding you. However, his aim was not to take you back, it was simply to play with you. To scare you. To make you paranoid of your surroundings and the people you acquaint yourself with.


After some time of you being away from HimChan, and on your way to finally rid yourself of worries that from every corner he might jump out to take you back, your mom called you, casually inviting you for dinner with a giggly voice which made you frown- it sounded too cheery to sound like your mother. And true enough, as you came for a visit at your parent’s house, there was a black sedan there- parked nicely facing the front door. That same black sedan that HimChan owned. And there he sat, with all his glory and smirks, at the head of the dining table, having introduced himself as your fiance. You couldn’t run then. Not anymore.


He would find you that same day, barging into your room with blood-shot eyes and a throwing knife in hand, aiming it at your throat as soon as he’d catch a glimpse of you. He would not forgive you easily, and consider you running away as a highest form of betrayal. Even if with force he would make you stay with him.


Knowing YoungJae, he most likely knew where you were going to go even before you decided to run away, and after you did run away, he had already managed to tape the place, listening in to your conversations and watching you go about your daily routine without even the smallest of knowledge of him watching. However, weeks later he would get bored, missing you, though being too petty to actually confirm that. So he decided to make the game a little more interesting, sending you a text asking to check a corner of your apartment where he knew was a camera hidden. Certainly, it was amusing to see you squirm in your little cage under his supervision, and he gave you time until your third moving till he’d come and get you back.


You knew JongUp inside and out, and simply moving to another city in Korea would not work- you knew that. He was a dangerous man; he was a predator. And in this case that made you out to be a big prey. Turns out moving to another country didn’t do it, either, as upon waking up to creaking floor-boards one night, you found him leaning against the threshold, hair messy and a grin on his face. “Already up, Beautiful?”


Stepping into your working place as if he owned the place, he would have his eyebrows furrowed, pouting with a little glare in his eyes. “How many times must I tell you to answer your phone whenever I called you? I was worried, you know?”

He simply denied the fact that you had tried to run away from him and would let you off easy, however if you tried to reject him once more, he would take you back with force, locking yo up in his own golden cage with your wings cut off.

Chocolate (B.A.P Yongguk Scenario)

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Admin: Zion

Genre: Fluff

POV: Second (female x male)

You heavily exhale and shake your hands by your sides, trying to calm your nerves before knocking on the door. Why you were so scared was a mystery. Sure, it was your fourth date with Yongguk, but you had never been to his house on a date before. The last time you had been over to his house the two of you were just friends. Both of you had feelings for each other then, but you had been worried if you expressed your feelings for him he would never want to see you again.

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B.A.P as Babys
  • Yongguk: *smiles toothless gummy smile when his parents smile*
  • Himchan: *sulks when no one is cooing or fussing over him*
  • Daehyun: *cries every half a hour for a bottle of milk and bites anything in sight*
  • Youngjae: *grabs everything and plays with it with his Teeny-tiny Jae hands*
  • Jongup: *smiles when someone looks at him and excitedly flailing his arms about*
  • Zelo: *blink blink* *looks around* *blink blink*
First Time With Them: B.A.P JONGUP

/ YongGuk // JongUp /

/ BTS // GOT7 // KActor // BtoB // KHH // PENTAGON // WINNER // SF9 /

  • He’s the good of two evils, tbh;
  • One day he can be one way;
  • The other he can be completely different;
  •      So say…. He can be totally gentle, but then can do a complete switch, yeah? ;
  • However, since it was your first and all, he’d be a complete mochi;
  • So much sugar you’ll feel your teeth rot;
  •      What a way to bring down the atmosphere, am I rite? ;
  • All those little cliche things;
  •      Slowly laying you down onto bed;
  •           Looking you in the eyes all the time;
  •                To the point where you’d have to look away;
  • The most heart-warming kisses;
  • And licks;
  • And gentle collar biting;
  • No pain at all;
  •      Well, maybe just a pinch but that was natural;
  • Slow and torturous thrusts when inside of you;
  •      But just because he couldn’t let the chance of teasing you slip;
  • And since he’s a dancer, he’d be hella good at what he’s doing;
  • He wouldn’t set a solid tempo, either;
  • Changing his pace up as he went;
  •      Which wouldn’t give you enough time to adjust to just one sensation;
  •           And will result in you crying out with a new pace for a couple of seconds;
  • That’s what JongUp was aiming for, anyway;
  • He would fall in love with you all over again;The way you called out his name
  • The way you begged him to go faster;
  • The way your nails sunk into his shoulders;
  • He loved every bit of it;
  • In fact, he would become so mesmerized in you that he would do anything in his power to make the moment last;
  • Meaning unintentional orgasm denial;
  •      As in he wouldn’t even realize that he was doing it until you’d whine n frustration;
  • Is low-key good at dirty talks, btw;
  • But embarrassed of it;
  • Even when in his rough mood, tbh;
  • But anyway, your first time would be one you’d remember very fucking well;
  • No joke.
Yongguk - Sick days ♥

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Member: B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk (THIS SMILE)

Pairing: Idol!Yongguk & Sick!You (Is that a thing?)

Genre: Fluffly floof

Words: 2,180

Summary: You would never tell him that you are seriously sick. Especially if he is halfway across the globe. But that doesn’t stop him from coming over and taking care of you.

About a year ago you met Yongguk while he visited your country for the world tour. It had been a coincidence. You were walking down the street, right before the long awaited concert, dressed in a mid-thigh length dress along with a leather jacket and comfortable sneakers. You immediately recognized him and a small gasp escaped your lips, but you only whispered “Excuse me,” and carefully walked past him only to feel a hand wrap around your wrist. “You know who I am. Don’t you?”

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anonymous asked:

What groups do you stan and who are your biases in those groups??

Wow get ready for a long list lmao i’ll go in alphabetical order (also i can’t have just one bias in a group)

2NE1 - Bom

2pm - Wooyoung

4Minute - hyuna (babyyy) and jiyoon

24K - bias is always changing in this group

AOA - Choa, Mina

Astro - I still cant decide??? depends lmao

B.A.P - Yongguk and Jongup

Big Bang - GD and Daesung :”)

Block B - Ukwon (but omg i love little bby taeil)

BTOB - Changsub and Sungjae



Cross gene - takuya

Does Davichi count as a group? Because lol i stan

Day6 - Young K/ Brian 

Exid - Hani (I’m sorry i’m so basic)

Exo - Baek and Chanyeol


Girl’s day - Idkkkk maybe yura?

Girl’s Generation - Seohyun

Got7 - JB and yugyeomm

Highlight - Junhyung (but all of them are my bbys)

History - Kyungil

Hotshot - all? lmao


iKON - Jinhwan? 

Infinite - Woohyun and L


Monsta x - Wonho

Nct - Yuta…. Jaehyun…. Johnny…………………. MArk

Nu’est - Baekho

Pentagon - Yeo one E dawn

Red Velvet - Irene and Joy

Seventeen - Jeonghan.. Hoshi.. Dino.. Wonwoo.. Seungkwan.. Dk.. the group?

Sf9 - Lmao i still don’t know

Shinee - Onew and jonghyunnn

Sistar - soyou

Super Junior - Heechul and Eunhyuk

Teep top - idkkk

Toppdogg - Hansol, Xero


Vixx - Hongbin

Winner - Seungyoon