I’m very sad right now. I been seeing lots of hate that Youngjae from bap is getting on Instagram from army’s. I been a fan of both group’s since the beginning. Seeing one fandom hate the other fandom saddens me a lot. This is not ok. Both groups are friends in real life. They talk to each other and message each other. Please don’t hate each other. Also please don’t be rude, disrespectful and hate on each member please!

B.A.P reaction to accidentally walking in on their girlfriend showering


He would be very respectful and apologize as he looks away quickly. While staring at the ceiling or the floor he would blindly reach for whatever he came in the bathroom to get and back out quickly before closing the door on his way out.

“Whoa, sorry!! *looks away* I was just…I just needed my…lotion!! *grabs something off the sink blindly* I got it, so I’ll be going now!!”


His eyes would widen once he lays his eyes on you and would apologize with a big cheeky smile on his face. He would “leave” the restroom slowly while trying to explain why he walked in in the first place while chuckling. Though because he can’t take his eyes off you, he would leave the door open a little so he has room to stick his head in and might even offer to help you shower with a smirk on his face. He won’t leave for real until you yell at him or throw something at him.

“Since I’m in here…would you like some help~? I can help you shampoo your hair- *gets hit in the face by the shampoo bottle that you threw at him* Alright! Alright! I’m leaving!”


If you freaked out and started throwing things at him, he would start spluttering a bunch of excuses why he so happened to walk in on you showering. He would say things like “Well you’re the one who didn’t lock the door!” or “I really had to take a piss, it was an emergency!” before walking out while shielding himself from your attacks and forever regretting that he ever walked in.

“I didn’t know that you were in there…I just thought that someone left the water running.”


He would be quite flustered since he was not expecting to see you in your birthday suit at all. His cheeks would turn red like a cherry tomato as he laughs in embarrassment, apologizing over and over as he escorts himself out.

“Oh hey-I uh…*scratches the back of his neck and chuckles awkwardly* I’ll be leaving now…”


While listening to music he would walk in and does whatever he went into the bathroom to do, and walk out without looking up once. You would then stare at him in awe as he whistles to himself on the way out, wondering if really didn’t notice you there or if he wasn’t fazed by the fact that you were naked. 


It would take him a moment to process that you were indeed standing naked before him. Once he realizes it, he would stand there frozen in shock with his mouth wide open. You would have to get out of the shower, wrap yourself with your towel, and close the door yourself since your boyfriend is just standing there like a statue. He would then avoid looking at you for the rest of the day as the image of you naked is still fresh in his mind and he can’t look at you the same way for the time being.