B.A.P What Would Attract Them

anon asked: potential reaction request: BAP and a quality of yours that initially attracts them to you? ♡

A/N: Attraction is a mysterious thing. We all may have our types but sometimes we meet an individual outside those parameters whose existence strikes us like lightening. So who really knows, right? ^_~

Yongguk – Principled/Independent/Kind - He’s said he wants a person with morals and I don’t think that has changed. One of his biggest turn offs would be a partner he couldn’t trust. Someone who played games and lied to him. Also an independent individual who doesn’t need his attention all the time and would understand his workaholic schedule. And while he wouldn’t want this person to be abrasive he’d LOVE it if they had some backbone to face challenges. They would also need to have an open, giving heart as he would love to do volunteer work with them. And of course they’d need to be ok with having a gaggle of children.  

Himchan – Classy/Intelligent/Accepting - Someone elegant and witty would really grab his attention. A person he could have long conversations with but also appreciate the lighter side of life. I could see him being happy just the two of them, no kids, but maybe a dog or two. A person who makes him strive to be the best he could be but also not feel like he had to impress. An accepting individual who loves him for who he is in the moment, every moment. Channie’d want the relationship to be about equality. He’d be their shelter from the storm but also need the same thing in return.

Daehyun – Affectionate/Grounded/Funny - First thing he’d be drawn to would be someone incredibly affectionate, both physically and emotionally. Dae needs to feel needed. A person generous with their touch and loving words just for him. Someone with an independent streak who needed space on occasion would make him feel insecure in the relationship. While he thinks he’d want someone spontaneous he’d be drawn to a person that could balance him out. Rein him in when he gets carried away and be his voice of reason. Having said that, they’d have to have a sense of humor to amuse him as well as avoid the urge to kill him.

Youngjae – Demure/Intelligent/Sentimental - Would be attracted to someone a little on the delicate side. He’d want very much to feel like he was looking after them. Not that he’d be controlling or domineering at all, it’s just how he shows his love. He’d want to be the rock in the relationship. Also an intelligent person who could match wits with him in playful debates would really get him going too. As with most people, looks might get his attention initially but the mind would be what makes him stay. He’d love to do a lot of the couple’s things and have little romantic events so if his partner got embarrassed by those kind of things it’d spoil a lot of his fun.

Jongup – Independent/Accepting/Open Minded - Someone independent and secure enough to not be clingy would catch his eye right away. Throw in laid back enough to accept him for who he is and there’d be some chemistry going on. The quickest way to get Uppie to disengage from the relationship would be to nitpick over insignificant details or try and mold him into something he’s not. Not that he’d be lazy in a relationship. He’d give you the best Jongup he could, but you’d have to be ok with the Jongup he is, not who you want him to be. And he’d love someone who could geek out with him over fandom stuff, not just someone who tolerated it.  

Zelo – Artistic/Nonconformist/Silly - He’d gravitate toward someone who had their own artistic flare and unconventional thinking. Someone who worked their way around society’s norms to forge their own path would practically have him in thrall. Also a person who supported his own various endeavors and passions would be very appealing to him.​ When not caught up in their mutual desire to make their mark on the world they’d have fun being goofy from time to time. Junhong’s on his way to being an adult but still has a lot of kid left in him so he’d need a person who could be serious at times yet let everything go and play around when the mood strikes.