I really did not think this would have to be written and I certainly did not want to write it. Especially as someone who is relatively new to this fandom, but at this point I feel I have no choice. What in these fans minds makes them think it’s okay to treat Daehyun and his friends like this? Is it really so bad that he has friends outside of B.A.P? I love and respect B.A.P just as much as everyone else, but what you guys are doing is making me upset to call myself a fan. I’m aware that this issue does not involve all BABYZ, but it involves enough to where something needs to be said.
There is a certain line we should not cross and we have crossed that line. Please explain to me why you think it’s okay to have done what you did! We should be thankful that Daehyun spent 3 HOURS ON HIS BIRTHDAY doing that live stream for us, but instead some of us complain because B.A.P was not there. We should be thankful that he continues to update us and talk to us, but instead we get mad because “why isn’t he with the rest of the members?” WE SHOULD BE THANKFUL THAT HE AND THE OTHER MEMBERS HAVE NOT GIVEN UP BUT HERE WE ARE. This may come as a shock to some of you but his life does not NEED to revolve around B.A.P. He is human like the rest of us and I’m positive that if someone got mad at you for spending time with your friends you would be angry. Because those are your friends right? You should be allowed to spend time with them, but right now we are making it seem like Daehyun does not get that right. And it is a human right, it is not a privilege gifted by fans! Do you see how messed up it is to scold him and his friends for simply being friends?
Now he is saying he will work harder when he has been working hard enough. This was supposed to be a break from the constricting rules not another jail for him. Those fans that are against TS are treating him the same way! He and his friends should not have to apologize for spending time together and it breaks my heart to see that they have to. They did nothing wrong, but they feel that they did because the fans are saying so. I’m not sure if you guys realize how bad you’re making him feel, but he probably feels like shit. Our words have a lot of impact on how he feels he should act and right now we are using are words for negativity. I thought we were supposed to be there for B.A.P forever? What happened to that? I joined this fandom because it seemed like we were family. Now I see that is not the case. Now I see that some of us just whine because they aren’t together 24/7.
We should be encouraging Daehyun and the others to spend time with friends. We should be encouraging their choices NOT putting them down. That is what this fandom was about! That is what all fandoms are about! Do not put the members down just because they don’t spend every living second with each other! Because they don’t have to do anything for us, THEY CHOOSE TO!
I don’t apologize for anything I’ve said that could’ve offended anyone because this needed to be said. All those fans that put Daehyun down need to see what they’ve done. We don’t control their lives and it’s time that some of us stop acting like we do. Daehyun and his friends should not be the ones apologizing. You should be.