“We, b.a.p has come to this higher place and drawn a little bigger dream. We are waiting for the day we change the world with our music, and the day our music is introduced to the whole world. And we are running towards that day. Before we debuted, many people have said that those words, a rookie’s ambitious spirit are just idealized. Too many people thought that way. However, we are making them come true one by one…” — Bang Yongguk


favorite idols : yoo youngjae

“ I still feel warrior maximized b.a.p in terms of music and message, but we’ve learnt and matured on music and our society constantly changes as well. i don’t want to repeat a similar concept with the excuse of holding onto my style, but instead singing songs of love, joy, anger, sadness, yearning that anyone can identify with. ”

“ I want to gain the ability to transform expressions I think of into music. Because a person who takes their thoughts and expresses it through music is a musician. ”