B.A.P are people who don’t judge, don’t discriminate, don’t hate, doesn’t forget values and principles, never forgets morals, tries to actively spread happiness and love in the world, values their parents, values every human and the list could go on.

My point is if you believe in good then stan Bap. I might be biased but I have damn good reasons to be. *proud*


emphasis on ‘tries’

alternate title: b.a.p roasts each other for two minutes straight


Anon asked: Hello :) Can I make a request? B.A.P reaction to their s/o cuddling them when they’re tired? Thank you ☺️ Take as long as you need 😊

B.A.P REACTIONS TO their s/o cuddling with them!

Bang Yongguk:

After a long night at work, you tiredly walked down the hallway, making sure to be quiet so that way you wouldn’t wake up your loving boyfriend. You quietly peeked through your shared bedroom and saw your boyfriend, Yongguk, lying down peacefully with Tigger cuddled up next to him. You playfully gasped, earning Yongguk’s attention as you placed your purse down on your office chair. Yongguk calmly yet happily greeted you as you took off your shoes. You flopped down on the bed and then politely shooed Tigger. “Why did you do that, baby?” Instead of answering, you simply wrapped your arms around his torso and tucked your head underneath his chin. You found yourself drifting off to dream world and the sounds of Yongguk’s low chuckle was the last thing you heard. “We got to work on you overworking babe.” 

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