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Things every Kpop fan has heard before

“Why are there so many of them”
“They look like girls”
“Why do they wear make-up if their boys?”
“Why listen to kpop when you can’t understand it?”
“Why are you listening to Chinese music?”
“What does the K stand for?”
“Why do they look so young?”
“Gangnam style?”
“Why are they wearing school uniforms?”
“I didn’t know Asains rapped!”
“I thought all music was in English”
“Why like someone that can’t even talk the same language as you”
“The nicknames are so weird”


With the recent news of MADTOWN’s lawsuit, it honestly gave me some not so pleasant flashbacks. If you guys didn’t know, I’m a MadPi as well as a hard core BABY (B.A.P is my ultimate bias group). As a BABY, going through with B.A.P’s own lawsuit and hiatus from 2014-2015 was so tough. Now with MADTOWN being treated the same way and them forming a lawsuit together (like B.A.P did), I just can’t believe this is happening all over again. But enough of how I feel and how my favorite groups’ issues are affecting me.

As you can see, BABYz on twitter are giving their utmost support for MADTOWN. As BABYz, seeing as how our own group went through the same thing, we know that this such a difficult time for the boys and mad people. This is the time when they need us the most. What I want to say is that no matter what, please don’t give up hope. Keep loving and supporting MADTOWN no matter how long it takes for them to come back. Please send them your love through the fancafe, instagram, and other sns. The fandom is small, but also please keep MADTOWN alive through your love here and everywhere by posts, memes, gifs, edits. Just keep loving MADTOWN! I’ve gone through this with B.A.P and I’m ready to go through this again with MADTOWN.

cr: @BAP_intlfanpage


We write about:

•Block B
•Monsta X
•Super Junior
•NCT (Specify subunit please)

I decide to add some khh because it sounded like fun and I kinda want to test it out a bit to see how it does

New groups/artists added:

Jay Park/Aomg

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Aomg members (Simon D, Gray,Loco)

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Cross Gene

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We do:

•Selca ships
•Snaps *new*
•Texts *new*

For the solo artists that i added you can request a combination of them for snaps and reactions
For example:
Giriboy and Beenzino reaction to…..“
Jay park and Dean snaps about…


-No hardcore smut (slight nsfw is fine)

-Make sure you give a good description about what you want your scenario, snap, reactions etc. about (Just writing Jiyong angst isn’t really enough)

And that’s it!

I've given up on picking a bias in any group. I'll just be like that one parent who has a clear favorite but doesn't want to hurt the other kids feelings 😅

After a few hours of construction… Victory Lane! Moreover, baguettes and eggs are now available. Maybe you’ll want to drop by for breakfast? Flyswatters are now available for purchase as well. (Others might question your choice in weaponry, but flyswatters are surprisingly effective). Also, does that M look familiar to you? B.A.P Town is growing rapidly, so don’t get lost now!