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20 Questions Tag

Tagged by the wonderful @glitterhyungwon and @exosyeol-61 <3 Thank you!! Ily!!

Rules: Answer the 20 questions & tag 20 blogs that you want to also do this tag. 

Name: Ella

Nickname(s): Els, Ella Bella, eyefucker, succulent dad.

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 5′3″ ? I stopped checking a while ago and just go with “smol”.

Time Right Now: 17:10

Last Thing I Googled: “sleep synonym” (I am definitely not writing fanfiction instead of revising…)

Favorite Bands: BTS, Monsta X, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, BLACKPINK, EXO, DAY6, f(x), VIXX, NCT, B.A.P, SEVENTEEN, SHINee, Ghost Town (the list goes on).

Favorite Solo Artists: Halsey, Agust D, Dean, Zico, Jay Park, Mad Clown, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Marina and the Diamonds, Ztao, Lu Han, Imogen Heap, Melanie Martinez, Sia, Taemin, Jonghyun, Troye Sivan, Zion.T (this list also goes on).

Last Movie I Watched: Pride (it’s awesome I’d seriously recommend it, my new fave movie).

Blog Birthday: 1st February (had to dig through my emails to find this).

What Do You Post?: On this blog, mostly stuff that appeals to me (funny or relatable or musical or artsy) and things to do with the news and social issues.

When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak?: (it hasn’t) (yet?) (who knows)

Do You Have Any Other Blogs?: Um, yes. Many. I have a kpop blog @kimnamjoonexists and an aesthetic blog @prettyprettythings, and some other ones that I will leave a mystery ;)

Do You Get Asks Regularly?: Not really, besides ones I get from my friends, but I haven’t reblogged an ask meme in a while.

Why Did You Choose Your URL?: Well for a long time it was something different (throwback), but I realised that I was using the same username for literally everything, so I changed it to become an existential edgelord wow…

Following: 889

Posts: 4177

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Pokemon Team: Mystic

Favorite Color(s): I like most colours, especially purples, blues and greens, but I don’t really have a favourite.

Average Hours Of Sleep: 8? Depends. I try hard during school to get a good amount, but as soon as it’s the holidays any semblance of routine falls to pieces. But I’ll usually still get about 8 or 9 because I’ll just keep sleeping into the day ;)

Lucky Number(s): Don’t have any. Let’s pick one now I guess. Imma go with 12.

Favorite Character(s): Um, okay, this is just quickly off the top of my head because this could go on for a while. Jake from Adventure Time, Homer Simpson, literally all the Belchers, Lilo, Totoro, Gromit, Steven Universe and that’s just from animation… don’t get me started on acted shows and films.

What Am I Wearing Now?: A berry-purple shift dress with a waterfall hem, with black and white dogtooth pattern sandles. Sounds fancy; it’s not. It does make a change though, because I’ve been wearing pyjamas all week.

How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With?: Only one- I’m always warm and it’s summer and I am s w e a t i n g.

Dream Job?: I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Failing that, something else creative. I love art, music, writing etc. There must be something :)

Dream Trip: I have always wanted to go to Japan, but I am hoping to go travelling at some point. I want to go to all the continents, and travel with my friends. I think it’d be really fun, especially in places where we could go and explore.

I am tagging these adorable peeps: @penguinpocalypse, @saltypetai, @wifimug, @namjoonsboyfriend, @limechangkyun, @robinhoodhacker, @susan1lee, @nxbodybutu, @quiiet-is-violent, @parkjiminbiased, @fob-top, @ralsalot, @teapartyintardis, @spoopyjiiim, @tvventyonelosers, @rasberrylilacs, @mildlyinconveniencedatthedisco, @phanstille-at-the-disco, @pancakesarescary, @abeautifully-plannedtaxicab.


Forever Changed

A Were!Klaine bp!Blaine story about Kurt and Blaine, their life and love. Title inspired by the Carrie Underwood song Forever Changed. Story inspired by looking at/reading heavenorspace’s tumblr.

Warnings for: Werewolves, b!p, beastiality, mpreg, attempted non-con (right towards the start), character death, hurt/comfort, birth, fluff


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