b.a.p never give up

  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • my mind: an open letter to the fat, arrogant, anti-charismatic national embarrassment known as pRESIDENT JOHN ADAMS! SHIT! THE MAN'S IRRATIONAL, HE CLAIMS THAT I'M IN LEAGUE WITH BRITAIN IN SOME VAST INTERNATIONAL INTRIGUE, B I T C H P L E A S E! you wouldn't know what i'm doin', you always goin' berserk, but you never show up to work! give my regards to abigail next time you write about my lack of moral compass. aT LEAST I DO MY JOB UP IN THIS RUMPUS! OHHHH! THE LINE IS BEHIND ME, I CROSSED IT AGAIN, WHILE THE PRESIDENT LOST IT AGAIN! OH, SUCH A ROUGH LIFE? BETTER RUN TO YOUR WIFE, YO, THE BOSS IS IN BOSTON AGAIN! let me ask you a question, WHO SITS at your desk when you're in MASSACHUSSETS? they were calling you a DICK back in '76, aND YOU HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING NEW SINCE! you're a NUISANCE with no sense. you'll die of irrelevance. go ahead, you can call me the devil, you aspire to my level, you inspire to malevolence. sAY HI TO THE JEFFERSONS! and the spies all around me, maybe they can confirm, i don't care if i kill my career with this letter, i'm confining you to oNE TERM! SIT DOWN, JOHN, YOU FAT M O T H E R F U C K S T I C K!
  • psychic: what the fuck

This is going to be a little mini series with various stuff to new about when liking B.A.P so sit back, relax, and stan these talented boys


Part 1- Music Videos - so let’s start with their awesome music videos, enjoy :))

2011 (PRE DEBUT)

Banglo NEVER GIVE UP (december 1, 2011)

BYG- I REMEMBER (AUG 11, 2011)


Debut: WARRIOR (January 25, 2012)

POWER (April 26, 2012)

NO MERCY (July 18, 2012)

Crash (Aug 28, 2012)

STOP IT (October 22,2012)


RAIN SOUND (JAN 14, 2013)

ONE SHOT (February 11, 2013)

COFFEE SHOP (Jun 27, 2013)

HURRICANE (Jul 16, 2013)

BADMAN (august 5, 2013)

WARRIOR JP ( SEP 13, 2013)

ONE SHOT JP   ( OCT 10, 2013)


1004 (February 2, 2014)’

NO MERCY JP (MAR 8, 2014)

Where are you? What are you doing? (Jun 2, 2014)

EXCUSE ME JP (AUG 11, 2014)


Young, Wild, & Free (Nov 15, 2015)


FEEL SO GOOD (Feb 21, 2016)

KINGDOM JP   (MAR 4, 2016)

FEEL SO GOOD JP (JUN 24, 2016)

THAT”S MY JAM (AUG 7, 2016)

SKYDIVE (NOV 6, 2016)

FLY HIGH JP (NOV 18, 2016)


WAKE ME UP (MARCH 6, 2017)

WAKE ME UP JP ( MAR 31, 2017)

A list of B.A.P’s songs that aimed to spread a message (non-romance) ---- updated.

was writing for a school assignment, don’t mind don’t mind.

// update: i got an A for my assignment for this.

// update #2: will be reblogging this post to constantly update it instead of editing! updated till i remember.


Never Give Up (2011) Pre-debut Unit (Bang&Zelo)

never give up : everything will be okay ultimately, just believe in yourself and chase for your dreams

“ Taking thousand dollars private lessons
This system that emphasizes grades over friendships
This pressure called exams, this burden called college
The stress that are building up, would my parents know? “

“  Never give up
Cheer up, toward your dreams, never give up
Get up, get up, you can do it
Wake up, wake up
Don’t worry, everything will be fine, never give up
Because it’s you, it’s you, believe in yourself
Never give up “

Warrior (2012) Debut EP

warrior : talks about the injustice within the society that we must fight against

“ A punch that I throw for you,
Who are thirsty from the long fight
Everyone’s different, everyone takes sides
And those words are just words of ignorant people
Since the words that echoes in my heart is different from yours
I’m mad so listen to my 4 measure nagging
(Rest In Peace) This prayer for truths
Even if the hidden system, the black shadow cover it up
This holy badge that won’t yield “

unbreakable : talks about not giving up on oneself and not letting others tear you down // motivation

“ In the beginning, when everyone said we would fail
We clenched our jaws and sharpened our wings
Even if it was dirty and upsetting, we held it all in
We fought and won all of our self-battles
(Even if we have to kneel down, even if we clash
we’ll never break down) “

Power (2012) EP

fight for freedom : fight against conformity, to be who we really are, to say things we really mean

“ When others say yes, we say no
We don’t associate with the same types
Like it like it like that
I want to say what I want without being stopped ”

“ Until when are you gonna be trapped
Until when will you live like others ”

power : encourages the weak to stand up against the strong who abuse their money and power

“  You block out your ears and mouth,
You’re so busy filling up your own boats that your roles are stolen away from you
Like a decalcomanie, a role where money, power and honor don’t change Move, it is time for the anthem for the battle between the strong and the weak
This is a Revolution, a Guernica flow
So everyone, keep your head up “

“ There’s no more, no more justice
The world surrenders to money
In the shadows of the powerful,
The weak are dying “

“ One shot!
Anger, it’s the oppression given by those
Who covers the bright light
Two shot!
Those who look exactly like the devil
Put on a fake face every day
Three shot!
They put on a mask called justice
And my ego stands up against them and fights
Four shot!
Go with the rhythm and without knowing,
break down those who are trapped in a boundary “

“ Don’t need it, don’t need fakeness
Only the wicked can survive in this world
With a smiling face, they appear on TV
and trample on young souls “

what the hell : problems within the society that should be recognised, but they are hidden and that we have the power to change the world for the better

“  So many ties are being used to cover the truth
Putting a make on the fakes and saying
It’s only indifference
Leaving the children alone one by one
There’s a crime but no criminal, does it even make sense? “

  “  The strength that governs the world is a problem
What the hell is the law of the jungle?
Why are good and evil split by money?
And why are the weak killed? This is a coward war
Hey, can you feel this?
The fact that invisible hands
Are maneuvering you according to their will
Hiding the truths, TV and radio
Are putting a blindfold on me, hiding the scandals  “

“  Change over the world, you have the right to do so
Now spread your voice far far away “

Goodbye (2012) Single

goodbye : encouragement for listeners to pursue their dreams, to pick themselves up when they are down, to not be afraid of new beginnings / startings and that it is okay to feel lost.

“  I don’t know the word,
“quit” – there’s no need to rush
It’s good,
I am just breathing for my dreams
If I fall down, I’ll get back up –
If I enjoy my failures, that’s that
That’s right,
The world is becoming my side again “

“ Why are people so easily influenced?
I’m worried that
I will walk on this path,
Swayed by others words
Their hearts are poor
But I can escape it
I will brush myself off
And run once more
Get up once more, right now  “

“ Take in a deep breath and let it out
You can do it,
Keep walking toward your hopes
That can be reached
Don’t stop in this shadow of the world
You are more free than anyone else “

대박사건 (Crash) (2012) Single

note: even though i remember is in a way largely a romance song, but there are some lyrics that i feel, fit relationships, like frienships and kinships. we all have people and peers knocking us down but we come out stronger right? so i remember is based on my personal opinion!

i remember : to me, at least, it was about being hurt by someone a person truly cared for and how they’ve grown apart. but they take the memories with them as they form a part of them, helps them discover who they are and makes them, them. and to believe in yourself that you will be able to do it, even if no one says you can.

“ I don’t know why all of our
Hell-like memories are still in my head
I will remember all of our past days,
How you played me
I completely changed
Because of you
I don’t smile anymore
Like before “

“  I wanted to be greater
Than anyone so you could regret
Yeah, my music that you looked down on
Is playing on the streets of Seoul (Rock on) “

“  The fact that you left me
Because you didn’t believe in my dream
This reality drives me crazy “

“  Even if I walk this road by myself for a bit
I will show you my everything “

T H E     D E V I L ' S     T E A R S

Hades has been ruling over the underworld with a solid grip and his wife Persephone, by his side. However, his regime never pleased the olympians. Over and over again they tried to strip Hades of his powers but failed each time. One day Zeus asked Circe for her help and together they created a powerful weapon called the Bermuda Box. It was supposed to be given to Hades as a gift but as soon as he’d open it, all his powers and memories would be trapped inside it, making him a common mortal. None existing spell could ever open the box again, once it’s been closed, what ever was inside, was locked forever. Zeus gave the box to Hermes and told him to bring it to the underworld. However, when he arrived, it was not Hades who greeted him but Persephone. Hermes, not aware of what power the box held, gave it to her and returned to the olymp. As soon as she held the box in her hands, curiosity made her open it up and the damage was done. Persephone lost all her powers and memories, which made her a common mortal. That should’ve been the effect of the spell but it was much more powerful than that. With an empty mind, the spell replaced the blank spaces with new memories of a life Persephone never led and send her down to earth to live them, now as Muse B.

Hades, eventually finding out what happened to his lover, was enraged and promised war with the olympians as soon as his wife returned home. He went down to earth to find her but to his suprised found out that he couldn’t restore her memories, the box was too powerful. The olympians, not wanting another war, told Hades to bring Muses’ B memories back in a different way, by making her fall for him. So Hades took on the identity of Muse A and started a life among humans.

As a god, it should’ve been easy to be part of their world but it turned out to be a hard task, especially because Muse B was not interested in any kind of interaction. However, the bigger risk was the fact that the longer Muse A stayed on earth and away from the underworld, the weaker he got. Nevertheless, he was never going to give up on Muse B.

After many failed attempts of a conversation, Muse A and Muse B eventually hit it off. They started to see each other on weekends and even went out sometimes during the week. It could’ve been great if not for the strange dreams Muse B started to get about a place that resembled hell and Muse A was its King.

anonymous asked:

So who does Seeker get along with on the team and who doesn't like her very much and why?

Aight here we go. Keep in mind that as time goes on, most of her relationships change for the better and at some point she ‘gets along’ with the whole team. They’re a family after all. Also these are all from HER pov

Got along with first thing:

Scout, Demo, Heavy, Pyro

Didn’t at first, but changed:

Medic:  (because he wanted her for her alien organs and her wings but didn’t really give a shit about her as a person. He was scary af. BUT he had birds and they b th had a passion for bird, so they ended up bonding p well later on)

Engie:  (because they barely have any similar interests and just found it difficult to bond. They never disliked each other really, just stayed neutral for a long time. Kinda distant. This changed as Engie became more of a dad™ )

Sniper:  (because Avi is energetic and extroverted and ready to get social. Sniper is the opposite, and wanted nothing to do with her. He also thought that bringing a pink winged alien onto the team ruined the ‘professional status’. They got out on the wrong foot because Seeker decided to be an insulting shit head right off the bat)

Soldier:  (because Avi didn’t understand how he functioned. She saw his outbursts and insults as an intention to be rude, when in reality he just has outbursts and treats her like any other teammate as long as she does her job. he calls her Angel too, which she came to like after a while)

Spy:   (because letting a pink, obnoxious, winged alien that lowkeyremindshimofhisson is an awful idea and we should have just left her to die in the snow. He hates that she’s there and takes every moment to drop an insult (some over her head). Because of this she hates him too and it really took them a while to respect each other)

Stronger-Clean Bandit

(Today, I despise, today, I remember. Today, my heart aches, today, I stay awake. I wish for rest, to close my eyes, to stop thinking, remembering, what I can never have. Hey don’t deserve my tears, yet I give them anyways, because you can’t control, feeling that deep ache. The heart is fragile, easy to crush, I know this best, for mines is dust.)
•"People tell me to be cautious" *sighs, laying his head on his knees as he curls up* I k-know, I s-shouldn’t care a-anymore, right?
•"People tell me not to lose my self control" *clenches at his head, groaning* I c-can’t hurt anyone, I p-promised! B-but it h-hurts, it h-hurts me. I h-have to be k-kind to all, e-even to those w-who do m-me wrong, I have to b-be the bigger person, b-but I’m tired….N-no one wants m-me to lose myself!…
•"People tell me to be flawless" *giggles, tears running down* T-they think I’m k-kind, they t-think I’m g-good, yet I h-hold such anger, I h-hold such hate. It’s…n-no one would love m-me if they knew, if t-they saw the darkness that r-resides in me. T-they would r-run, from t-the monster I am, w-who wishes death to t-those I despise, m-my tormentor of t-the past, of the n-now….Everyone w-would hate me…e-everyone…
•"People tell me not to let myself evolve" *hugs himself* It’s a-all….I’m i-insane, m-my mind is in ruins, n-no one sees, I a-am crazy….I l-lose my sense o-of reality….I’m n-not good, I r-rather live in m-my sleep than in l-life. I’m scared of e-everyone, everything. I c-can’t learn, I c-can’t grow, I w-wont heal, n-not like this…
•"And I think I don’t really get it" *sighs heavily, letting the tears run down his face, ink melting down his face* L-life, what is t-the purpose?…W-what is my purpose?…I d-don’t know, I d-don’t think I e-ever knew..I don’t k-know anything…
•"I think it’s all just a peculiar game" *looks up at the ceiling, pulling up his blanket* L-life is a g-game, in which I l-lose. T-the game over is d-death, but t-there are n-no retries, n-no extra life o-or redo…L-life is the c-cruelest of g-games, unforgiving, n-nothing, no one is in c-control…
•"And soon I’ll wake up and I’ll forget it" *hums softly* And a p-part of life…is f-forgetting, n-not remembering h-how inevitable it all is…Tomorrow, I m-may not think a-about this, w-who knows w-what may happen? I m-may forget in a f-few minutes…*giggles softly, no joy is heard* I t-tend to forget easily, t-too easily, o-of such horrid t-things, do I r-really forget?…
•"And everyone will know me by a different name" *looks unfocused* I w-wonder if p-people will realize t-the monster I am? I w-wont be Shy, not a-after they realize t-the true d-demon I am, n-no one would want m-me to keep the n-name they gave to me….I w-wonder what I would g-go by? E-evil thing?…W-who knows, what e-even is in a n-name?…
•"I wanted to be stronger" *clenches his fist, staring at it* I j-just….want t-to protect the o-ones I love, t-to never lose the p-people I cherish. I w-want to protect them a-all, even if I’m s-seen as a horrid c-creature….I d-don’t…*chokes up* I c-can’t let Danny, n-no one, harm t-the ones I love, t-take them from me, right? E-even if I b-break that promise…I n-need them, t-the world…does n-not need me…
•"I wanted to be everything for you" *gives a small smile, thinking of Bo, of Mischief* I w-wish to be all t-they want, e-everything they need. I w-want to m-make them the h-happiest, to l-let them know they are c-cherished…I don’t k-know if I can d-do that for them, b-but I will d-doe trying if n-need be…*takes a deep breath* I d-do not matter, they d-do, they a-always do to m-me, and I w-will do all I c-can for them…I d-don’t care about me. N-never have, n-never will, all t-that matters are those I love, e-everyone m-matters more…*rubs at his face, shaking* T-that’s not h-healthy thinking, b-but it’s all I k-know…W-what I’m m-made for, to be of u-use of others…
•"I could be stronger would you believe" *tries to wipe his eyes, but the tears keep coming. He huffs in frustration, body going lax* I w-would do anything, p-pretend to b-be the strongest…N-no, I w-will b-be the strongest I c-could ever be…just for t-them…J-just for…
•"That I could love you like you want me to?“ *looks broken hearted* P-please….please, if t-there is a g-god…please l-let me keep t-the ones I l-love?…Please?…T-they are all I h-have, don’t t-take them f-from me…N-no more, please? I’m b-begging you….I k-know I’m j-just a lowly demon, b-but…they d-don’t deserve to be h-hurt, if anything…t-take me….Leave t-them be?…*gives a broken laugh* A d-demon, begging a g-god, who m-may exist, w-who may not even c-care for something l-like me….But I c-can’t bring myself to care! I l-love them, c-can’t you see? D-don’t you b-believe?…
•"Love me like you want me to
Like you want me to
Love me like you want me to
Like you want me to” *clenches the blankets closer to him, ducking his head*….I’m b-broken…r-ruined, a m-mess, a d-disgrace….W-why must i t-think this w-way?…Simple…b-because the o-one closest to a f-father I had, h-hated my guts. D-despised m-my existence. T-today is f-fathers day, r-right?…F-fathers are supposed t–to love their children…r-right?…So why c-couldn’t I…h-have that?…Because I n-never deserved it…That’s w-why, why I t-think this w-way, why I’m a m-monster, don’t b-believe in a g-god, don’t c-care about myself….B-because I don’t d-deserve love, I w-will love you w-with all m-my being, I w-will sacrifice my lowly s-self…T-that’s my p-purpose?…. •"I held my breath every time
I tried to keep myself dry
But did I ask too much?“ *softly bangs his head against the wall* I’m s-sorry, g-god, everyone, I k-know I’m too m-much. I k-know…I-I know, but I s-still want t-that fairy tale, f-for a happily e-ever after…I’m sorry I c-can’t make that h-happen…
•"If I could do it again
Would you believe what I said” *whispers tiredly, breathing slowly, eyes feeling heavy* I l-love…I love s-so much, thank y-you for l-loving this…h-horrid demon b-back. Y-you may never k-know, h-how I think, b-but do know, t-that I love w-wholly….I w-wish to…g-go to sleep, all d-day, today, and f-forget, l-like I do b-best…

on competing while being a teacher-student duo

ive mentioned before (link) that i relate a lot to viktor based off of my former experiences in music as a high level flute/picc player who ended up leaving the more competitive scene b/c it was rly draining me, & i found myself a new passion in s/t else (sociology & psychology). well, i didnt mention it so much in that post, but i also have experience giving private lessons!

part of that was giving lessons to students in the same ensemble as me. i also used to be in the same ensemble as one of my old instructors.

we had to compete for solos

lemme tell you bout that conflict of interest, b/c it literally wrecked some relationships for me

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paperstarxo  asked:

Yes he was! If you go far back enough after the end of promoting going crazy Yongguk talks about him being in a 5 member boy group. Apparently at some point Youngjae & Ts decided its difficult for him to cover the high notes they want so Daehyun was added last minuet (2 months training maybe?). Which is why I theorize that Bang&Zelo dropped never give up.

Really?:O that’s interesting. I’m glad Dae was added in then, B.A.P just wouldn’t be B.A.P without him lol 

So my dad just sent me this out of nowhere and...

The numbers never lie:

What Makes 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%?

We have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to give over 100%. How about achieving 103%? What makes up 100% in life?

Here’s a little mathematical formula that might help you answer these questions:


is represented as:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26.


8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%  


11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%

But ,

1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%


2+21+12+12+19+8+9+20 = 103%

AND, look how far ass kissing will take you.

1+19+19+11+9+19+19+9+14+7 = 118%

So, one can conclude with mathematical certainty, that While  Hard work and Knowledge will get you close, and  Attitude will get you there, its the Bullshit   and Ass kissing that will put you over the top. 

My dad’s random email has basically summed up my life and high school experience

[LYRICS] Young, Wild & Free

Yeah Let’s rock this
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Yeah B A P The King is back Ya’ll
It’s goin’ down like this
Even if you keep falling down and collapse
I never give it up
Never give it up Eh eh
So what if you get a wound Oh
You can just forget it
No matter what anyone says just do what we want
Eh eh
Don’t worry about it just do what we want
Eh eh Eh eh
It is time to stand up again
Don’t stop your footsteps
I’ll do what’s most like me, you do what’s most like you
Go get’em things like fear
All of them Get Away
I’ll do what’s most like me, you do what’s most like you
Louder Louder Louder
We are Young Wild and Free
I know we better together WHUT
Even if the same hardships come you can’t stop us
We are Young Wild and Free
I know we better together WHUT
Even if the sun sets and the darkness comes keep running til the end
Shout Young and Wild and Free
Beat up even crawling on the floor I’ll stand up
My youthful days there’s only one life
Blindly keep running look ahead
Set this youth on fire
Ma way the highway
No pain No gain drink it up
I’m a pain that is called caffeine WHOA
It is time to get up again
Don’t stop your footsteps
I’ll do what’s most like me, you do what’s most like you
Go get’em things like fear All of them
Get Away
I’ll do what’s most like me, you do what’s most like you
Louder Louder Louder
We are Young Wild and Free
I know we better together WHUT
Even if the same hardships come you can’t stop us
We are Young Wild and Free
I know we better together WHUT
Even if the sun sets and the darkness comes keep running til the end
Shout Young and Wild and Free
If we’re together we can do anything
Start Let’s make history
Young Wild and Free have confidence
We’ll make it
This isn’t the end
You have to break the prejudice to know it YUP
Leggo Just go as the time flows
Our youth dangerously blooming
Set it on fire AWW
We are Young Wild and Free
I know we better together WHUT
Even if the same hardships come you can’t stop us
We are Young Wild and Free
I know we better together WHUT
Even if the sun sets and the darkness comes keep running til the end
Shout Young and Wild and Free

trans cr; nicole @ baptrans ; take out with full credit



“100 days, one year, our times together grow deeper. Our anniversary, moments to remember. Our anniversary, let’s keep going till the end. All the moments we were happy together and worried together remember it forever. For you, who stayed by my side I will promise you that I’ll protect you forever” – Annie Lyrics 

 It has been two years, but it seems like yesterday that I watched “Say it” for the first time. You have grown as a group, all the members are always working hard to improve their skills and makes me so proud to see the artists who have become. ToppDogg are unique, there is no music like yours and there is no one like you in this world… their passion for what they do, I can feel, even when things got tough you guys never gave up and moved on always doing your best to make ToppDogg a better group. ToppDogg love for us, Toppklass, can’t be measured, they are always kind to us, how can you guys be so precious? I’m thankful that ToppDogg exist, you guys don’t know how much you make me happy and how much I learned from you over these two years – especially never give up my dreams, you are always telling us that. 

I love you, ToppKlass love you. Let’s keep creating memories together, ToppDogg & ToppKlass as a family.

To our most precious angel~

Our little ball of sunshine!

And to the one I have always related to the most..

Thank you for giving me the chance to celebrate my birthday with you!


H A Z U K I N A G I S A 

                                   ( totallycalmtotallycool )
                                             ;;closed starter

Perched on the ledge of a building on the street corner,
Kate WATCHES the woman from afar. A costume she’s
never seen before who she’s been tailing for nearly an
hour, waiting and  o b s e r v i n g  because it appears the
two of them are following the same LEADS. The object of
her  s u s p i c i o n  seems to be a few good steps behind
her and Kate is GLAD for that. It gives her time to see just
what she’s up to, to see what her INTENTIONS are.

She knows the young girl she’s been looking for is being
TARGETED by a religious cult — she is SO over those —
and she can’t be certain that this woman clad in black and
yellow isn’t ONE OF THEM. Not yet, anyway.

But she  i n t e n d s  to find out sooner rather than later.

The wind rustling her cape is the only sound she makes
when she LEAPS off the building and glides down to the
streets  b e l o w. Her boots hit the ground and she raises
to her full height, casting a  m e n a c i n g  SHADOW on the
sidewalk in front of the woman.

              You look a little LOST