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B.A.P. Breakdown

Hey guys! Here’s number three of four. This means that Monsta X is the last one left, and that one should be posted later today. Feel free to shoot me a message if you feel like there’s anything I missed, or if there’s anything that you feel should be added or edited. Be sure to inbox me any requests you guys have! 

Let’s get into this shall we?

1. Bang Yong Guk (Yongguk):

-Leader and rapper

-Exceptionally blunt

-He has the beginnings of a strong tattoo collection

-Has had a hand in the writing of all of their songs

-A more serious, but charismatic, member

-Sleeps with a doll collection (The cute kind of the creepy kind?)

2. Kim Him Chan (Himchan):

-Sub-vocal, Rapper, and Visual

-Also known as the Fan Fool (Thinks about fans a lot)

-A pacifist (Same!)

-Used to be an ulzzang (Ulzzang means best face or good looking)

-Plays the piano, drums, guitar, and violin

-Big fan of nightlights

-Nagging mother

-Watches what he eats constantly

3. Jung Dae Hyun (Daehyun):

-Vocals and Face of Group

-A little on the shy side

-Kind of a morning person

-Caricature master

-Scare of amusement park rides

-Sleeps with three blankets (That’s way too many blankets! I can barely handle one)

-Manga lover

-Takes lots of pictures

4. Yoo Young Jae (Youngjae):


-Brains of the group

-Gamer type

-Hits the members when he gets excited

-Anime watcher

-Used to be the main vocal for B.A.P. until Daehyun joined, which lightened his load

5. Moon Jongup (Jongup):

-Dancer and Vocalist

-Nicknamed Moon Angel

-Also the shy type

-His muscles are mostly from dancing

-Calls his ‘Cheetos’ (I kinda wanna know the story behind this…)

-Although he is shy, he still speaks his mind

-Never gets angry

-Owns a shit ton of shoes

6. Choi Jun Hong (Zelo):

-Rapper, Dancer, and Maknae

-One of his main skills listed is acrobatics

-States that he enjoys being the Maknae (Rare occurrence, I would say)

-Wants to play a survival game with the members in their neighborhood

-Has the opposite of the Jungkook complex and actually wants to be called Oppa

-Sleeps with loads of stuff on his bed

-Collects socks

J and I split up groups so that each of us gets a certain number of them and if there is one that both of us like, we dub them the smol bean. Some groups don’t have them, but others do. We pick our biases based on those introduction videos on youtube, so sometimes we are sad that we didn’t pick a certain member. In order of bias.

Me: 3 (Daehyun), 1 (Yongguk), and 4 (Youngjae)

J: 6 (Zelo), 2 Himchan), and 5 Jongup

Smol Bean: N/A

I hope you guys enjoyed! Send me any requests you guys have, B.A.P. requests are open, or you can check out my list of groups I write for and pick one from there. Requests and scenario requests are not limited to one group. You can request multiple.

B.A.P Reaction #5 - Their kid has a really funny nightmare

TaeTae-ya Asked: B.A.P reaction to their kids having a funny nightmare (like it was scary for the kids but funny for them XD e.g santa was chasing them and was throwing presents)

Y/k/n = Your kid’s name

Y/n = Your name

Yongguk: “Yah y/k/n…do you really think that the post man delivering your mail to the wrong house is that scary?”

Y/K/N: “Appa!! The neighbors got all out information and broke into the house!”

Yongguk: “Sweetie, you don’t have any information that could lead to someone being able to break into our house, you’re only 8 years old…”

*tries to convince your kid that nobody will break into your house for the next 2 hours*

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Himchan: “Y/k/n? What are you okay??”

Y/K/N: “Appa… I had a nightmare…”

Himchan: “It’s okay, I’m here to protect you, come here.” *picks up your kid and covers them up so they can sleep with you two* “What did you dream about?”

Y/K/N: “I dreamed that our dog farted and it was so toxic that it killed us.”

Himchan (in his head): What the actual f*ck did we do to this kid to make them dream this…?

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Daehyun: “You woke me up because…. because you had a dream that your bunny came to life and wanted to be my friend instead of your friend..?

Y/K/N: *through tears, clutching their stuffed rabbit* “I don’t want you! I want mommy! You stole my bunny from me!!”

Y/n: “Aww Dad stole your best friend from you? Come here! Cuddle with mommy, she’ll protect you and bunbun from your dad!”

Daehyun: “Are you actually serious right now?”

Y/K/N: *sticks their tounge out at him*

Y/N: *laughing hysterically at Daehyun’s misfortune*

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Youngjae:*had a nightmare that a toad chased them around* “Was he a giant toad…?

Y/K/N: “No…” *sniff* “just a normal sized one.”

Youngjae: “Aww, sweetie!” *chuckles* “Appa will go beat up that mean toad for you!”

Y/K/N: “But appa, you can’t beat him up. Remember your music video? You get beat up by uncle Jongup and thrown in the sand…”

Youngjae: “No, that was just playing around! I’m strong see?” *flexes arm*

Y/K/N: *starts crying* “Please call uncle Jongup appa!! I want him to beat up the toad so he can never chase me again!”

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Jongup: “You had a dream that you found Atlantis and could breathe underwater? How is that scary, isn’t that cool?”

Y/K/N: “They made fun of me because I didn’t have a fish tail!”

Jongup: “Did you tell them that you’re a human and not a mer-person?”

Y/K/N: “Appa!! I can’t speak their language! Their mer-people!”

Jongup: “But…you could still understand them…? How did you understand them if you can’t speak their language”

Y/K/N: *gets frustrated trying to explain and storms off*

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Zelo: *wakes up when he hears noises in his living room, walks into the living room to see his child stuffing their toys up the fire place’s chimney* “Y/K/N!! What are you doing? They’ll get stuck up there!”

Y/K/N: “I don’t want santa to ever get in this chimney ever again!!”

Zelo: *grabs your child’s arm to stop them from shoving their stuffed animal up there* “What? Why sweetie, what happened??”

Y/K/N: “Santa was chasing me and threw presents at me!!”

Zelo: “Oh…um… Are you sure he wasn’t just trying to give you the presents nicely?”

Y/K/N: “No! He told me that I asked for too many toys so he worked too hard and was mad at me!”

Zelo: “All you asked for this year was a bicycle…”

Y/K/N: “Yeah, and bikes hurt when they hit the back of your head!!”

Zelo: “He threw a whole bike at you???” *absorbed in the child’s story*

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A/N: I changed Youngjae’s because I thought of a better one xD I have a friend who’s afraid of frogs because they jump and she doesn’t trust anything that jumps lmao (she’s afraid of bunnies because of that too) Thanks for your help Rey~ xD

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