b.a.p fanart

Another little thing I did for #151115withBAP

Excuse the messy-ness of this but I wanted to rotoscope this for today. It was supposed to be longer but that uni essay is staring back at me XD

Also, I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but while working on this I noticed that the members hold onto each other and not just Daehyun. It made me smile and it made this little dance even more special to me. 


I feel like a proud umma even though 5 of them are older than me and I’m Junhong ’ noona BUT STILL!!! 😢😢😢 I’m glad they’re happy which makes me happy too! Lol~ Daehyun forever photobombing the members.



If they were really mini, I would really want to take care of them and protect them at all time.

No matter what happens or what path they will choose, I will still support them. Thank you B.A.P for your hard work. Please get plenty of rest. I want to see all six of you guys smiling and enjoying of what you love to do. Thank you Yongguk. Thank you Himchan. Thank you Daehyun. Thank you Youngjae. Thank you Jongup. Thank you Junhong. Saranghae. ^v^