b.a.p daejae

Lucked Out

by inertia

characters/pairing: youngjae/daehyun, b.a.p
genre: canon, angst, romance, tension, pining, drama, psychological drama, angst with a happy ending
word count: 117,867w
rating: m
warnings: violence, identity crisis (?)
summary: They’ve come too far to give up who they are, regardless of how much they’re in. But with a of luck, they may be able to keep their worlds spinning.

review: honestly a masterpiece. It’s long, but the length is needed to build up that perfect level of angsty tension. The plot is so painful because of how raw and real everything feels. Not only is the writing style incredibly ambitious (+ flipping fantastic metaphors and descriptive passages), but also the writing techniques such as the alternate narratives and the intertextuality, and they all deliver, and contribute to the fic’s unique quality. I’ve never read anything quite like it.
Note: the last chapter hasn’t been posted and it’s been over a year since the fic was last updated, but I think the penultimate chapter provides enough closure.

- Admin S

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