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Can’t stop the absolutely excited Yongguk.

anonymous asked:

after following you for awhile, I REALLY want to get into B.A.P, but I'm not sure where to start?? (I'm sorry I know that doesn't make sense) Can you tell me what I should watch/read to get into them?? Sorry if that's too complicated


i’m so happy that you want to stan them jdksjkdjskjd B.A.P is truly a gem! you can start by watching all their mvs if you want!

*** if you want me to spill the tea about these Legends’ Achievements i can do it anytime ;)))

Here is a link to their vlive channel (x) or you can just download the app on your phone if you have one (watch their lives and you will get used to them and their personnalities)

You can watch their reality shows!(you’ll find all the episodes on youtube!!)

TA-DAH! It’s B.A.P (2012)

B.A.P Diary (2012)

Killing Camp (2012)

B.A.P ATTACK (2014)

B.A.P Adventures in America (2014)

B.A.P 30,000 miles on earth (SYDNEY + LONDON)

You can also watch their Weekly Idol episode! and their MV MAKINGS!!! + their After School Club Episodes


Warrior (x) + link to the full album (x)

Power (x+ link to the full album (x)

No Mercy (x) + link to the full album (x)

Stop It (x)

Rain Sound (x) One shot (x(The Most Iconic MV in kpop history when will anyone ever)  + link to the full album (x)

Coffee Shop (x) Hurricane (x) Badman (x+ link to the full album (x)

1004 (Angel) (x)  + link to the full album (x) (this album is a masterpiece, kings only)

“Where Are You? What Are You Doing?” (x)

—in 2014 a lot of injustice and shit happened to them,,, tough times—

(in 2015 BOOM BITCH THE LONG AWAITED COMEBACK HAPPENED i’m still emo) Young Wild and Free (x) + link to the full album (x)

Feel So Good (x) + link to the full album (x)

That’s My Jam (x+ link to the full album (x)

Skydive (x) (the mv is truly breathtaking as always i don’t even consider it an mv it’s a masterpiece, One Shot 2.0) + link to the full album (x) (THIS ALBUM IS A WORK OF ART)

you can also follow them on instagram!

You can listen to yongguk’s song AM 4:44 here (x) he talked about all the shit that he’s been through with TS so you have to read the lyrics (turn on the captions)!! here is Zelo’s song too (x)

i’m sure i missed a lot of things as always but i hope that this will help you a little bit!!

FEEL FREE TO ASK ME ANYTHING RELATED TO B.A.P and i’ll try to help you out!

  • Me: Youngjae is the cutest, sweetest little fluffball. His adorable smile could make flowers grow. He is my son and I love him so much. My precious angel.
  • Me: *remembers how he told the bus driver to leave Himchan and Jongup on the side of the road, hid Jongup's (fake) necklace from Yongguk (who had the real one), and constantly tried to trick his other members during Killing Camp*
  • Me: Youngjae is the devil (with great cheekbones ngl)

Don’t imagine your bias at the beach. Don’t imagine him running into the ocean, laughing like a little kid, calling out to you, “Jagi! Come swimming with me! The water is perfect!” Don’t imagine him falling asleep while sunbathing, eventually snuggling up to you in his unconscious state, the sun warming his sun and that heat radiating deep into your bones. Don’t imagine watching the sunset from inside the car, listening to the radio while snuggling as he tells you lame jokes interspersed with “I love you” and “You’re so beautiful”.