b.a.p birthday

Himchan's role in B.A.P

There is something that I want to talk about. I lot of people, when talking about B.A.P and each members, always comments on their talents individually, which is great, because yes, they are truly talented, but when it’s Himchan’s turn, it’s always “He is the mood maker, the one that keeps B.A.P together” and other similar things to that. 

This statement is true! Himchan is indeed a really important person in the relation of B.A.P. BUT HE’S NOT ONLY THAT IN B.A.P!!

I feel like going into another One Shot era when “fans” started saying Himchan brings nothing to B.A.P and should just leave. This only piss me of. So here is some things about Himchan that most people don’t realize or forget.

1. The second leader

This is not even questionable. Himchan IS the second leader in B.A.P. The members themselves say it. When Yongguk when on hiatus, all BABYz knew that Himchan would be the one to take the lead. Yongguk also often said that without Himchan, it would be more difficult for him. And even when Yongguk is there, Himchan takes the role of the leader along with him. 

2. Music Genius

It’s no secret that Himchan can play a lot of different instruments (piano, violin, drum, guitar, and many korean instrument). He started at a very young age and later entered a University program in korean traditional music in the drum specialisation. He is known for playing janggu. 

3. Singing and rapping abilities

Yes, he is not Daehyun nor Yongguk. But the people saying he can’t sing or rap must be deaf or just hating on him. Seriously, this man is amazing and can do anything. His voice is a blessing, maybe my favorite one in B.A.P (I’m not even joking!). Just go listen to Skydive or Wake me up live. I truly hope that one day we will get a Himchan solo song so that people can see how much talent this man has. He is not in B.A.P for nothing! 

4. Amazing performer

I saw B.A.P three times in my life, 2 times in New York and once in Toronto. Each time, I’ve been super impress by how B.A.P are amazing performer, even though it’s not a surprise for everyone. Himchan is no exception! B.A.P is not the group that goes “Ok, we just do our songs and that’s it”. They are more the “Let’s perform this show like it’s our last one” type of group. And honestly, they are not a lot of kpop groups (even outside kpop) that does that. Just go to one of their concert, you’ll understand!

5. His love for everyone

Himchan is full of love. For his members, for his fans. He’s playfull, caring, modest and I could go on forever. He puts other before himself. Remember how he is always encouraging Jongup and Zelo to speak more on TV? Yeah. Remember how he always make sure that everyone eats well? Yeah. Remember how he always takes pictures of BABYz all around the world and then post them? Yeah. He keeps every pictures because he wants to keep those memories, like we keep pictures of B.A.P on our phones and computer. I have many more exemple, but it would be too long.

There is also many reasons why Himchan is a beautiful human being, but I wanted to focus on the reasons why he is essential to B.A.P. Feel free to had more! I wanted to put the more important one.




Yongguk giggle cut + more because he’s too cute


Happy birthday to beautiful, precious Daehyun who works tirelessly doing what he loves, is so humble about his incredible talents, is so dedicated to his team and adores his Babyz so much. 

I love this moment even though I tear up even thinking about it everytime; he sang a song on this show that his father sang at karaoke to cheer him up during the hiatus, and he was so thankful to be singing on stage again in front of his fans that he couldn’t hold back his tears. Being an artist is his life and you can see his passion in everything he does. We’re so grateful to have him and the rest of B.A.P back together again ❤️❤️❤️

Happy Birthday Daehyun!