Yongguk Green Ribbon Support Project

Hello Babyz,

As most of you have heard, Yongguk is taking time off to recuperate from depression and a panic disorder. I think it would be sweet if we showed support by changing all of our dp’s on all social media platforms to this design I made!

The Green Ribbon is the symbol for mental health awareness and I added the hashtag that most fans have been using. I hope you guys will consider using it. Yongguk is having a really hard time right now and I know a lot of fans who can relate to his condition. Let’s try to be as supportive and loving as possible, make sure that Noir is a success, and keep waiting for him with open arms and a positive attitude!

Friendly reminders for my fellow BABYz:

Last time Yongguk suffered really bad from mental illness, he wrote a song. This time he’s taking a break from work, seeking professional help.

He’s not really “having a hard time right now” but rather he’s had a hard time, and now he’s started on his journey towards recovery.

Please don’t blame yourselves for not seeing the signs. Don’t drown in bad thoughts. Yongguk has been in much need of rest ever since they came back, and now he’ll finally get it. He’s doing exactly what he needs to do in order to get better and be able to keep doing what he does.

Have faith in him, and let’s make him happy and proud by being excited for Noir. He’ll be watching his members perform from home wrapped up in a blanket with Tigger sleeping on his lap :)))

Everything’s gonna be alright.