redfuckingbullshit  asked:

I really want Mc to take care of Elizabeth 3rd then she gets sick and Mc has to take her to the hospital. It would be funny because jumin would come in and start freaking out.^ ^;;

i cannot believe i only just saw this wtf

Why has he left me with his cat…

You had been stuck here, inside, for three whole days.

“There’s plenty of places to go,” he’d said. “You can take her with you.” he’d said. Your husband was a lovely man, and you adored him with all your heart, but damn him if he didn’t take this cat too seriously. You loved Elizabeth nearly as much as you loved Jumin, but really? He made millions. Why didn’t he just hire a bloody cat-sitter, or something?!

“Coming, your majesty…” You never thought a cat could be spoilt, before you meet Elizabeth. Right now, it was six o’clock in the morning and, since Jumin usually fed her at this time before work, she was used to it. And of course, you could never mess up a cat’s schedule. “Jeez… Why can’t we just hire someone to train her how to feed herself…?”

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