b...b...belt ;p

just gonna let everyone know that B.A.P has never released a bad song… like ever, just listened to their entire discography and guess what!?!?!

ALL B O P S™ every single one of them!!!!! So do yourself a favor and stan these legends!!!!

— get to know the mun.

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name: Princess~.

nickname(s): Princess is my preferred name to most.

gender: royalty ;).

star sign: scorpio.

height: 5′7″, same as Hange, Eren, && Mika.

sexual orientation: I prefer people who identify as girls, but sometimes boys can be chill.

hogwarts house: slytherin.

favorite color: pink.

favorite animal: i’m not exactly an animal person, personally they kind of freak me out, but if I had to pick, sharks are cool.

avg. hours of sleep: sleep? sorry don’t know her.

cats or dogs?: cats.

favorite fictional characters: eren jaeger, buffy summers, mello (death note), aurora (sleeping beauty), and elsa (frozen)

favorite singer/band: it depends on the day and my mood tbh, but rn i’m into the weeknd && depeche mode.

dream trip: just out of fuckin’ utah?

dream job: writing.

when was this blog made?: sept. 12, 2016.

follower count: not sharing.

what made you make this blog?:my twin talked me into it. i had been playing the idea over in my head but i wasn’t sure of it until victor talked me into playing her cause he was curious about how i wanted to portray her. because in canon she is rather one dimensional and he thought i could make her more, i’m not that good but i think i do some justice.

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  • me: I'm so excited about [thing]!!!
  • someone: *clearly not interested in [thing]*
  • me: well I mean I'm not even that excited haha it's just a thing like whatever right idek the thing haha who cares????not me ha h a stupid thing