milky way, photographed by stereo b, 21st-22nd january 2007.

the plane of the galaxy around scorpius. the second brightest object in the image, above the galaxy, is antares. the very brightest, above and left, must be a planet - perhaps mars. the pair of bright stars that just sneak into frame at bottom right are alpha and beta centauri; one of the stars in the alpha centauri star system, proxima centauri, is the closest star to the sun.

18 frames over 22 hours. on january 21st, the spacecraft used a lunar gravity assist to escape the earth-moon system and enter a heliocentric orbit.

image credit: nasa/stereo. animation: ageofdestruction.


Night Skies Landscapes

Finnish photographer Mikko Lagerstedt goes on captivating us with his incredible Instagram pictures taken in the fringes of Finland. Milky way, northern lights, red twilight, when nature spread all its magic, the photographer offers us spectacular photographs of it, almost unreal.

via: fubiz