b. rebellious


he almost got caught sneaking out

sometimes I’m like ahh I should b doing more rebellious teenage things but then my friends just tell me their stories and it sounds like too much of a hassle…. makes me thankful to b a teenage grandma™

☓ down for you

there’s something strangely cathartic driving in a car around a busy metropolis blasting r&b – something rebellious, something spontaneous, something extremely relaxing, at least in taeyong’s opinion. normally, when taeyong’s alone in his ride, just cruising down the streets of seoul, he’ll belt out entire songs, all verses, (attempting) to hit every note.

however, someone else is in the car with him, and he doesn’t feel like burning their eardrums off, so he just settles for a loud humming instead.

“you have no idea how much i love boba,” he retorts as the vehicle sits still in traffic, “i feel like san francisco boba is truly the pinnacle of all milk tea bobas – don’t at me.” he’s half-joking, and he chuckles as he lifts a hand from his lap to scratch his nose – he inches the car a bit closer to the sedan in front of them, just to close the gap just a little.

“maybe someday i’ll take you – maybe,” another laugh escapes his lips, “i feel like you’ll love the bay, it’s definitely a culture within itself.” taeyong can write a master’s thesis on his love for the california bay area – it seems like a very typical, californian, almost fuckboy thing to say, but it’s the truth.

“anyways,” he says after a pause – the light’s turned green and they’re off once more, “how’s school, i guess? i miss sopa a lot, believe or not.”


  • MUSE A is an innocent lil’ cutie who has really religious or conservative parents and is being sent to camp or volunteer in a camp while MUSE B is the rebellious badass who probably drinks way too much, parties all night, gets high, and has way too much one night stands and is being sent to the same camp MUSE A is at. MUSE A and MUSE B meet one day and MUSE A knows that she needs to avoid MUSE B but MUSE B wants to corrupt lil’ MUSE A and then one day they get paired up for a stupid camp activity (hiking thing) and MUSE A has never hated her life so much and is really nervous around MUSE B and they get lost and it gets really dark and I don’t know where this will go but this could go to fluff, or angst, or even smut but give me this please

Peter hated the entire idea of spending his summer at a camp, yet a few gazes upon all the innocent people he could corrupt, quickly changed his mind. Getting the best out of the worst possible scenario. One week in and he had been paired up with a girl, no one but, the person that seemed to hate him the most. Not that he cared, at least until in the middle of the hiking trip they’d have gotten lost, all alone and together. Few minutes more and the sun’d disappear completely. That’s when he stopped on his feet and sighed, turning back towards her. “Our time is out. I think we should camp, get some sleep and find out way back in the morning, yeah?” Keep on going without much light, was more risky than needed. Sure Peter was known to be reckless, but not to such point. Not awaiting for her reply, he kept on walking a few more steps towards some amount of rocks perfect for them to sleep in. “Are you hungry?”