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Until the Aubrie/Ezra/catfish storyline, you did paint Wyla as a bit of a brat? She was always kinda mean to her brothers (mean as in tough love of course), always mad about something, sneaking out and I don't think I've ever saw Wyla be friendly to someone new. :s She hated Aubrie and Connor for no apparent reason at first? (before the cheating and stuff). :/ But I mean, she's a teenager with depression so I understand she's not REALLY a mean brat. It's just how it felt until now

if you have brother’s that you banter with, you’d understand that that isn’t her being mean, that’s just being a teenager and having siblings lmao!!! ezra was the only active mean one!!! and when was wyla mad about things lmao????

the whole catfish thing – wyla literally went out of her way to look out for ezra and try and out the person who was deceiving him/lying to him on the internet!!

wyla didn’t hate aubrie for no reason – aurbie was the school mean girl who lied to her brother. she treated ezra – who DOTED ON HER – like shit for years at school, as mentioned, and only decided to take an interest after he moved on, which is super manipulative and shitty. wyla didn’t like her brother being taken for a fool

you didn’t see ANY of the siblings b nice to someone new bc they never met anyone new i guess!!! was jace ever nice to someone new???? the only new people i introduced were aubrie and connor and they were both literally scum lmao (and i should know bc i made them)

i admit she was kinda rude to connor (obviously didnt hate him) because he was overly flirty and honestly creepy towards her (she was like 16, he’s like 19 and it was weird) plus he’s a CRIMINAL LMAO and she tried to put him off her bc she was catching feelings and didnt wanna get hurt… and in the end she was justified in feeling that way right????

if wyla ever came across as bratty (but i guess you’re seeing ‘brat’ and ‘protective/outspoken/strong-minded and able to hold her own’) it was all in keeping with good intentions!!! 

the only thing that bugs me about this whole brat thing is that no-one seems to label ezra as a brat even though he was ACTUALLY a brat and rude and mean and kinda an asshole???? like he was outwardly cruel and even cheated on someone??? 

idk dude i guess it’s all relative!!! sorry for the rant i don’t wanna upset anyone lmao!!! i just love my lil wyla so much and didn’t intend for her to come across that way at all. anyways!!! thank you for taking such an interest in my sims!! <3

Week of Freedom AU

When Character A’s parents go out of town for a week and leave them at home alone, Character A doesn’t expect anything interesting to happen. They’re a very responsible teenager, after all.

But when Character B, Character A’s rebellious best friend, ropes them into going to an event half way across the country, Character A must deal with the feelings of guilt and liberation of finally going against their parents.

sometimes I’m like ahh I should b doing more rebellious teenage things but then my friends just tell me their stories and it sounds like too much of a hassle…. makes me thankful to b a teenage grandma™

1989 plot bunnies
  • blank space: muse a is a celebrity known for being a serial dater, and muse b is merely their latest squeeze. although muse b is at first thrilled to be dating someone so rich and famous, they soon find that muse a is a little more… intense than they first expected. will they work things out, or will muse b just become another ex-lover who says muse a is insane?
  • bad blood: muse a and muse b used to be partners in crime – literally. as well as being friends (and maybe even lovers), they were two of the most feared criminals in the country. but one heist, muse a betrayed muse b in a way muse b never thought possible, and handed them over to the police in exchange for a reduced sentence. now, muse b is out of jail, and out for blood. muse a will pay dearly for what they did to muse b, unless they can form a counterattack in time to save their own skin.
  • wildest dreams: muse a and muse b meet, and instantly hit it off. attracted to one another but knowing that nothing lasts forever, muse a proposes something to muse b: for one night, they’ll have the ultimate love affair / one night stand. a night full of romance, excitement, adventure, passion, and the sort of fantasy you read about in fairytales. after that, nothing. no contact information, probably never even seeing each other again. muse b accepts. after the night of passion is over, will their attraction to one another lead them together again, or will they only be left with memories?
  • i know places: muse a and muse b are in love, but their families don’t approve of the match. desperate to be together, they do the unthinkable, and run away together, despite not being even out of high school yet, and having no money. trying to start a new life for themselves, as well as hide from their families, the two may have bitten off more than they can choose.
  • how you get the girl: muse a broke muse b’s heart six months ago, and now realizes it was the worst mistake they ever made. now, they just want muse b back. but muse b isn’t going to make things easy for them. can muse a convice muse b to take them back, or is the relationship a lost cause?
  • style: muse a is the clean-cut, goody-goody type, and they’ve fallen hard for muse b, and older, rebellious delinquent. behind their parents’ backs, muse a dates muse b, sneaking out with them and finding themselves deeper and deeper in a “real” world they know nothing about. their relationship is a tempestuous one, but no matter how tense things get, they’ll never leave each other.
  • wonderland: everyone warned muse a and muse b that rushing into things so quickly wouldn’t work out for them, but they didn’t listen, and began dating almost immediately after they met, moving in together after barely a month. before six months are out, the two were married. however, they’re still getting to know each other, and more and more problems arise in their marriage every day. will they prove everyone wrong and stay together, or will they drive each other mad?

I’m thinking about Magi now thanks to @fata-et-fatorum and @sukoshishokan, and knowing that Kouha Ren is also the Japanese voice of Prompto, Jin Kisaragi, Natsu Dragneel, and Shing Meteoryte (I refuse to call him Kor Meteor), I can’t help but imagine my Prompto laughing like some kind of psycho maniac now :|

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What about teacher-student AU's? Either romance or not

Some are romantic, some are not, and most can be taken a romantic route if wished. Hope you enjoy!

Teacher-Student Aus

  • Person A is a new teacher at Person B’s school and can’t seem to do anything right. Person B is the one student in the class that takes pity on the new teacher and becomes the new teacher assistant to help them out
  • Person A is a strict, dictator-like teacher that everyone in school despises. Person B is the rebellious student whose made it their personal mission to make Person A’s class entertaining. Even if it means getting detention nearly every day
  • Person A is a cute, young teacher while Person B is a senior and despite the little age difference and Person B being a consenting 18-year-old, they have to keep their relationship secret and under wraps (bonus: Person C is the student/teacher who threatens to expose them)
  • Person A is the student who tries to being a smart-ass/clown during class only to find out that the new teacher, Person B, is an even wittier smart-ass than them
  • Person A is a teacher who takes pity on the always sleeping, always late, student, Person B, and can easily see that Person B is going through a really rough time. Person A does everything they can to make things easier for Person B and always makes sure that Person B knows that they can come talk anytime. Person B eventually sees Person A as the parent they’ve never had.
  • Person A is a mysterious, cold, yet very cute and young teacher that everyone has a crush on. Everyone but Person B who sees nothing but a (an admittedly good looking) jackass.
AU ideas based off of movies that shouldn't make good AUs but actually might
  • Overboard: Character A is a broke carpenter, hired by Character B, a born-into-money asshole who thinks they're above everyone. When Character B falls off of their yacht and loses their memory, Character A decides to pay them back for their poor attitude by showing up at the hospital and making Character B believe they are their spouse (and subsequently, the parent of their 6 rowdy children)
  • Sabrina: Character A, the neighbor of Character B, spends their entire adolescence in love with Character B, though they never notice them. After spending a year abroad, Character A comes home all grown up, catching Character B's attention (stealing it from their fiance).
  • House on Haunted Hill: A handful of people are offered $50,000+ to stay in a reportedly haunted mansion. The guest list includes Character A, a naive and somewhat gullible but kind person who only needs the money to support their family, Character B, a gambler who can never seem to come up and who swears they don't believe in ghosts, as well as a psychic, the host of the party, and numerous shady people; every one of them strangers to one another.
  • Moulin Rouge: Character A is a penniless writer who came to a large city (namely, Paris) to make a name for themselves and join the urban counter-culture that's always interested them. Character B is an aspiring performer who currently finds a living as a courtesan. Their paths cross and they fall in love, however doomed they are from the start.
  • Grease: Character A spends their summer out of their home country, falling in love with Character B, who seems to be the perfect match for them. However, Summer has to end and they go their separate ways. When school starts back up, Character A's family decides to stay and enrolls them in the same school as Character B, who isn't the person Character A thought they were.
  • Juno: Character A and Character B have been friends for years and decide to (platonically, of course) do the do. Weeks later, Character A finds out they're pregnant and can't bring themselves to abort the baby, stringing Character B along for the entire ride.
  • Ruby Sparks: Character A was a best selling author at the age of 19, but has since become a reclusive shut in with writer's block. Their therapist urges them to write a short story about an original character (Character B), who comes to life and believes they're dating.
  • Heathers: Character A is in the popular clique, despite how much they hate their so-called friends. Character B moves to town and catches their eye instantly. After accidentally killing Character A's friend and framing it as a suicide, Character B's true colors start to show and maybe, juuuuust maybe, they're kinda sorta not all that sane.
  • 10 Things I Hate About You: Character A's younger sibling is convinced that they're never been fun, and for that reasoning their parents have made it a very strict rule that unless Character A dates, their sibling can't. As a result, they pay Character B to start dating Character A, but then feelings happen.
  • But I'm A Cheerleader!: Character A is sent off to a homosexual reforming camp by their freakishly religious parents, forced to room with numerous members of the same sex, including the very attractive and rebellious Character B, who often sneaks out of camp to go party at the local gay bar.

I have a list of fanfic/au ideas that I may or may not get around to so please use them for your own inspiration:

  • Person A loses their voice (screaming too much at a concert, sickness, etc) and now Person B has to find other ways of communicating
  • Persons A from OTP 1 and OTP 2 decide to compete to see who is the better significant other without telling Persons B. Persons B find out because “oh my god you idiots are so obvious”, but decide to go along because its amusing as hell
  • Better yet, friendly competitions between Person A and B that start off cute and turns SAVAGE
  • Person A decides to show off how much they can hold their liquor. The rest of the night Person B takes care of Person A.
  • “Lol so you wanted me to come over because you were home alone and scared which hey I’m happy to do but if you wanted to hook up you don’t have to make up weird excuses…oh. oh you were serious.”
  • Person A is tired of being seen as a goody two-shoes and asks Person B to help them be more rebellious. Person B isn’t all that rebellious either, but they just really want to spend time with them so they go along with it.
  • Person A is always accidentally hurting themselves because they’re clumsy and Person B keeps getting blamed by others that they’re the ones responsible. Person A later accidentally hurts Person B, but no one believes Person B about it
  • “You’re a witch and I believe magic is bullshit but there’s some weird shit going on and I’m desperate” OR “my roommate is convinced its supernatural and I’ll let them indulge” AU
  • Spy AU: “We both got burned/lost our old partners and have been paired up together, but we both have trust issues to deal with if this is gonna work”
  • The Princess Bride AU

i want a plot where muse a and muse b are just the rebellious and reckless ‘bad’ boys/girls. and they don’t let anyone in their lives except for each other. they are rude to everyone else but each other. they care about nothing else but each other. they skip class and just smoke and talk and omg i cry. they both seem so intimidating and shit until you see them together.