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Day 1 [Aug 21]: scarlet

Option 3: Favorite BROTP/OTP/frenemies

Shinichi Kudo x Ran Mouri (ShinRan)

ieatkitcat  asked:

idk what's going on with the rut fic but i just saw rut fic and i'm curious?

Well last week an anon asked if I would write a dumb omegaverse ficlet to cheer them up and 3700 words later Verity is saying things like, “oh I’m sure you’re halfway through it” and “Well on the bright side you realized you were writing yourself into a corner soon enough that you probably only need to cut 500 words and write 1000 more?” and I’m imagining just tilting an entire bottle of vodka back like Yakov.

TECHNICALLY it is a funny story about Yuri K dealing with Victor having a rut during The Summer of Mutual Pining but actually come to look at it I appear to be talking about toxic masculinity and micro aggressions more than I honestly intended or thought of so … Anyway. It should be pretty funny. The Chad Harem makes their first official appearance. I’m hoping to bust it out by Friday but I’m not real hopeful.

This solar eclipse absolutely destroyed me!
   Master stated I looked like another man, 
   akin to a twig. I became nothing… How fearsome. 

Last anon: that type of ask is perfectly fine! I have to think about it for a little bit before I reply tho. I’ve just been getting a couple trollish weird squicky omegaverse asks lately, is all. Those I don’t reply to, and if they’re personal or weird enough, I block the IP.

also if u want to use some of my world building, just acknowledge me as source and send me a link so i can read it!


More doodles bc I have a need to do it to my other Adds
also reply to @notsoactive‘s post. GDI