b. ichi

  • Jyushimatsu: [as a priest] Does anyone have a reason why these two should not be wed? [gestures to Osomatsu and the horse]
  • Todomatsu: [raises hand] Yeah, do we really need a reason? What the hell is this?
  • Todomatsu: OF WHAT?

“You can’t be ‘cool’ and drunk at the same time, Karamatsu. Just be drunk for now.”

I notice Kara carries his younger bros a lot so I wanted him to be carried for a change idk ..plus as a bonus here’s Oso not being a shitty older bro I guess loL

Although it was a side note, I did think the directors’ comment about Kara only being able to talk to Oso about certain things like the “how am I painful” conversation they had was cute… Kara wants his younger bros to think he’s cool so bad….. 

stupendoustyrantfox  asked:

Hey karamatsu and ichimatsu!! Had a fun birthday party? You guys made it though a another year!! I hope your dad will surely make up his mind our your pregnancy.

Kara: Heh, yes we did~ We had many people celebrating and saying congratulations to us for another year of life. >B) 

Ichi: We hope the same thing for our dad about the babies, but only time will tell.