b. ichi

  • Jyushimatsu: [as a priest] Does anyone have a reason why these two should not be wed? [gestures to Osomatsu and the horse]
  • Todomatsu: [raises hand] Yeah, do we really need a reason? What the hell is this?
  • Todomatsu: OF WHAT?

“You can’t be ‘cool’ and drunk at the same time, Karamatsu. Just be drunk for now.”

I notice Kara carries his younger bros a lot so I wanted him to be carried for a change idk ..plus as a bonus here’s Oso not being a shitty older bro I guess loL

Although it was a side note, I did think the directors’ comment about Kara only being able to talk to Oso about certain things like the “how am I painful” conversation they had was cute… Kara wants his younger bros to think he’s cool so bad….. 

stupendoustyrantfox  asked:

Hey karamatsu and ichimatsu!! Had a fun birthday party? You guys made it though a another year!! I hope your dad will surely make up his mind our your pregnancy.

Kara: Heh, yes we did~ We had many people celebrating and saying congratulations to us for another year of life. >B) 

Ichi: We hope the same thing for our dad about the babies, but only time will tell.

HERE are more images I uploaded!

Each individual brother gets a spread to themselves.  Not sure what Oso’s is about, Kara is about having “sexy style” (of course), Choro’s looks like it includes a quiz to determine what “type” you are (Type A, Type B, etc), Ichi’s is….about anchovies (?? i’m not sure to be honest), Jyushi’s is about some exercises, and Todo’s looks like it’s about beauty products.

I also uploaded some other pages with images, though it’s up to someone who can read Japanese to determine what these pages say!