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On this day in music history: October 18, 1983 - “Rock ‘N Soul Part 1”, the fourteenth album by Daryl Hall & John Oates is released. Produced by Daryl Hall, John Oates, Bob Clearmountain, Christopher Bond, Neil Kernon and Arif Mardin, it is recorded at Atlantic Recording Studios, Advantage Sound Studios, The Hit Factory, Electric Lady Studios in New York City, Larrabee Sound Studios in West Hollywood, CA, and Western Sound Recorders in Hollywood, CA from March 1973 - September 1983. The duos’ first greatest hits album, the twelve track compilation covers material recorded between 1973 and 1983, including two newly recorded songs (“Say It Isn’t So” #2 Pop, #45 R&B, and “Adult Education” #8 Pop), plus a live recording of “Wait For Me”. The original cover art features a caricature of the duo and comes in three different color variations along with a calendar/poster. On a limited basis, some record stores give away a free 7" of their newly recorded version of the holiday classic “Jingle Bell Rock” (pressed on either red or green vinyl and packaged in a picture sleeve) with purchase of the LP. When the album is originally issued on CD in the 80’s, the illustrated cover artwork is replaced with a still photograph of Hall & Oates (taken from the “One On One” music video shoot) also used for the US picture sleeve for “Say It Isn’t So”. The album is remastered and reissued on CD in 2006, restoring the original cover artwork (red, yellow and black cover), reproducing the calendar/poster (as a fold out in the CD booklet), with “Family Man” and 'You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling" added as bonus tracks. It is also reissued as a hybrid SACD and 180 gram vinyl LP by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab in 2015. “Rock 'N Soul Part 1” peaks at number seven on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

“most idols don’t even work hard, they have everything handed to them bc of their famous companies”

The first aim of a good college is not to teach books, but the meaning and purpose of life. Hard study and the learning of books are only a means to this end. We develop power and courage and determination and we go out to achieve Truth, Wisdom and Justice. If we do not come to this, the cost of schooling is wasted.
—  John B. Watson
Harry also recognized this stance. Louis was going to lose his patience in a minute. He looked just the same when Harry kept pointing out mistakes in his writings before it was done. Harry did it just to tease him and get him angry. They had great sex when Louis was a little pissed at him.

hey everyone! i’m here to talk to you a little about a symptom that is a huge problem for ppl with bpd, dpd, and hpd but that most ppl without cluster b personality disorders aren’t educated about. it’s called relationship object permanence.

object permanence is the developmental skill to realize that an object continues to exist even when you can’t see it. that’s why peekaboo is entertaining to babies – they haven’t developed object permanence yet, so they really believe you stop existing when your face disappears behind your hands. then you come back into existence, and they’re amazed!

a lot of borderline, dependent, and histrionic people don’t have this developmental skill, but specifically in a certain area: we lack relationship object permanence, the ability to understand that a relationship continues to exist when it is not actively being reaffirmed.

this is why many borderline, dependent, and histrionic people can fall into a depression, irrationally believe that someone hates them, or develop bitterness towards someone if they are not actively reaffirming their relationship to us. our lack of relationship object permanence can often be triggered by people not contacting us for an extended period of time, acknowledging or interacting with other friends without acknowledging or interacting with us, and especially actively ignoring us.

(seriously, don’t ever intentionally ignore a borderline, dependent, or histrionic person person. when you do that, you are intentionally triggering someone. please understand that nothing feels worse for a person with a cluster b personality disorder than being ignored. i understand sometimes these things can happen by accident, which is ok, but doing it on purpose is nothing short of cruel.)

please be aware of this developmental problem when you interact with us. just understand that if we seem needy or cagey, this is often the reason. most of us aren’t trying to manipulate you, we just literally can’t understand that you still like us unless you give us some active indication of that.

i understand that being friends with borderline, dependent, and histrionic people can take a lot of spoons and not everyone has the capacity to have such an intense relationship, and that’s ok. i just want to offer this post to help you understand and hopefully be sensitive to your borderline, dependent, and histrionic friends and family.


Lauryn Hill - Selah

Nothing can be done against the truth
No matter how we remain in denial, yeah
Wasting time, replacing time with each empty excuse
But that’ll only work a little while
Coping with despair, knowing you’re not there
Ashamed to just admit I’ve been a fool
So I blame it on the sun, run away from everyone
Hoping to escape this ridicule
Trapped in misery, wrapped so miserably
And this deception, I wear it like a skin
Dying to maintain, oh I keep trying to explain
A heart that never loved me to begin
Oh I’m such a mess, I have no choice but to confess
That I’ve been desperately trying to belong
Lieing to myself and everybody else
Refusing to admit my right was wrong…

…Please save me from myself, I need you, save me from myself
Please save me from myself so I can heal …

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what's your favorite p&p adaptation?

I can’t answer this because it’s too hard so instead I’m going to tell you why all of them are awesome and why you should watch them. 

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

  • It’s a modern adaptation in a series so it’s got this incredible way of translating it into modern times without leaving too much plot???
  • For a webseries it’s really well produced. Acting, costumes, writing, etc. Goooood shit. 
  • “I dislike smiling. It contorts the face.” 
  • COSTUME THEATER! Where else are you gonna get costume theater with these characters?
  • This is easily the best version of Fitz
  • POC characters, which 0% of the other adaptations can boast, except for Bride & Prejudice which is bae  
  • Darcy is gr9 hi babe
  • Honestly you could just watch for Jane she is the wife of all of us what a Queen
  • Ashley Clements kills it, she’s astounding, I just adore her delivery. 
  • Mary Kate Wiles manages to make Lydia likable, which is pretty much impossible. 
  • This whole series is so quotable??? Like, wow????
  • That first Dizzie kiss is A++++++++ THANK YOU ACTORS FOR GIVING THAT TO US WE LOVE YOU
  • Side note, A+ for not slut shaming Lydia. 
  • Takes place in the good ol’ USofA so it can also be a pretty rad on wheels social commentary 

Bride & Prejudice

  • IT’S A MUSICAL VERSION OF P&P!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!
  • Aishwarya Rai is literally the most beautiful, beautiful, graceful, beautiful woman of all time, and she plays Lalita. 
  • Directed/written by a husband and wife team, like, A++ let’s always watch movies written by women and directed by them
  • The Cobra Dance. Enough said. 
  • “The lesbian.”
  • I get all my dance moves from this movie; I’ve been watching it since I was a kid. 
  • “It’s just like screwing a lightbulb with one hand and pettin’ the dog with the other.” D A R C Y NOOOOO 
  • The commentary Lalita makes on India was really informative and the whole movie does that; I think it’s important for a person like me who lives in America and is really privileged to hear different perspectives of different countries like this. So thank you B&P for educating me on something I never would have learned about. 
  • Ashanti. As herself. 
  • The whole plane ride with Lalita and Darcy destroys my soul. Destroys it. 


  • Did some say sexual tension? 
  • Like, oomph do these guys want to bad. 
  • I need three bullet points just to talk about how much they want to bang 
  • I really liked the way Kira Knightley played Lizzy getting slighted by Darcy at the beginning. She actually seems offended. Which you don’t always see in the other versions. 
  • This movie is really cool because the director purposefully shot it so that the family looked like a real family and the viewer felt like they were kinda creepin’ on the Bennets. So it’s not composed, it’s like we’re always peering around corners or over shoulders. 
  • Bingley is an actual golden retriever. 
  • Also the cinematography!?!?!? like the scene where they’re both dancing and nobody else is in the room? That is gr9. 
  • Rain!Darcy is the greatest Darcy. Darcy should always be wet. 
  • Also his voice is deep. Like the bottom of the sea. But it sees into my soul. 
  • Bingley practicing his proposal on DarcY????? BROMANCE that is some goooood shit. 
  • The SOUNDTRACK lord sometimes I just listen to it over and over again. Sometimes @ananbeth will text me and be like “Rachel I’m listening to the P&P soundtrack” and I have to prepare myself for her tears. I cry. 
  • The house where they film Pemberley is so gorgeous? This movie is so aesthetic? 
  • Darcy’s smile when he’s laughing with Lizzy could make angels sing. 
  • The American ending of this movie is the greatest thing to happen to this country since Betty White, who is older than sliced bread. Like, hoooolly crap, I don’t care that it isn’t period appropriate, I will watch it 20 times over until I shrivel up into a prune of tears. 
  • And one last time, for the people in the back, SEXUAL TENSION. 

1995 BBC 

  • It’s basically the book. Like, the only difference is… well, you know. We’ll talk about later. 
  • There’s so much boobs. There’s boobs everywhere. This movie is probably the reason I’m bisexual (I’m just kidding but seriously boobs.) 
  • Colin. Firth. COLIN FIRTH. AS DARCY. 
  • I just love the costumes, idk why, I love me an empire waist line. 
  • Did I mention Colin Firth’s Darcy?
  • I really love the way Jennifer Ehle plays Lizzy’s spirit. I feel that she captures Lizzy’s spirit really beautifully; she really grabs onto her lust for life. Kira also does that, but Jennifer was my first Lizzy so she’ll always be Lizzy to me. 
  • Colin Firth undresses and jumps into a lake in a white shirt. 
  • Colin Firth in the bathtub
  • colin firth starring as grumpy cat. 
  • Lydia is played probably closest to how the book intended her. 
  • Idk why but Mr. Bennet is perfect, I love him, I am his and he is mine, he will parent me forever with lil tummy and his glasses. 
  • Also this Mrs. Bennet is probs more accurate to book Mrs. Bennet but that kinda depends on how you read it. 
  • The “not at all, they were brightened by the exercise” scene is basically the reason I wake up in the morning. Darcy you have it so bad. 
  • I love the way you kinda see Darcy’s transition… because you spend so much time in this universe and with the characters, Darcy’s transition goes really slowly but smoothly. It’s not too fast, it’s just perfect. I love it. 
  • Meep

Bridget Jones’ Diary 

  • Colin Firth’s triumphant return to grumpy cat. 
  • Actual quote from Colin Firth upon returning to the set: “Surprise bitch. I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.” 
  • Bridget is all of us. She is literally a single, chubby, slightly alcoholic girl who loves Pride & Prejudice too much. Literally, there’s a bonus feature where she interviews Colin Firth about playing Mr. Darcy. 
  • If you’re looking for Mr. Darcy hopping into bed with someone, watch Bridget Jones’ Diary. He says “I happen to like your wobbly bits” and that makes me happy. 
  • Also I feel like you see his butt and that’s important because Mr. Darcy’s butt is very important for science. 
  • The bunny scene? Mmmmmmm.
  • allll byyyy myyyseeellfff 
  • “I like you just the way you are.” 
  • Darcy and Wickham BITCH FIGHT it’s incredible and it’s raining men is playing in the background oh my god. I’m gonna go rewatch that scene right now goodbye friends. 

Gary Mesibov and Marie Howley, Visual information: adding meaning, Chapter 7, in Accessing the Curriculum for Pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Using the TEACCH Programme to Help Inclusion, David Fulton Publishers, London, 2003, p. 84  

Well, it’s an old-fashioned rule,” said Hermione, who had just slid neatly onto a rug in front of them and was now getting to her feet, “but it says in Hogwarts, A History that the founders thought boys were less trustworthy than girls.

Order of the Phoenix, Ch. 17

This probably means that the other dormitories have ways of keeping boys out of the girls’ side, even the ones that aren’t in towers.

Insecure HBO

On the first episode Issa’s character tells the girl in the class that black women aren’t bitter they’re just tired of settling for less.That theme carries on for the entire season.

Issa is at every turn, by Molly, her other friends, and even Lawrence not to break up with Lawrence. Molly and her friends talk about it as if she won’t find someone better suited or anyone at all. Issa is encouraged to settle for Lawrence b/c he’s educated and a “nice guy” even though she knows she deserves better and wants more than what Lawrence is offering. Yet at the end when Lawrence is given the chance to settle for Issa someone who has take him for granted in the same way he took her for granted (remember when he forgot her birthday even though he wasn’t doing anything else) and he decided to get something better b/c he knew he could. His friends told him abut how he would have no problem replacing Issa while Issa was told she might be alone forever if she didn’t stay with Lawrence. I’m not saying what Issa did wasn’t wrong, I’m just saying there was a theme that educated BW, like Issa and Molly are encouraged to settle unless they end up alone while educated BM, like Lawrence and his friends are the creme of the crop and don’t have to put up with BS from anyone if they don’t want to. 

PS: Season 2 should be interesting when Lawrence hits the crying phase of the breakup….cause its coming.