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Post Punk Party Playlist From ‘84

Depeche Mode - In Your Memory

Siouxsie And The Banshees - Dazzle

The Smiths - Handsome Devil

New Order - Age Of Consent

Sisters Of Mercy - Temple Of Love (original version)

Ministry - Every Day Is Halloween

Depeche Mode - Something To Do

Billy Idol - Rebel Yell

Japan - Methods Of Dance

The Cure - Close To Me


 Cesare Borgia→  born September 13th/14th of 1475

He was cardinal at eighteen-years-old, and set aside the scarlet robes to become Captain General of the Pontifical Armies, duke of the French Crown, patron of Leonardo da Vinci, arbiter of Italian disputes. A soldier, statesman and exemplary politician of his time. In just five years, he becomes “condottiero dei condottieri”, a refined and ruthless, almost mythical character. Which dominates five languages and lives surrounded by artists and intellectuals. conquers a good piece of central Italy, take countless cities that receive him as a liberator and becomes a military leader of fearsome and formidable ability. The tabloid press back then -libels, anonymous, chronicles and poems- were amazed by his achievements and his horrible sins, almost always invented.
[…]Cesare was a pioneer of the Italian unification. In the midst of a constant tumult in which tyrannies succeeded others in small states, after centuries in which there was not the least of security in lives and properties, [he] established a stable government, with fair administrative equality of laws, an adequate foundation for the development of social forces; with peace and security, with a series of public works that improved agriculture and increased the production of goods. Even Guicciardini recognized him, saying that he had shown that it was better to be united under a single master than at the mercy of a pleiad of despots who made life impossible for his subjects and offered no guarantee.

José Catalán Deus - El Príncipe del Renacimiento

Happy 541th birthday, Cesare! 




B: Hey. Still sleepy? Can I make you not sleepy?(smoooooooch

s:billy!! i said you don’t do that!!

B:hahaha How are you feeling? It’s fully awake, right? Effect is awesome!

B:btw, Your reaction is so funny. So keep the playful hit. you’re look’s like love inexperienced.“Laughs”




B:Ouch ouch ouch! ..! Hey thats true? Don’t be mad bro. Just … …….joke………..

s:“Let give” Huh. Don’t look at me funny. Also, you’re feeling bad, right?

B:uh…What the …? No … I …

s:enough! follow quickly. i’m late for school!

B:……(eye is eye….that mean..?)* dazzled *

B: (OK NOW NEXT IS LIPS!!) *resolve*

S:“Creepy”…..?! why im cold?


long time no see ectofeature! and sorry my english is suck;


“Hell Creek Ornithomimid” © Chris Mansa, accessed at ArtStation here

[Another dinosaur that got a notoriety boost from Jurassic Park, but rather more accurate in that movie than Dilophosaurus was. It just should have been fluffy. The mechanics are based around a simple fact. In D&D/Pathfinder, knighly characters ought to be able to ride a dinosaur from level 1. Because it’s badass.]

This graceful creature has long thin legs and arms, and stares forward with wide eyes. Its body is coated in a layer of long, hair-like feathers that puff up along its tail and arms.

The dinosaurs known as gallimimus are prized among civilized folk for their incredible speed. Gallimimuses are omnivorous, feeding mainly on plants but supplementing their diet with small animals, large insects and eggs. They often travel in the wake of herds of larger dinosaurs, digging in the disturbed soil for buried tubers or insect larvae. Juvenile gallimimuses are precocious—they can run within hours of hatching. Juveniles spend most of their development in large flocks of other juveniles. Although they can fight with their toothless beaks and claws, gallimimuses are not adept at combat. The large feathers that grow on the arms of a gallimimus resemble flight feathers, but the creature is much too heavy to fly—these are used instead to display for mates and to make themselves look larger and intimidate would-be predators.

In lands where dinosaurs and humanoids co-occur, gallimimuses are often considered valuable mounts. If captured as young, they are trained easily enough to bear a rider and saddle, and their fleet feet and keen eyes make them excellent companions. The mounted charges of a cavalry of lizardfolk riding gallimimuses are not easily forgotten. Long but lean, a gallimimus grows to about 18 feet long (half of which is tail) and stands 6 feet tall at the hip.

Gallimimus as Animal Companions

Starting Statistics: Size Large; Speed 60 ft..; AC +1 natural armor; Attack bite (1d3), 2 claws (1d4); Ability Scores Str 14, Dex 15, Con 13, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 11; Special Qualities docile, low-light vision.
4th-Level Advancement: Ability Scores
Str +2, Con +2; Special Qualities fearsome display, war-trained

A gallimimus is suitable as a mount for a cavalier and can be summoned using a paladin’s divine bond class feature.

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