b. dahlia

Some sketches of Black Dahlia, from the fighting game Skullgirls. The dress I drew in the bottom left is nothing like her dress in official art, aha… :U

Also Peacock and Avery at the top, getting a wonderful bedtime story! xD

I’m hoping Dahlia wins the 2nd character vote. Come on, badass grandma!

I think she’ll get in sooner or later, since apparently she was already planned to be a DLC before Lab Zero ran into production troubles. But I think sooner is better than later. =D


Akagami Week || Day 5 || Dahlia, Option B: Take any characters or ships and explore/change the canonical facts of the setting and/or characterization♡♡ || Shirayuki & Raji’s Friendship ||
Dahlia brings the meaningful blessings and messages of enduring grace.  Dahlia is also a symbol of inner strength, creativity and standing strong in your sacred values♡♡