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in that 1 thomas sanders video with yogurt i bet prince never had the intention of doing it properly with anxiety prince just wanted to fucking spit at him like an infant and he did

if you need more of a reason to skip the disney beauty and the beast but still wanted a live action version, WATCH the 2014 french version. y’kno everyone pissing themselves over the reveal of that one dress??? this movie had like 6

belle wore a different dress for basically every day she spent in the castle 

and literally every. single. one. IS BREATHTAKING.

everyone’s whacking the ego of the disney movie for that hideous bedazzled party city rental and meanwhile in france 2014 even the men’s outfits were completely ostentatious and INCREDIBLE

and these are just the outfits!!!!!! the entire movie is so gorgeous i nearly passed out!!!! also it did all of this and more on a budget of $40 million USD. disney had over THREE TIMES THAT BUDGET and what did we get for it???? halloween express.

bts deserves more.

and i’m not just saying this b/c of the stupid interview, or the threats against jimin, even though those two things alone make me upset.

but it’s also the sense of entitlement from some fans that shouldn’t even be a thing. while i enjoyed seeing bts in newark, the crowd was weak esp when it came to certain members’ stages. the amount of fans that didn’t know the lyrics to their title songs was embarrassing. the lackluster cheering before they came out for the encore was disappointing. 

we want bts to come here and perform for us. we want them to learn more english. we want them to interact with us more. they work insanely hard to meet our requests so we need to do better and show them that we appreciate them. 

we need to stop making excuses and give bts more. they deserve more. 

that sucks… it’s kind of the same thing w/ the su fandom. every time i see a url like “aphobe–amethyst” or whatever I’m like “wtf why would she be aphobic???” it just makes no sense? (though i shouldn’t be surprised b/c the su fandom has always been filled with assholes tbh)

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28 Speirs / Leib...blushes and runs away

i’m gonna do this as a ship but if you wanted it individually let me know however i’ve never written for this as a ship before so i was excited to see what i can do and i hope you like it

How Speirs and Liebgott became friends exactly no one ever quite figured out. What they did know, however, is that after they became friends, it was rare to see one without the other.

Things were different when it was announced the war was over. They both had different plans: Speirs wanted to stay in the Army and Liebgott wanted to go home to California. They promised to keep in contact, but Liebgott didn’t uphold his end of the promise.

The two years following the war, Liebgott was at home but no one knew what he was doing during that time. Speirs also tried to get in contact, and many times Liebgott held his letters, tracing the familiar script on the front of the envelope, but ultimately got rid of them. Eventually, with no response, Speirs let himself become distracted by his work, and stopped writing.

Even though Liebgott wasn’t writing him anything, he was a little more than disappointed when Speirs stopped sending letters. Speirs had his reasons, Liebgott was sure, for not writing back. He knew he had stayed in the Army was probably very busy with his career.

Liebgott also had to have had his reasons for not writing back, Speirs told himself. He had his family and was trying to make that work on a cabbie’s budget.

Throughout the years, Speirs tried to write Liebgott, but either the letters would get sent back or he wouldn’t get anything back at all. Liebgott hid all the letters, or burned them. He wanted to forget the war, and sadly, this also meant forgetting everyone in it.

They had spent much time together in the final parts of the war when it was winding down, and learned to love the small mannerisms each exhibited. That’s how it happened, really, their story. That’s all anyone needed to know about them.

Speirs stopped writing after all those years of trying, and they both moved on eventually. However, they stayed at the back of each other’s minds, because even if only for a short while, they knew what they had was real.

Im so proud of me i got really frustrated and stressed out so i went home and took a break and made myself a dinner with all the food groups and ate it all


People who compare John’s freckles to the stars are the best kind of people

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