b. brill

scaliegays  asked:

Pablo! (For th name music thingy)

P - peach moon by the unicorns
A - aria math by c418
B - brill bruisers by the new pornographers
L- little furnace by jim guthrie
O - oh darling dear by snckpck

What’s worse: one big lie or one hundred little lies? This week, our Design and Violence project looks at HonestAds, an organization fighting for truth in political advertising. 

[Concept and founder: Harriett Levin Balkind (American, b. 1945). Creative advisor: Natalie Lam (Chinese, b. 1973). Graphic Identity: Kishan Muthucumaru (Sri Lankan-American, b. 1970). Website production: Unit 9/Roll Studio (est. 2012). Website copy: Daniel Brill (American, b. 1983). Tagline: Don Levy (American, b. 1955). HonestAds.org. 2014. Website. Short film The Walkout“ Executive producer and cowriter: Michelle Craig (British, b. 1983). Director: Martin Stirling (British, b. 1985). Production company: Unit 9, U.K. (est. 1996). Photos courtesy of iStock Photo. Screenshot courtesy of HonestAds.org]