b. 1967

Anita Pallenberg & Keith Richards in 1967 by Rex Features

“I was fascinated by her from what I thought was a safe distant. I thought certainly that Brian had got very lucky. I could never figure out how he got his hands on her. My first impression was of a woman who was very strong. I was right about that. Also an extremely bright woman, that’s one of the reasons she sparked me. Let alone that she was so entertaining and such a great beauty to look at. Very funny. Cosmopolitan beyond anyone I’d come across. She spoke three languages. She’d been here, she’d been there. It was very exotic, to me. I loved her spirit, even though she would instigate and turn the screw and manipulate. She wouldn’t let you off the hook for a minute. If I said, ‘That’s nice…’ she would say ‘Nice? I hate that word. Oh, stop being so fucking bourgeois.’ (…) Anita, sexy fucking bitch. One of the prime women in the world.”
- Extract from Keith Richards autobiography Life, (2010)

Jimi Hendrix and Brian Jones by Jim Marshall, Monterey, CA, 1967

Elvis Presley and Priscilla Ann Wagner on their wedding day, photographed by Frank Edwards, 1967

Four Tops, Reach Out
(Motown ‎660)
Released: 17 July 1967

Side A: “Reach Out, I’ll Be There” • “Walk Away Renee” • “7 Rooms of Gloom” • “If I Were a Carpenter” • “Last Train to Clarksville” • “I’ll Turn to Stone” 

Side B: “I’m a Believer” • “Standing in the Shadows of Love” • “Bernadette” • “Cherish” • “Wonderful Baby” “What Else Is There to Do (But Think About You)”

Catherine Deneuve and Françoise Dorléac on the set of Les demoiselles de Rochefort directed by Jacques Demy, 1967. Photo by Reg Lancaster.