Me and my friends got attacked by some teachers and it was pretty rad 

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Did anyone else notice the parallels between the Mercs and the Blues in this episode and the last one?  Both Felix and Tucker and Locus and Carolina had similar experiences when passing through the doorway.

The reason I can say Tucker and Felix had similar scenarios is due to the fact that they faced something that bothered them, but didnt really shake them.  Both were shown outside the portal with really no negative reactions (besides Tucker being actively thrown from it).

However, even though Locus was built up to be a parallel to Wash, he was also shown really similar to Carolina.  Both had images of the ones they lost and more of a reflection of who they used to be.  What they faced from Santa clearly shook them more and got to their core, even though both are portrayed as mostly unfeeling and stoic.  Both Locus and Carolina’s first action inside the portal was to try to contact those that are closest to them (Felix and Epsilon) and they felt completely out of their element.

Also the time around them encountering the portal is really starting to show a shift in both of their characters.  Carolina is learning to be more open and relaxed, while Locus seems to be losing more control and allowing Felix to take more command over the Pirates besides him.  These could both be seen as weaknesses in combat and could prove to alter their next interaction when they meet in combat.


So of course something went wrong in the process and Oikawa ended up with a with something that’s supposed to be a dragon familiar but is also kind of. well it may or may not be a demon that thinks it’s a familiar…aka Iwa-chan.