Bokuaka Character Sheet (+ doodles because I procrastinated ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ )
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So in my high school, the biology teacher is a glorious man who actually pulls off a Hitler-stache, and it’s wonderful. Anyway, at the beginning of class, we have a study hall, and I noticed an interesting pattern. If there are six or more people in the room, he will insist on absolute silence, except for him (he does weird crap, like tapping a stick around like he’s blind, just for fun), but if there’s only four or five of us, he’s perfectly fine with sitting around and b.s.ing with us. Better yet, in the middle of class, him and I will exchange private jokes that no one else picks up on, and have eyebrow wars from across the room. He also teaches this way. To teach, homeostasis, he told the story of Goldilocks. Genetics were explained in terms of cards and hands (he pointed out the jock right next to me and said he had a royal flush, then told me I got a 7, a 2, a 3, a Jack, and a 10, then told me I could still win in life by bluffing). Definitely my favorite teacher.

anonymous asked:

heyy goop i been failing school and my next therapist meeting is late in the week and all i been doing is b.s-ing my way thru stuff what else should i do cause ive kinda gave up

You know? School? sucks ass, sucks ass in the bad way! 

I always said that our educational system is fucked, and yeah I mean it, I always mean it, but that should NOT take away your learning passion.

You know what I always recommend? learn for your own! theres TONS of ways to learn stuff, and we all work different, try videos, songs, charts, application (experiments), games, try all you can and see what sticks on you the most!!

I know it sounds like… a little weird to say, but as I know exams make a HUGE part of the notes and if the teacher sucks at teaching, then fuck them! find your own way! it can be a little time-consuming but getting back the love for learning is actually pretty satisfactory.

Hang it in there, buddy! i know you can do it, but I also know is hard, take your time, and if you need any advice I am here!! 

Breaking news, the demons have invaded Velder.

“̵W̛e͜'ve͏ inv͝àd̵ed ̀V̀e̡lder͝,͢” said the demons, ̴"͞P͢ļe̴ase rèsp̶e̛c͜t ̷u͘ś or͞ ̴el̕s̡e we ́m͝i̢gh͜t͏ ͜ínv҉ad́e͡ Ham҉e̕l ͡a͠s̷ ́well.͜"

“Okay,” said the Elgang.

So the demons came over, ready for war, and died in a tornadotyphoon. But they tried again, and had a nice time fighting with the Elgang, but then died in a tornadotyphoon.

the signs as things jujuproblems has texted me

ARIES: that fuckface will haunt my rage forever
TAURUS: disdainfully washing yourself with an aloofah
GEMINI: another time i forcefully ejected a vibrator because of a sneeze and it hit the wall half a room away and the batteries came out
CANCER: i’m B)ing with ;w;s in my eyes
LEO: i will prove i am the best leader by showing i have the strongest and most viable seed, and most breeding prospects
VIRGO: my roommates are very confused about the egg in the freezer
LIBRA: *adds spices and sauces to cup ramen* gourmet
SCORPIO: if all things go right tonight, i’m gonna be in a cage surrounded by tigers
SAGITTARIUS: to be fair, memes are just inside jokes that a lot of fucking people get
CAPRICORN: let me eat my oatmeal
PISCES: we are All Praying to the Anime Gods