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Holtzbert at pride headcanons

me: *screams* 

  • its erins first time but holtz’ 3rd or 4th. patty and abby join them, bc come on no one in the ghostbutsters crew is straight t b h 
  • and holtz has like a cape flag, rainbow socks. the nerd goes all out and erin just walks out of their bedroom with little bi flags on  her cheek. holtz is just “??? erin did u even TRY” “excuse me I’m a pride virgin i have an excuse” 
  • patty and abby did the gb car up and had pride flags flying out the window with spray painted “we’re here and we’re queer” across the side of it. kevin tilts his head and squints with a “were here and we’re reindeers? its not christmas tho guys.” abby and patty are just “omg” 
  • oh man, while they’re partying and meeting new people and signing random peoples boobs erin hears someone behind her whisper “ugh, bi flags?? really??” and a “dude thats just so weird, why she at pride?”
  • turns out it was some stupid frat boys that live near by bc they heard the ghostbusters were in town. but erin still feels the ache in her chest bc once again, people think she’s faking. they think she’s not true to what she says or who she is
  • holtz hears it too, and is IMMEDIATELY (ง︡’-‘︠)ง︡ 
  • erin holds her gf back all “holtz its okay” “uhhh no its not?? this is pride?? I’m not letting some jerk ruin your first time” erin’s heart is just filled to the brim with love
  • erin and holtz get picked up by some random dude on a motorcycle wearing a rainbow full suit smiling all ‘THE GHOSTBUSTERS!! HOP ON” 
  • holtz just smiles so widely when erin laughs as they ride through the streets. she watches how rainbow confetti gets caught in her gfs hair, erin’s eyes shining, the flags below her eyes smudged from how many times holtz kissed her on the cheek.
  • she holds to erins waist tighter, 
  • she never lets go 

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R u sure zendaya isn't a love interest cuz I'd be really sad if she wasn't

A) women can be more than a love interest to be interesting!
B) they did say that she wasn’t a love interest in this movie
C) but that doesn’t mean that she can’t be in other movies to come

a new theory of mine and janet’s is that she might be an avenger in the making? all the avengers right now are all coming up to their third solo movies. they’re all getting older. they’ll have to pass the torch eventually.

so it’d be cool if she was like, kate bishop or something.

- broegan

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are u happy now that eruri is finally canon? (i already knew that but u know with the all new information and stuff lol)

I’m happy that eruri is finally confirmed yea, and i’m glad that isayama has been giving them so much attention recently!! Its satisfying to know that the eruri fandom was right all along lol. 

HOWEVER………. i’m not very happy with how Isayama did it. He heavily implied some kind of deeper relationship in the manga, but to kill half the ship and then say “oh btw they were a thing” is really lame, like isayama why r u pullin this dumbledore shit on us? whats next, is jeanmarco canon too? 

So basically, I’m happy yet bitter lmfao. The hype got killed a bit by Isa confirming it literally just as it becomes irrelevant… >B( 

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Tbh I have no issue w/ b.llamy but why do y'all always feel the need to invalidate anyone who loved L.xa. April saying she wasn't important to the show and now you saying she was actually just a evil bad girl who had a crush on a pretty girl. Telling everyone who loved L.xa that L.xa really wasn't that special and that we're kinda dumb to love her so much. Like, y'all already won!?!?!?!? She already dead. Yo boy bell is still alive. No need shit on her grave.

literally when have i ever said lexa was “actually just a evil bad girl who had a crush on a pretty girl” ? where? what the fuck? i liked lexa? i’ve literally said that so often, bc ppl like u make assumptions based on the fact that i love bellarke and bellamy which means i must have hated lexa–which simply is not true?

honestly please, go through my lexa tag. do it. look at my posts, actually read my opinions and metas. read my brollexa stuff, see how much i fucking love modern au lexa and the idea of her and bellamy–my favorite character–being best friends. i would love for yall to actually do that, i would love to see ur faces when u realize oh wait, i don’t hate cl.exa, i liked lexa, and the only real problem i ever had with the ship was its zealously hateful shippers. amazing!

in fact let me help u out there for a second. here are some things u might find in that tag:

the fact that whenever i point out that lexa wasn’t 100% an angelcake pacifist unproblematic mcmuffin, it’s suddenly me claiming she’s “an evil bad girl” is wild tbh. yall have GOT to get a grip. obviously we all feel defensive of our faves, and we tend to be blinded to their faults, i get that. but when someone points out canonical facts that happen to be opposed to ur fanon daydreams, that’s not the same as them shitting on the character? that’s just them stating facts?

if u love lexa more than life itself, that’s totally fine u do u. i get that she was and still is incredibly important to a lot of people, and i get why, and that’s great feel free to love her until ur last breath. that isn’t stupid or ridiculous or over dramatic. when it becomes too much is when u take that love and use it as an excuse to lash out and harass others (i’m not saying u in particular do this, anon, just fans in general, of anything) and that’s the kind of behavior that i and others like april are condemning. i would never purposefully try to make someone feel stupid for loving fiction and i’m sorry if my posts come off that way

but i promise i have never in my life called lexa “a bad evil girl who just had a crush on a pretty girl.” even when i didn’t like lexa, in season two, i still never thought she was evil. and season 3 lexa was my girl. just bc i didn’t ship cl.exa, doesn’t mean i didn’t appreciate her as a character

as for april, she’s already spoken on that topic and explained her pov, which i encourage u to give a second look at if u want. i know a lot of bellarke fans never forgave lexa or liked her, and that’s fine, but i did and i don’t like lexa hate on my dash (lexa criticisms are different, pls keep in mind) so i tend to not follow people who post it. i’ve literally never taken a shit on her grave like i’m sorry if me pointing out that she was a guest star for half of 2 seasons is offensive to u but?? 

i’m not gonna say i’m super nice about lexa all the time. she’s in my top 15 faves on the show but when it comes to characters i like, for example clarke and stiles and abby, i am very aware of their flaws and i don’t shy away from talking about them. it doesn’t mean i like them any less, i am just a very critical consumer when it comes to fiction, with some exceptions (i.e. u will rarely see me criticize bellamy, malia or scott, even though they undoubtedly have flaws. i know they have flaws, i just don’t particularly care about them, and that is a double standard i am aware of)

also i didn’t “win” anything by lexa dying, and i really wish that shitty rhetoric would rot. i knew her death was coming but it was still sad, the death scene was still outraging for me. i’ve spoken so much about how i think she should have gone out a different way, about how i wish her story could have been about more than just clarke, about how i wanted to see her form different relationships and friendships and see her past. lexa was a really good character all on her own, and the show didn’t really do her justice, and her death certainly wasn’t a contest to me. nobody wins anything when an lgbta+ character dies. just because i didn’t ship cl.exa, doesn’t mean i don’t care about wlw characters outside of their relationships

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Block B mtl to call u princess?

I’m so used to sexual Block B requests I almost took this as a fetish thing. >.< You guys did this to me.


Kyung, Jaehyo, and Jihoon would all like this pet name a lot. They’d find it cute, precious, and honest, because to them you are their princess. I see Kyung being super extra about it though, since that boy is extra about everything tbh.

Yukwon and Jiho wouldn’t say it very often if they said it at all. It’s not really their style.

Taeil and Minhyuk aren’t the types to use many petnames and ‘princess’ isn’t the first one they would choose to use.

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The new SAT came out in March & believe me when I say it's MUCH more easier than the old one. You'll do fine on it~And yea! We did have something similar to Webassign but only really used it for Physics. Regardless tho college board man I'm so tilted

chimchim0726 said:But dont say u shouldve taken ap physics instead seriously that class kilLED me. The material itself is hard but omg all the concepts u have to learn I literally was like fml everyday.I managed 2 pass the class w/ a B+ BUT I GOT A FKING 1 ON THE EXAM

college board finally giving us a break on the SAT i see lmfao,, HOLY SHIT DOES UR HW WEBASSIGN SIMILAR THING DOES IT GET ON YOUR NERVES like it’d say it was wrong and say its this percent off or a sig fic was wrong and the whole problem was wrong and THE AMOUNT OF TRIES YOU GOT WAS LIMITED… OH SHIT RLLY I HEARD SEM 1 WAS EZ BC IT WAS JUST REGULAT PHYSICS BUT SEMESTER 2 WAS KILLED ;;

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why do you reblog hailey baldwin when she says the n word with her friends lol a dm of her's got exposed (check ohnotheydidnt if you don't believe me) with her friends and she was saying n*gga? but justin/selena/zayn are where you draw the line? lol

how do u come into my inbox to drag me under the pretenses that i already knew about hailey? i’m genuinely asking like did u have a plan b in the case that i didn’t know about hailey? like how do u…come back from acting this way? i just wanna know :-)