block b baking
  • Jiho: Doubles the ovens temperature to "minimize baking time", because that seems way more efficient. Everything is burned yet raw and he doesn't understand.
  • Kyung: says he "doesn't need measurements", just eyeballs everything. turns out he really, really, really needs measurements
  • Taeil: experimental baker. Would chili paste taste good in lemon cake? Taeil gotta find out. Makes the rest eat his creations later and smiles a little too much while they gag.
  • Jihoon: licks the bowl clean and wants to put sprinkles on the cake. Writes "I love Taeil" in pink icing. he's so cute.
  • Jaehyo: Was ridiculously exact with measurements, temperature and time, yet somehow manages to burn all his cookies. He tried though, he really did.
  • Yukwon: Calls Sunhye every 5 minutes for advice, because "she makes the best cakes like, ever", ends up having a 2 hour phone call with her next door.
  • Minhyuk: takes pictures, makes comments from the side, doesn't actually join the baking. He can't get flour on his YSL Blazer, duh.

5MBC Zico laugh compilation

Block B GIF Reactions To Seeing You Naked For The First Time


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Block B as shop assistants
  • Zico: recommends you 5 different items and talks about them for 10 minutes each. you didn’t ask. you just wanted to look around. you probably left the stove on at home and Zico kept you in this store for an hour.
  • Kyung: overly friendly, asks you twenty times if he can help you, you decline 25 times just in case.
  • P.O: owns the store
  • Yukwon: a good guy, helps you when you ask him, makes a few jokes, 10/10 very pleasant shopping experience. You wonder if you can tip people working in retail.
  • Minhyuk: You can’t tell why, but you’re pretty sure he judges you, somehow. He’s polite and reserved but you’d bet a million bucks that he’ll be talking shit about you.
  • Taeil: plays hide and seek with you in the store without you being aware of it. You wonder where that giggle comes from. It’s Taeil, hiding under that table in the clearance section.
  • Jaehyo: wants to help you and knocks over three product displays in the process. Apologizes a lot. When you pay, he drops all the change. He’s so pure, save him.