b-is-always-for-blu  asked:

Hi! I love your Trans hc for Gamzee, and I know requests are closed right now, but I wanted to say that your drawings of him are honestly amazing and are my favorite to look at. They make me feel so happy inside and I don't really know why!

aaaaa gosh thank you so much!! :’0 <3<3 im really glad you like my gamzee drawings,,

heres a quick 1 i made bc i wanted to draw this HC again anyway :’^)

Jerebear has been having a rough day so I decided to give him something^^

I was planning on drawing these two with this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euep-1XL7m8

but its alittle sad and I don’t want to break any hearts and all so yeah here is something that is light hearted (lol Idk what I’m talking about anymore XP)

enjoy^^ @created-by-the-creator

(a gift from and angelic and beautiful @tauceti-e )

Short story short, I made this a while ago when I was bored at work and I couldn’t get you out of my head. My boss is just like you and I still can’t stop laughing


My honey, I see..

You care for me  so strongly that you think of me constantly, I’m in your thoughts during your shift and you even see my in your boss B)

🌹 Heh, I’m sorry you can’t resist my Karamatsu Charm, my flower~  🌹

But thank you for the drawing, I look completely irresistible and filled with joy, the same response i had when i received this drawing, your are an angel   ✨