to my future husband,

i saw that someone earlier had written a letter to her future husband about the things he should know about her, and i’ve always wanted to do that so i figured: why not start here?

the first thing you should know about me is that i’m a pretty insecure person. it gets the best of me sometimes and causes me to obsess over things other people can’t see. just know that there will be days when i don’t want to leave the house because i feel too ugly, and that there will be times when i will need more validation from you than you will want to give. i can only hope that you are patient and kind, and that you will be my rock when i’m at my worst.

i love cheesy romantic stuff. all the things that happen in the movies, you know? my favorite things are surprise hugs from behind and the way guys look at girls when the girls aren’t looking. i dream of sunflowers from a blue-eyed boy and a guy who will take me to Disneyland (don’t worry, i won’t make you wear matching Mickey ears with me).

red is my favorite color; i especially love red dresses.

i’ll probably complain about my dad quite a bit. he’s super protective of me and will likely do some sort of background check on you behind my back. he doesn’t like most of my friends though and is suspicious of everyone i know so if he’s a lil iffy about you: don’t take it too seriously.

i’m the biggest foodie you will probably ever meet. i will always be down to get whatever food with you (and just a +: i’m a good cook too!), even if you’re craving mac n cheese at 9 a.m because let’s be honest, we’ve all been there.

i have two dogs and they’re the greatest. i nicknamed one of them Churro. i was also on a diet when i gave him that nickname.

i’m a Harry Potter fanatic. Ravenclaw all the way. also i was never really a fan of Harry and Ginny but Ron and Hermione? oh yes.

i like my pizza with lots of toppings (with the exception of pineapple) but my favorite toppings are paprika, onions, and anchovies (yes i’m like the 1% that actually likes anchovies).

i’m a city girl so i love the noise and the hustle and bustle of my hometown. put me anywhere with a population less than a million and i’ll be uncomfortable. if you’re a small town guy though, no hate!

i listen to a LOT of music and religiously organize my playlists. i admittedly want a record player. 70s and 80s music is my favorite but i like to sit back and enjoy some jazz and chillhop now and then. if you like The Cure and Duran Duran, i could not love you more.

my favorite movies are either from the 80s or have bomb cinematography. Dirty Dancing, Can’t Buy Me Love, Ben-Hur, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty are at the top of my list. i also love horror/thriller movies so if you can sit through Would You Rather with me, you rock.

i’ve been told i’m really funny. hopefully you’ll think so too. i play the clarinet but want to learn how to play the oboe. when i was in third grade, i wanted to be a diplomat but somehow also wanted to be an author. i go through phases with certain foods and right now my obsession is peaches. i don’t like talking to people on the phone because it makes me anxious. i only drink black coffee. i drink green tea every day. corgis are my favorite. i go out of my way to look for goat-related Vines. i hate vests, have a weird aversion to thin long-sleeved shirts, and love trying on sunglasses.

most importantly, though, i am fiercely loyal. if i keep you in my life, it’s because i genuinely like you as a person and can see you in my life in the long run. i have a lot of problems, but being faithful and dedicated in a relationship is not one of them. i will give you all you deserve and more, and i only hope that you will treat me the same way.


anonymous asked:

...What about time-travel AUs...I mean there are many ways to take that but whatever ya think is best I just like time-travel

  • Character A’s life isn’t special, but when they accidentally save Character B’s life – from walking in front of a car/stopping a mugging/driving Character B to the hospital/etc. – Character B says that Character A is exactly the type of goodhearted person that Character B has been looking for to take on as an apprentice…a time traveler’s apprentice
  • While visiting the past, Character A is arrested for a crime that they didn’t commit, Character A finds themself in jail with Character B, a thief. Character B offers to break Character A out of jail, if Character A does something in return for Character B.
  • “I’m sorry, but who are you? Where am I? The last thing I remember was my ship crashing and– oh my carriage, I meant my carriage crashed. Of course.” AU
  • Character A is Character B’s sidekick, and Character B had finally admitted that it’s time for Character A to learn how to pilot the time machine. Character A is ecstatic. Character B is terrified.
  • After being saved by a mysterious stranger, Character A tries to thank their savior, but Character B has vanished. Character A sees Character B  around town – sometimes changing their appearance radically, sometimes recognizing Character A and sometimes not – and Character A can’t help but wonder what Character B really is.
  • “Oh goodness, what’s the proper greeting for this time period. Uh…Top of the mornin’ to ya’!”
Ronan was beautiful in the way that midnight is beautiful, seemingly dark and deceiving, yet always accompanied by the impending brightness hovering just beyond the horizon.
Ronan was beautiful in the way that thunderstorms are beautiful, all sound and flashes of light, reckless despite the glistening droplets falling from heaven, soaking every inch of earth with chill and warmth all at once.
Ronan was beautiful in the way that driving is beautiful, in sleek cars beneath star filled skies, the pulsing of electronic beats on roads that never seem to end.
Ronan was beautiful in the way that cabeswater is beautiful, mysterious and full of incomprehensible wonder, a darkness filled with rare patches of light.
Ronan was beautiful in the way that his love is beautiful, both in silence and in screaming color, every beat of his heart an echo of his desire to love and be loved in return.
—  “Ronan, you are beautiful in ways that even poetry cannot describe.”
(m.b, a Ronan Lynch poem)

dear m,

a month from now, we may see each other again.

maybe we’ll take the same train home and you’ll sit down next to me and it will take me a while to notice because my eyes will be glued to the falling rain outside.

or maybe, it will happen at the station, i’ll walk in and scan the crowd for familiar faces but see you instead.

maybe it won’t happen, and you’ll step inside the moment i leave.

i should be excited to see you, but i’m not. 

forgive me for that, 

forgive me for not knowing what to say to you,

forgive me for not being your friend anymore,

forgive me for all of it,

forgive me

because i might never be able to forgive you.


Detective Conan 971 Spoilers [English Translation]

I will never get how and why those spoilers appear before the release date…

  • C: The flag of China! Killed oba-san originally had 5 stars on her fingernails… And when she smeared red lipstick around those stars, maybe she wanted to show the Chinese flag?

  • M: B-but why China?
  • C: The order of counting with fingers is different in China, you see… Can you count from 1 to 10 with just one hand?

  • M: O-one hand?
  • C: From 1 to 5 is like in Japan, but…

  • C: 6 is like that
  • C: 7 is like that
  • C: And now 8… is like that!
  • M: T-Thats…
  • [A! I see! Than it means..]

  • TN: I was right all along ^_~ 

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thesparklingpariah  asked:

I love your art and you ans your cuteness bc it helps me with my depression and anxiety~

I know that moments may be negative and difficult to get by, but things will get better Sparkling, they always do! But it’s always good to start with the simple things to make yourself feel better, and I’m glad that Varian is one of them to help ease yourself in those situations.

Please do be safe and be strong okay Sparkling? Things will get better, and the best way to get to them is keep moving forward. Never dwell on those moments that have hurt you, it’s okay to think about them, but never let them consume you ;v;b

Again, I’m glad I help you ease your problems, and I do hope things come your way. Be safe, and be strong ! <3