Castiel is staring again.

It happens every time they’re apart for more than just a couple of hours and, actually, it’s kind of comforting when you get used to it. A routine of sorts - a look that Dean understands to mean Let me check if you’re not injured, enveloped with a squint if he even dares to claim that he’s fine before Cas’s examination is over.

Nowadays, Dean just sits in front of the TV in his room and doesn’t complain about the pair of eyes fixed on his face. It’s not like Sam is there to see and tease them about it. As it is, he doesn’t mind.

“You’ve met another angel today,” Cas says then, out of the blue. That has never happened.

Dean frowns. What? “How do you—”

“The osculation residual.”

“The what?”

Castiel lets out a huff and squints harder. “They left a kiss on you.”

“Nobody kissed me.”

“I don’t mean your kind of kiss. The angel’s feather must have stroked over your skin. It left a mark on you.”

Dean rubs at his cheek but stops when Cas shakes his head. “What now?”

“It’s not something you can remove,” he explains, pausing to search for the right words. “I believe you call them ‘freckles’.”

No way.

“How can you tell, though? I have so many of them, I’d never notice a new one.”

Castiel simply looks at him and tilts his head. “This one’s not mine,” he says like it’s completely obvious—like Dean himself should have known this all along.

He hasn’t. And now he does. And he does not know what to do about it.


Leo: Ji…?

Guang Hong: Huh?–oh right! Skating career first…and all that…yeah…

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How do you manage not having facebook? Did you have it at one time and then leave, or just never sign up? I'm asking b/c I'm getting real skeeved out by the Big Brother aspect of sharing everything I react to, so I'm trying to move away from fb, but right now I still use it a lot

my two best friends cut it off cold turkey in like 2010 and urged me to do so but i was so addicted to it. But when i was trying to get my mental health in order i started cutting off things that were hindering my ability to get over my depression and Facebook was one of them. I was so concerned w how people were living their lives in comparison to my own and it rendered me unable to get things accomplished in my life. It messed w my head a lot. FB can be toxic like that. And honestly??? It’s been almost 5 years and I don’t miss it one bit.

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With the yin-yang thing in B/Y's eyes, I'm starting to get a strong feeling that all this stuff has been planned day 1.

(in reference to this post)

i point you to Red Like Roses’ third line

“Black the Beast descends from shadows, Yellow Beauty burns, gold.”

they got a single line together instead of separately like Ruby and Weiss, and we were essentially told that Yang was the Beauty to Blake’s Beast before we even met them

but yeah, they’ve always been complementary (their scarves, now their badass longcoat effect) - even their theming, Blake is shadows and Yang is literally named for the sun and light. and their emblems both resemble fire

Kingsman Tumblr meetup

I’m B! That’s me dolled up as Theda Bara. I love love love silent films and early photography (I collect old photos and anything Lillian Gish touched), am obsessed with Robin Hood (also collect beautiful old books about him), and will fight anyone who disrespects McFly.

Kingsman broke my brain - I think I saw it at the cinema nine times (oops) which is three more than I saw The Mask of Zorro at the height of my Antonio Banderas crush 19 years ago, so I suspected from the start this was going to be A Big Thing for me. Tried to write a quick PWP to get the obsession out of my system, but accidentally ended up with 36K of suit porn and banter and sword fights. Ok, I thought, bit more than I intended but now it’s definitely done, I’ve said everything I needed to say, I can move on. NOPE. Turns out this fandom is just about the loveliest bunch of cheerleaders in the world and I don’t want to move on, I love it here. So many brilliant writers and artists <3

My fic lives here (don’t recommend it if you’re opposed to bottom Harry for whatever reason because that’s all I write), and fic recs here.

Also this is my dickhead cat Eggsy, so named because he parkoured out of my bedroom window and ran away the night I adopted him. He’s a ridiculous twerp and I love him with my entire soul.

@insanereddragon tagged me to share my #1 Kingsman headcanon, which I’m pretty sure is one we share: Spies using Spy Tactics to have secret conversations the muggles can’t overhear, about work or otherwise. Silently tapping swoony/dirty messages in morse code on someone’s skin. Conversing in sign language behind someone’s back. Anything like that. Passive aggressive bouquets with hidden meanings.

Tagging @insanereddragon in return, and anybody else: one of my unposted WIPs refers to Harry’s ridiculous Spotify playlists. What are your characters’ most overplayed songs, or their ringtones, or songs they massacre on karaoke after too many drinks at the HQ Christmas party?

Come at talk at me about headcanons, fic bunnies, how many dicks Harry can feasibly get in his body at the same time, anything! My ask is here and I’m ambrotypes on twitter.


B.MI think we’re getting more attention because we’re a mixed gender that’s not so common nowadays. Also, I think people like the groovy dance hall genre choreography that’s popular overseas.

J.sephTo be honest, when I heard I was going to be in a mixed gender group, I was surprised. I couldn’t picture it. But thankfully, meeting and practicing with the girls made us a good group. It also sets us apart from the others.

JiwooWe practice together, eat together, and we’re not family. Dating each other doesn’t even make sense. I don’t think it’ll ever happen. I can promise that. We see each other every day, so we don’t get any feelings. We don’t even need to write an oath that says that we won’t date each other.

Ace stuff

Hey guys, I’ve recently made a decision: I’m confident enough in analyzing my own feelings and thought process to say that I am somewhere under the ace umbrella. You’ve all been inclusive enough to make me very comfortable with saying this over your blog in a public forum since tumblr is mildly anonymous for me and anyone who knows me personally on here I’ve already told. I feel like at least one of you has experience this before (maybe mod rose? I read you’re ace but I didn’t feel like reading bios in my drunken haze) but I’m at the point of confidence where I want to tell as many people as possible who I know won’t lash back at me for it. It’s like screaming to the world you’re in love in a movie but the opposite, even though I still am romantic and appreciate the occasional cuddle. Thank you all so much for being supportive in general and standing for justice and the rights of all peoples, love B.

Hey! I’m so glad we’ve been able to help you and congrats on figuring out your label :) I’m gray-ace (rarely experience sexual attraction) and quoiromantic (can’t differentiate between platonic and romantic love), and I think maybe one of the other mods was a-spec too but I forget which one…? 

Anywho, thanks for the submission, and we’re happy for you!

Mod Marie-Rose

kinda wish ppl would stop joking @ me that I’m a loner/forever single for the following reasons:

a) currently having an internal battle abt whether or not I’m on the aro spectrum

b) paranoid that I’m not pretty enough to be worthy of a relationship & unable to do anything abt my self confidence rn

c) feeling extremely pressured by my surroundings to be dating ppl as though it’s the easiest thing in the world

                       U P D A T E D   B L O G  M A K E O V E R

Hello darling. Are you tired of temperamental HTML or simply don’t have time for change or just to lazy to change your theme? Well I’m here to tell you that I’ve finally decided to open up a blog makeover to do the job for you (Yay!). Any blog styles is welcome. So let’s get to it!!


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WIP Tag Game

I’ve been tagged by my wonderful friend @stardustsam & thank you!💜

Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

I’m not working on much but here goes:
I’m currently a little obsessed with ASOUE so I’m working on a “one gifset per episode” thingie

I’m also in the process of waiting for Misha’s 100th ep on spn to finish my cas appreciation gifset. I’m using a slightly diff coloring so I’m really nervous about it.

I’m hoping to find an appropriate quote/poem to try my hand at a tfw gifset b/c I was inspired by @stardustsam

Kinda boring eh? 😅😂

I hope you’re ok with me tagging you b/c I’m curious about your WIPs too😍:
@destieldrabblesdaily @wanderingcas @blissfulcastiel @angvlicmish @mycocklestiel @codestielckles @deanscolette @aborddelimpala @suliistya

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"who WAS" lmao idk why but that just hit me and made me sad

IK i was gonna correct them like I’m still a 1d bich for life I’ll b costconiall till I’m 92