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weird how you think its ok to tell probably queer kids not to show affection to their girl/boyfriends

i’m gonna do my best to be neither very angry or very condescending with you, because i’m assuming this is coming from a very authentic, but good-hearted place. and i’m gonna say this also assuming you’re a queer kid. so i’m gonna talk to you like you’re family.

a. that is quite a leap from what was deffo some gentle teasing.

b. i’m gonna go ahead an guess that most of the people worries about them “standing too far apart” aren’t looking for queer representation. the phandom is not, and *fandom* is not as queer and good-hearted as we like to tell ourselves.

c. if you want to talk to me about the very real mental and emotional toll it takes on queer people of all ages to decide if any public space is a safe space to be affectionate with one another, you’re gonna have to come off anon. 

but look. i’m from the american southeast, probably one of the top 3 most conservative states and have been out, dating women and faab nb people since i was 15. so understand that i’m speaking from experience when i say *yes*. there are situations where i’d absolutely tell queer kids not to show PDA. there are situations where my partner and i decide whether or not its safe to hold hands. i’m gonna go ahead and assume that deps experience the same phenomena. not because its not “ok” but because its not safe, either to their health or their career or whatever. don’t let glee fool you. don’t let degrassi or 13 reasons why or whatever show has decent queer representation now fool you. this is the reality of being queer for a lot of us. negotiating who we can show our whole selves to, and who we can’t. 

a thing i want: it’s a bright and clear Thursday morning when Lena gets a call from Yelyzaveta, her personal shopper from her favorite fancy schmancy department store in downtown National City telling her in accented English that she should come in because they just got some dope new resort pieces in that she thinks Lena will be interested in. And Lena’s like whelp it’s a slow day I could use some treat yo’ self time so she skips out of the office before lunchtime and gives a stunned Jess the Secretary™ the rest of the day off. Lena ends up doing some serious damage at the store, walking away with quite the haul. She’s especially pleased about the racy red two-piece swimsuit she found (she totally wasn’t thinking about impressing a certain cub reporter when she tried it on. no. nope. definitely not.).

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so me and my bf are both queer trans guys and we were at my house but we had to be quiet b/c I'm closeted & my parents are super homophobic / transphobic. Anyways, we were making out on the couch and he asked if he could unhook my bra & after I said yes he was struggling so I said "I don't know, can you?" and we both started laughing so hard we almost woke everyone up and ruined the moment

That’s so pure I love this ask so much

Gency shippers

I’m gonna ask this politely:

Can you not put hatred in the Pharmercy tags?

In the same way Pharmercy shippers should be respectful and not do the same to you (and all the ones who have done so are wrong), please don’t do it for us.

As someone who has been on this site since 2012, I’m a big believer in supporting safe spaces, whether it’s for football teams (the amount of times I’ve gotten into fights with people over posting bad things in the AC Milan tag – ooh boy), certain characters, or ships.

In the immortal words of of the R’n’b chanteuse Sparkle, ‘I’m getting tired of playing fool’.

Look, I realize I haven’t been the most peaceful or innocent during this ‘shipping war’, but I’ve gone out of my way to respect your safe spaces on Tumblr, and on other, media and social media platforms like Youtube, Twitter and Instagram as well, simply because I believe in leaving you to your own devices and not engaging with the fanworks for a ship I don’t like, and just letting other people be.

And I’m asking to do the same thing here.

I’m perfectly willing to let this go and ignore you if you do the same for my ship. And that’s all I’m asking for.

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hc: otabek loves the sci-fi genre, so for his birthday yuri gave him the star wars collection in blu-ray. beka nerded out so much he spent the entire afternoon telling him all the theories for the upcoming movie and yuri loves the way he runs his hands through his hair and actually b e a m s and yuri is so in love i c ann o t b eli e ve

LET!!! OTABEK!!!! BE!!!! EXCITED!!!!! ABOUT!!!! NERD!!!!! THINGS!!!!!!!

Like if you reblog lots of any of the following:
Agust D/Yoongi
BTS ships
EXO ships
Monsta X ships
Monsta X in general
Seventeen ships
Seventeen in general
Park Hyungsik
Block B
Wanna One

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unpopular opinion: in acowar, i think amren should have stayed dead personally because (a) every great book needs a great character death (b) she lost her touch as being otherworldly and (c) the resurrection thing should be something special for feyre and rhys, i dont want it to seem like it is a daily thing

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

I mean, as much as it kills me to say this, I completely agree with everything you’ve said, especially (b).

But… I’m also really glad she stayed alive!

But also… you’re right. But also…

Ugh I’m conflicted!

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zodiac sign: aquarius 

favorite mythical creature: angels

dream place to make out w someone: a ferris wheel :’)

where you live: colorado

where you wish you lived: neo tokyo-3

a song that sounds like you: sunday morning by the velvet underground

last book you read and adored: girl, interrupted: by susanna kaysen

last film you watched and adored: koe no katachi (a silent voice)

a goal you want to attain this year: create lots of art that im happy with!!

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im getting ready for honor groups and college auditions and some of the excerpts/solos for clarinet are written for an A clarinet (mozart clarinet concerto for example), i dont have access to one however. is it required that i play it on an A clarinet or can i play it as written on a b flat?

I’m not sure, my instrument doesn’t really transpose (ha suck it brass!). Followers, any help?

A while ago I went to the store and there was a huge sale on ground beef, but only for the big (like 2+ lb) packages.

So I bought some and divided it up into smaller portions in freezerbags and froze it, figuring I’d use it all eventually. The thing is, i really only cook for myself, and each of the freezerbags (there were like 6) comes out to like 3-4 servings. So now I’m trying to get creative b/c I’m getting bored of my ground beef standby meals. So far I’ve made;

- Meat sauce (served over tricolor rotini)
- Cottage pie with frozen veggies
- Swedish Meatballs

I need suggestions! Who has a fave ground beef dish that I can batch-cook?

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Rules: spell your URL using kpop songs

D Danger- F(x)
E Error- VIXX
M Movie’s over- Block B
I I’m him - Mino
G Genie- SNSD
O Overdose- EXO
D Danger- BTS

S Sorry sorry- Super Junior
L Lollipop- Big Bang & 2ne1
Y You’re the best- MAMAMOO
T TT- Twice
H Hobgoblin- CLC
E Excuse me- B.A.P
R Roly poly- T-ara
I Ice cream cake- Red Velvet
N No no no- Apink

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