I don’t even know what this is I’m tired and wanted to rant. Enjoy..?

You know one thing I hold dear to my heart and value about myself is that I’m always able to see the other persons point of view on topics where the other person shares a different opinion than me. Especially shipping.

Example A, Zutara was my very first ship. Before shipping was even a thing. I was 13 years old when The Last Airbender ended and I remember thinking how beautiful it would have been if Katara and Zuko ended up together. But I completely understand why they didn’t. It’s a kids show so they children would be confused and poor Aang saved the damn world he obviously deserves a happy life with his crush. Okay I get it.

Example B, Jonsa, and I’m not lying, is the reason I started watching GOT. I remember back in the Vine days I came across a Jonsa edit and was so intrigued by their story that I started watching GOT. Kind of soul crushing when I found out, or was lead to believe I should say, that they were siblings. The moment it was announced that no they are in fact cousins full ship mood came swinging back. I believe deep in my heart that Jonsa is endgame, but I can also understand why it might not happen. More people would be upset than enjoy it. Daenerys and Jon are literally everyone’s ship and D&D will probably give people what they want. It’s an easier story to try to sell, Jonaerys over Jonsa.

WITH ALL THAT SAID, I can say 100% that I CAN NOT imagine Reylo not happening. There’s too much evidence supporting them, there’s so many people that actually ship them I can comfortably say there might be more Reylo shippers than anything else. And the most obvious thing, IT JUST MAKES SENSE! Finn and Rey would be cute I guess but where’s the spark in that, where’s the buildup to that? Han and Leia was important because it was this young beautiful princess/general falling in love with, forgive my wording, a low life smuggler. Anakin and Padme was intense because it was a queen/senator falling in love with a Jedi! Forbidden love right there! Not only just a Jedi but the most powerful Jedi to Sith character ever! So what would be Finn and Rey’s impact? Two lost souls join a common cause together? Okay I guess. Two young adults find love on the same side of the war? Heard that before. WHERE’S THE SPARK? Oh right there isn’t any. But what about Kylo and Rey? Two powerful force users from opposing sides of the war, sworn enemies, joining together to stop this ongoing violence, balance the damn force and hopefully bring back control to the galaxy as two VERY powerful force users. YES! Perfect, there’s a story! It’s full of anger, sadness, loneliness, rage, power, peace, unity, conflict resolution god damn it!!

THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL REYLO WONT HAPPEN! I can’t in my damn mind find a way that would make sense for it not to happen. I can’t look through the eyes of someone who doesn’t ship them and understand why they think that. I really can’t. All the excuses they use, ‘He killed Han’ ‘He’s a monster’ ‘He’s evil, mind rape, thrown against a tree, hurt Finn, etc etc etc…’ THAT ALL ADDS TO WHAT IS STATED ABOVE!! The anger, the sadness, the betrayal, the god damn story!!!

That last bit is just be yelling but I’m just so stressed over this nonsense of a ‘war’ non Reylo shippers (I don’t want to call them Anti’s cause it undermines them) think we have going on. We are not at war, we’re just trying to watch a well built up Star Wars trilogy. Thank you.

I’m OK with Sakura being in SFV Season 3/AE, but just one tiny request (that won’t happen): 

L  O  S  E
T  H  E
S  C  H  O  O  L 
U  N  I  F  O  R  M
B  L  O  O  M  E  R  S

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Um...H-hi, I like your comics and blog s-so...I-I love y-you you're adorable and e-everything I w-with to b-be, s-sorry if m-my st-stuttering is a-annoying *runs and hides*