AU where instead of being called con artists occasionally, the Wright Anything Agency is actually a group of con artists in the 1910s traveling across the country and stopping occasionally to swindle people out of their money. I don’t know exactly what the con is, but by god they look cute.

  • The current group (Phoenix, Athena, Apollo, and Trucy) is actually the second official anything agency, the first was Phoenix and Maya (they used to use her channeling power in their scams). Maya is ‘retired’ now, and lives with Pearl in Kurian village.
    • Phoenix seems to sort of collect lost kids to help with his cons tbh.
  • Edgeworth is a detective who has been obsessively tailing Phoenix for years. He lost the trail when Maya left, and has only recently picked it up again (hence him not knowing who Apollo is). He has Gumshoe and occasionally Franziska helping him.
  • They all still have any special abilities they have in cannon (oops forgot Apollo’s bracelet shrug) but no Widget b/c computer.
  • There is 4 sure some illicit poker playing involved here.

it’s 2:00 here, please forgive my spelling mistakes.