for the record: i wrote 10k of indepth introspective character analysis turned personal projection fanfiction about francis from malcolm in the middle, never posted it anywhere, then changed all the names and submitted it for an lgbt essay scholarship as a dissertation on internalized homophobia’s psychological impact into adulthood and won $1000 so. first of all, follow your dreams, second of all, francis from malcolm in the middle is fucking gay


Beyoncé and Tina Knowles serving and speaking to the survivors of Hurricane Harvey in Houston on September 8, 2017. Beyoncé met and spoke to all of the 400 people who attented the benefit, and donated a pair of Nike Air Jordans to each.

“This today is a celebration of survival. Y’all are my family, Houston is my home. I love you. I thank God that you’re safe, that your children are safe. The thing that really matters is your health, your children and your family and your life.”