I find it really sad, how most of the time, the leader of the group is the least appreciated and underrated among fans. I mean, you would think that the member who keeps everything in order and has the most responsibilities would have more fans but that that doesn’t seem to be the case for the most part. Anyways, my point is, please appreciate the leaders of the groups. They deserve so much more love and appreciation for everything they do. 

“We stand ready tonight, as we have always stood in our history, to test our system against any other on the field of thought and belief and the work of peace, for on that field, freedom will never lose. We have always welcomed dissent. We have never muzzled disagre                      ement. Pick up any afternoon paper and you will see proof of that, for the truth of this Republic’s durability tells us that men worth of the Presidency must be measured by the highest rules of responsibility.

The Presidency of this Nation is no place for a timid soul or a torpid spirit. It is the one place where a petty temper and a narrow view can never reside, for the Presidency is both a legacy from the past and a profusion of hope for the future…The basic freedoms – the world that Franklin Roosevelt envisioned and that John Kennedy worked and died for – have taken on new meaning in our time. They were not fully realized in Roosevelt’s generation, nor will we fully reach them in ours. But they are a part of our heritage.

 And from that heritage Americans must draw the goals and the guidance that are best suited to their own time. We are determined to preserve in the future what we have received from the past. But we are also aware that only by accepting the arduous, uncertain, and most of the time very lonely duty of interpreting and pursuing democracy according to our convictions of today – only then can we hope that our posterity will say to us: ‘They, too, guarded and handed on the Great Experiment’.” 

President Lyndon B. Johnson, Miami Beach, Florida, February 27, 1964

jadethefandomfamfox  asked:

Quick question, would you guys ever get your nails painted?

Edd: Probably not, since I tend to bite them.

Tom: Eh, I don’t see why not.

Matt: Of course!

Tord: No, it would be a waste of time and it would most likely come off by the end of the day.