b) it would be just those hugging each other

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55: Friendly hug

The dragon trainer was just so delighted to see the fairy trainer. He couldn’t really explain why, perhaps lack of contact kept between the two? They were always so busy, but those rare moments when they could spend with each other, it made him oh so happy. His heart would flutter with joy upon the first sight of the other.

And suddenly, the Champion did something a little different upon their meeting. Usually it was just a wave, a greeting followed and then a chat, yet this time an embrace was involved. Lance had made his way to the other, quickly wrapping his arms around the other’s chest, pulling him close with a smile placed upon his lips. It was kinda nice to do this, actually hold him. Though, he figured the other wouldn’t like to embrace like this for long, so he made sure not to keep him in his hold forever.

After letting the other go, he stepped back, arms now close to his sides. Oh, he hadn’t angered the other, had he? “Hello, Etoile. Its really good to be seeing you again.” He cleared his throat, hoping to treat this as something more…ordinary between the two.