British vocalist and producer Jamie Hoddle is back again as Traces to whisk us away on an epic expedition into the darkest parts of our hearts. On Share Your Love, Traces envelopes us in poignant electronic pop and future R&B, his soulful vocals an earnest beacon of resolution in a sea of lovesick misery. Traces may leave you eviscerated with his powerful song, but its complex layers of textured production counter balance that thorough decimation with sublimely intoxicating euphoria.


b/w dream fantasy


Take my hand, take my whole life too (Klaine Valentines Challenge Day Nine: “Can’t Help Falling In Love”)

“I had a dream last night…” Kurt murmurs into Blaine’s curls as they tangle together in the quiet space of Kurt’s bedroom.

Blaine tips his head back, his fingertips splayed over Kurt’s chest—over his beating heart—as he gazes at Kurt. Kurt can feel the warmth of Blaine’s breath against his neck, and it tickles when he speaks. “What was your dream about?” Blaine hums softly.

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Signs For A Future Generation
  • Aries:Wanna be the ruler of the galaxy
  • Tarus:Wanna be the king of the universe
  • Gemini:Wanna be the empress of fashion
  • Cancer:Wanna be the president of Moscow
  • Leo:Wanna be the first lady of infinity
  • Virgo:Wanna be the nicest guy on earth
  • Libra:Wanna be the captain of the Enterprise
  • Scorpio:Wanna be the king of the Zulus
  • Sagittarius:Wanna be the daughter of Dracula
  • Capricorn:Wanna be the son of Frankenstein
  • Aquarius:Let's meet and have a baby now!
  • Pisces:La! La! La! La! La!