Please don’t say you support gay people when you literally treat us like we’re just your fetish. Gay people don’t exist to amuse you with our gayness. We don’t exist to be your flamboyant personal stylist or your gay best friend. We don’t exist to be your walking, talking stereotype. We don’t exist for you to show us off to prove how “accepting” you are. And we definitely don’t owe you shit. If you can’t support the lgbt+ community without fetishizing us and treating us like your silly gay pets, then we don’t need or want you. We’re not going to beg for your support and fulfill every gay stereotype so that we please you enough to allow us to have our basic human rights. Stop dehumanizing us.

Albums may come and go but personally one of the best albums that is near and dear to my heart will always be Block B’s Blockbuster. That was truly a masterpiece in my eyes back when I was 15. That was only I pretty much listened too. So some years listening to it again brings back such great fond memories