Do you have any idea what it’s like?
Everywhere I go, “Hey Cartman, you must like ‘Family Guy’, right?”
“Hey, your sense of humor reminds me of 'Family Guy, Cartman.’”
I am NOTHING like “Family Guy”. When I make jokes, they are inherent to a story…deep situational and emotional jokes based on what is relevant and has a point. Not just one random, interchangeable joke after another.

(Apropos of 2 recent recurrent conversations about apologies for personal taste and cinematic lachrymators.  Also, a favorite rant.)  Before the podcasts and before the audiobooks, I literally had about 6 hours of pre-2001 Dennis Miller and he was glorious.  I still do have them on my backup drive and my sad laptop with the logic-board issues, but I used to be quite the rant connoisseur.  Also, if I set it going before bedtime, I’d wake up to Eddie Izzard. (If sorted by time instead of artist: Lewis Black, who I found calmingly irate; if sorted by artist anti-alphabetically: Chris Rock if I got up on time, a young Bill Cosby in all his I’ll never drink again glory if I overslept, almost as perfect counterbalance to the resultant Eddie Murphy doing an impression of the Coz if I overslept alphabetically.)  Talkies have ~always been my white noise machine, it’s driven roommates nuts.

There was a brief gap in this back in the Spring of 2002 when I joined that Comp Lit class to hang out with a friend and watch Der Ring des Nibelungen but then my friend dropped it and I missed the deadline so I had to read Daniel Deronda, but it was far too soporific for my tastes, so I found a plaintext version on Project Gutenburg andhad the Cube’s text-to-speech function read it to me while I tried to follow along in the book. 

And so it was that Trinoids* was ruined forever by George Eliot. 

* When I used this same trick to edit my dissertation, 7 years later, I realized that downloading a British-English accent would make it easier because foreignness made syntactic errors stick out.  I still can’t listen to Trinoids for more than a minute or two.