mooonborn asked:


My muse’s reaction to yours tracing one of their scars.

Having just gotten through with a refreshing dip in a nearby river, Theo sat cross-legged on the bank as he hummed a small tune to himself and peacefully watched the few fish that swam about. However, his calm was momentarily broken, having been startled to feel his companion’s fingers running along his drying back. It had become obvious that Theo cared little about being seen in his ‘natural state’, nor was he one to shy away from physical contact, but the brush of another along his scars brought a peculiar rigidity to the fellow.

Merely a defensive instinct seeing as he trusted Roland implicitly. There was no ill-intent from the gesture, he knew, but perhaps just curiosity. The warden’s skin did tell quite a tale of its own, after all.

Find something interesting, have you?“ The elf smiled over his shoulder, quickly clearing the tightness of his throat after speaking.