Preston just told me this is the year he is realizing stuff … I wanted to swing on him nigga you couldn’t one wait till 9 it’s 6:30am and two what did you realize .

Things my 5 year old had realized this year:
-Not all dinosaurs got along
-Being a vegan means you don’t eat quesadillas
-Being a power ranger isn’t a life he would choose
- markers are cooler crayons
- Lego batman must live in Lego Gotham city

Then he will go back to his room and then 5 mins later I hear “ you know what else I realized this year.
- adults tell kids they can’t take naps in kindergarten but adults take naps
- homework is lifelong
- there is no such thing as boy and girl colors
- don’t assume a girl likes you bc she smiled at you

It’s now 7am I wanna go back to sleep !

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This time we should have followed #YurisDad👨🏻 and gone with him 👻 Last week, as we waited for #YurisDad👨🏻 to get off work, five-year-old kid #Yuri👧🏻  and #UncleZico met
These days she’s been squirming with shyness when she meets #SingerUncles ㅋㅋ #HonestlyMomEnviesYouALittleToo💃🏻
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