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my favorite thing about shiro wearing eyeliner is the first time we see him clearly wearing winged eyeliner… he's on kerberos… like he woke up that morning at the edge of the solar system… literally the farthest humanity has ever gone… and was like… matt hand me my liquid brush

Shiro has his goddamn #priorities straight!

#HIDEWEEK - Day 03 [ ♠ ] Autumn   


I can’t believe this iconic no smoking PSA had the hymn Store on it and was released 4 years ago and then she updated it and then put it on EMOTION Side B…..bye

Thursday Night (목요일 밤) (feat. Beenzino(빈지노))
  • Thursday Night (목요일 밤) (feat. Beenzino(빈지노))
  • Urban Zakapa (어반자카파) ft. Beenzino (빈지노)
  • Single “Thursday Night (목요일 밤)”

Artist: Urban Zakapa (어반자카파)
Song: Thursday Night (목요일 밤) (feat. Beenzino (빈지노))
Album: Single “Thursday Night (목요일 밤)”

Urban Zakapa x Beenzino, isn’t this collaboration too good to be true? Enough said.

Check out the MV here.