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*Me and my future kids talking*

Kids: Mommy, who was president from 2016-2020?

Me: I don’t remember kids, but let me give you a rundown on what happened at the 2017 Oscars-it was WILD

Title: Disturbia 

Rating: Mature (May Change to Explicit later on)

Pairing: Dean Winchester/Castiel

Additional Tags:  Blood, Gore, Possible Explicit Content in later chapters, Pining, Alternative Universe, Therapist!Castiel, Mechanic!Dean, Major Character Death(s), Possible Suicidal thoughts, A lot of angst, Drugs, Drug use, Mentions of Drug/s (use),

Summary (Preview):

‘Doctor Novak, right?’ Dean stretched out his hand, and the blue-eyed Doctor only hesitated for a second before accepting it.

‘Yes, and you’re Dean Winchester. Your file doesn’t say much about you.’

The Doctors voice was low and gruff, and Dean tried not to squirm at the thought of this un-nerving man reading through his file.

Dean shrugged.

‘Yeah, well, there’s not much to tell.’

Novak appraised him, a sharp look blazing in his impossibley blue-eyes.

‘I disagree.’

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you spend one night on the end of your bed, rocking back and forth with your fingernails between your teeth. you spend one night in front of the mirror, wishing you could redraw your features. you spend one night crying because the world has never been more beautiful to you. you spend one night smiling and glowing because youve made it. youve really made it.


[INSTAGRAM] 170227 W Korea update

wkorea: 나이키 X 더블유 <Women’s Revolution> 영상 1 편 ‘Revolution in Live’ 를 공개합니다. 엠버, 청하, 메이제이 리가 나이키를 입고 춤춥니다. f(x)와 IOI의 멤버로, 댄서이자 안무가로 춤을 추면서 자신의 한계를 뛰어넘고 세계를 확장해온 이 나이키 우먼들의 이야기를 들어볼까요?
“춤을 출 때 자기 몸을 컨트롤 하고 민첩하게 움직이기 위해서는 강한 근력이 필요해요.” – 메이제이 리
“춤은 학생 때의 절실함이나 친구들과의 추억을 끄집어내기도 하고 제가 여전히 앞으로 나아갈 수 있게 하는 꿈이기도 한 것 같아요.” – 청하
“너는 어리니까, 너는 아시아 인이니까, 너는 여자니까 그러면 안 된다, 그런 건 못한다는 말이 싫어요. 입을 다물고 그냥 해버리는 거죠.” – 엠버
피처 에디터: 황선우
컨트리뷰팅 에디터: 이경은
영상: Better Taste Studio
모델: 엠버, 청하, 메이제이 리
댄서: 권민정, 김지윤, 황희경(@원밀리언)
헤어: 강현진, 이에녹, 수지, 황은경
메이크업: 오가영, 이숙경, 방선화, 신재은
세트 스타일리스트: 김민선
어시스턴트: 이경화, 최순건
@nikewomen @mayj517 @ajol_llama #나이키우먼 #nikewomen #엠버 #김청하 #메이제이리 #nike #chunghakim #mayjaylee #amber

Nike x W <Women’s Revolution> has released 1 part of the ‘Revolution in Live’ videos. Amber, Chungha, and May J Lee dance wearing Nike. Shall we listen to the stories of these Nike women who have gone beyond the limits and expanded their world through dancing, as f(x) and IOI’s members, as dancers and choreographers?


“When you dance, you need powerful strength to control your own body and move agilely.” – May J Lee


“I think dance is the desire I had as a student or memories with friends I can recall or a dream that allows me to still move forward.”  – Chungha


“I hate words like ‘because you’re young, because you’re Asian, because you’re a girl you shouldn’t do that, you can’t do that.’ I shut my mouth and just do it.” – Amber


Twenty One Pilots :: Las Vegas Emotional Roadshow : Mandalay Bay Events Center : Feb 18, 2017

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(( ponderings over headcanons: On the subject of dwarves ( and the things they make); as I was brainstorming with a few folk of the fam, I’ve realized that pretty much the craftsmen of that race must have an enormous dislike if not an even outright hatred for the Aesir and probably other races too. And to be honest who wouldn’t be??  It’s not so much that they are rude and disrespectful towards other beings by nature, it’s the being messed around with, tricked and betrayed, and overall treated quite poorly, their artisans and smiths and craftsmen abused and taken advantage of for millenia that kinda made them go sour to the max when it comes to trade, and in general, dealing with Aesir. They will obviously deal with them ( because they take pride in their work, and they are the best at what they do, let’s be real here ) but I don’t expect them to be nice or courteous, or even decent when doing so.