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The amount of hate Lili is getting for not liking precious B*rchie is absurd and insane. More people are defending her for what others saw as a racist comment [which I don’t hate her for, since I didn’t see that as her intention, and she apologized.] But will shit all over her for not liking an outdated sexist love triangle/ship.

No B*rchie isn’t iconic. As someone who read the comics starting at the age of 9, and have always been Team Betty, the love triangle is gross and misogynistic. Archie always uses Betty as a 3rd wheel. I don’t understand the love for this ship. Archie always chose Veronica first, and went to Betty when Veronica wasn’t available because she was busy or turned him down or was mad at him for the umpteenth time. He always treated Betty like shit in the comics. And one of the things I did like about the show is Archie flat out telling Betty he doesn’t have feelings for her. Instead of stringing her along as he does for nearly 70+ years in the comics.

Please tell me how this is such an iconic love triangle when it’s nothing  more than pure misogynistic drivel. 2 girls being catty to one another and fighting over a guy, and a girl so desperate for this guy’s love she’ll accept being used as 2nd best, and just watch sadly as the boy she loves who treats her like shit runs to the arms of her best friend. B/V/A is trash. Betty deserves better.

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I hate being that person but what if all bts photos we have seen are post-b*rchie kiss and the couples are back together but Jughead and Veronica don't know about the kiss yet. So it'll blow up later. And actually damage everything, yay....i wanna kill myself right now

If the kiss happen (and even if Betty shoves him away), things are never gonna be the same. God, it’s hard even to explain how fucked up their dynamic will be! Not only in the shipping matter, but also with their friendship!

B and V are best friends, and so are A and J! And then, after a devastating night, Archie decides to start liking B! Suddenly, Jughead will feel like his best friend is an ass (and he will be right) and then they will never be best friends again! It will be the end of the show, for sure.

Let’s just wait and see what will happen.

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velvet blush and motel!

velvet; do you enjoy horror films?
yea! but i scare easy haha

blush; have you been to a concert? if so, which one(s)?
caravan palace, she wants revenge, lady gaga, not a terribly huge fan of concerts, i have to a) really like the artists and b) go with v close friends

motel; are you superstitious? 
i love. paranormal shit. 

Ain’t completely DITCH related so I’m not scared to post =v=b My friend and I came up with a pokemon AU with both of our OCs, I so far only drew this Rufflet (Shiko) and Banette (Doll) for my character Ethan =v=b

These doodles are like…2 months old btw, I just clean sketched them today lol
Also, I forgot how busy uni keeps me OTL