b&p original

Whhhee! Another random GIF. It’s not great, but it’ll do. It’ll do, Pig. Thanks yet again to you all wonderful folks for bearing with me while I learn how to make these. Good news is that my laptop finally bit the big one, and now I’m aiming my sights on a proper tablet. For making proper GIFs. For doing digital proper. Right now, I’m stuck using the finger/touchpad mouse function for all my manipulation needs. Pffshh. 

Speaking of follower appreciation - special shout out to lazydad for his help getting this sucker to even work. Consider this me winking at you in appreciation. But not all creepy like.

Ok, confession time. I’m old (at least in tumblr years). Like, when I was in art school, the graphic design department was still called “Communication Arts,” and there was like Photoshop class. So, I am just now this morning learning how to animate GIFs. So yeah, I apologize in advance for blowing up your dash with eyeballin’ bunnies, but I’m giddily excited.