(via Wild Mary in the City | One of those unique Western Maryland… | Flickr)

Caption: “One of those unique Western Maryland chopped nose GP9’s glides past us as it shoves its caboose through the connection track from the BRC to the B&OCT at 75th St tower in Chicago.  The crew has just delivered a transfer run to Clearing Yard and are now returning to Barr Yard, two engines and a caboose.”


January 30, 1981

Photo by Bill Johnson

anonymous asked:

how about cusp!Keith which means his birthday is oct. 19 - 25 and it means that he'll have a Libra's judgement and a Scorpio's precision (and jealousy) which makes him "a force to be reckoned with" They have really big personalities and are very accomplished so they have to watch out for becoming arrogant. Apparently "those born on the Libra-Scorpio cusp make great leaders and have the ability to realize big dreams" I think Keith is definitely a Libra-Scorpio cusp ima say his b-day is oct. 24th

anon if this is gonna be true i swear i’m gonna go back to this post on that day


2016 is almost here which brings in a whole new year of books with LGBTQIA+ main characters. This is a short list as these are the books I’ve heard good things from others who identify with the same sexuality or gender. I don’t feel comfortable recommending books I haven’t read, but like I said, all these were highly praised by readers and authors I trust. The good news is a majority of these books are 1) own voices, meaning the author identifies with the sexual orientation and/or gender identity and 2) deal with issues beyond coming out of the closet. I will add to the list as the year goes on. Please feel free to add or correct me if I’ve made a mistake on the list. 

This is Where It Ends  by Marieke Nijkamp  (L) Jan. 5, 2016

We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson (G) Jan. 19

Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin (GF) Feb. 2

The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie (L) Feb. 8

My Year Zero by Rachel Gold (L?) March 29

South of Sunshine by Dana Elmendorf (L) April 1

Gena/Finn by Hannah Moskowitz and Kat Helgeson (B) April 5

If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo (T) May 3

Jerkbait by Mia Siegert (G) May 3

Bad Boy by Leah Raeder (T/B) May 31

Tumbling by Caela Carter (L) June 7

You Know Me Well by David Levithan and Nina LaCour (L/G) June 7

Look Both Ways by Alison Cherry (B) June 14

Georgia Peaches And Other Forbidden Fruit by Jaye Robin Brown (L) August 30

As I Descended by Robin Talley  (B/L) September 6 

Girl Mans Up by M-E Girard (Gender-nonconforming) - Sept. 6

When The Moon Was Ours  by Anna Marie McLemore (T/B) Oct 4

Of Fire And Stars by Audrey Coulthurst (L)

The Quiet Ones by Ellen Goodlett (L)

I bet all of my bias groups have a conference meeting and be like
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Bias Group A :</b> We decided to release our mv on OCT 4th. What say?<p/><b>Bias Group B :</b> Ok, then we'll drop something close to that date<p/><b>Member from Bias Group B :</b> what about OCT 10th then?<p/><b>All :</b> *nod in agreement* Sounds good<p/></p><p/></p>

MikoRei Week 2015!

Hi everyone! I’m admin Tiffany and I’ve noticed something very depressing in the K (Project) fandom…. the MikoRei tag goes days upon days with no new posts! I know a lot of you are MikoRei shippers and this probably saddens you as much as it does me.

There has not been a MikoRei Week in over a year, and so far, no one has spoke up about having another. So I’ve decided to spearhead one myself!

This year, I suggest the week of September 27th through October 3!

This particular ship week will have a twist. Each day will have two choices for your submission to focus on! Pick whichever one suits your inspiration better, or do both! The more MikoRei, the better! ^.^

Themes by day:

DAY 1 - SUNDAY SEP 27: KITCHEN - Let’s kick things off with the episode that set every shipper’s heart ablaze! The cell scene no one could forget!
PROMPT A: Kitchen
PROMPT B: Imprisonment

DAY 2 - MONDAY SEP 28: KILL - Mondays can be killer, and this pairing has seen its fair share of death. Bust out the swords or bring on the feels!

DAY 3 - TUESDAY SEP 29: KEEP - Everyone has something important to them, something they hold dear. Sometimes it’s something tangible, within reach. Sometimes it’s words that imprint on the heart.
PROMPT A: Promise
PROMPT B: Treasure

DAY 4 - WEDNESDAY SEP 30: KISS - We’re at the halfway point of MikoRei week! One thing’s certain in the canonverse, and that’s that Mikoto and Reisi get awfully close to each other when they talk. Let’s close the distance, shall we? ^.-
PROMPT B: Passionate

DAY 5 - THURSDAY OCT 1: KING - Happy Birthday Reisi Munakata! Today is a celebration of the one and only Blue King and his official 27th birthday!

DAY 6 - FRIDAY OCT 2: KAGUTSU - MikoRei week is almost to it’s conclusion! Today’s focus is the canonverse. The Kagutsu Crater Incident was caused by the former Red King, Genji Kagutsu’s Sword of Damocles falling to Earth. The event changed Japan forever, and led to the rise of the new Red and Blue Kings: Mikoto Suoh and Reisi Munakata.
PROMPT A: Beginnings
PROMPT B: Endings

DAY 7 - SATURDAY OCT 3: KNOCK - “The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door…” - Fredric Brown
“What if” scenarios make the heart hurt a little less, don’t they? As MikoRei week 2015 comes to a close, we end with smiles. Wipe away your tears, because it’s time for happy endings… or new beginnings! Do they get a second chance? Do they meet again in another life? It’s up to you!
PROMPT B: Rebirth

***** LATE SUBMISSION DAY - SUNDAY OCT 4: Sometimes work, school, and life in general make art take the back-burner. That’s okay! MikoRei Week 2015 will accept any and all late submissions for any of the week’s prompts on Sunday, October 4th. We thank you all for your participation in the celebration!


  • All works must be posted in correlation to one of the prompts.
  • If you post work for a prompt, it should be posted on the day of that specific prompt, or on late submission day. Example, a post for the prompt Cake should be posted on October 1st (KING day), or on October 4th (Late Submission day).
  • All work should be tagged with “mikoreiweek” and/or “mikoreiweek 2015”. Work will be reblogged here, and on the admin’s main blog.
  • Prompts are completely open to interpretation, AUs are welcome and encouraged! Please just remember, even in AUs, to keep the works in character!
  • NSFW submissions will be accepted but must be tagged as such. MikoRei  Week 2015 suggests (but does not require) putting NSFW content under a “Keep Reading” cut for the benefit of younger users.
  • No art theft, GIF theft, graphic theft, video theft, writing theft, and plagiarism will be allowed. Do not repost anyone else’s art! Remember to source things properly. (WEHEARTIT AND PINTEREST ARE NOT RELIABLE SOURCES AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED) Reposting and theft of original work will not be tolerated. 
  • If you wish to post work that is not yours for one of the prompts, please get permission from the original artist and state that you have done so. (If a work is from Pixiv, here’s a lovely tutorial on how to ask permission. If the artist says no, please respect their wishes! Some artists do not wish their works to be shared on other sites, and some can even get into legal trouble if it happens!)
  • No ship hate/ship bashing or person hate/person bashing! Hatred and rudeness will not be tolerated. MikoRei may be YOUR OTP, but that does not give you the right to hate on others. (Eg. ReiRi, MikoIzu, MikoTotsu or any of the people who ship them.) 
  • No blatant, OOC character-bashing. Characters aren’t always nice to each other, canon proves that over and over again. This does not mean that a character should be hated on to hold up your OTP. (Eg. Mikoto hating Tatara so that Reisi is more important to him is OUT OF CHARACTER. There are many ways to tell a love story that don’t involve OOC hate.)
  • If you dislike MikoRei, please refrain from posting in the “mikoreiweek” and “mikorei week 2015” tags. You are entitled to your opinions, but this should be a safe space for fans to get together and enjoy what they enjoy.

Feel free to submit directly to this blog or send questions! My main blog is here, and I am on Tumblr daily! I track the tags #mikorei  #mikoreiweek #mikoreiweek2015 and #mikoreiweek 2015

MikoRei Week starts in two weeks, so everybody get ready! Most importantly, have fun and enjoy! ^.^

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Baltimore & Ohio freight train on the Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal Railroad … “about to cross Conrail’s ex-Pennsylvania Railroad (PCC&StL) ‘Panhandle’ Chicago-Columbus, OH main line. The train will duck under the seven-track IC/Metra main line and enter Barr Yard, just west of the viaduct.”

Riverdale, Illinois

October 20, 1985

Photo by James Humbert


(via Leaving the B&OCT | South Shore 801 comes out of the B&OCT i… | Flickr)

Caption: “South Shore 801 comes out of the B&OCT interchange at Calumet in Hammond with a long train in June 1975.”

Hammond, Indiana

June 1975

Photo by Lou Gerard


Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I took over this blog, and even longer since we had a special week. So, I decided to rectify that and make a brand new TMNT Girl Power Week!

I chose to make a new week because I felt that the old one seemed very limited, such as the first few days only focusing on specific characters. I wanted to have more options so if people didn’t want to do a prompt one way, they’d have an alternative.

You can do whatever you like for these prompts. Edits, Fanart, Fanvids, whatever you want!

OCT 01 || Day 1: Favorites
Option A: Favorite character(s)
Option B: Favorite scene(s)/moment(s)

OCT 02 || Day 2: Villains
Option A: Favorite villain(s)
Option B: Favorite villain scene(s)/moment(s)

OCT 03 || Day 3: Colors
Option A: Colors or patterns you associate with your character(s)
Option B: Blue, red, purple, orange

OCT 04 || Day 4: Bonds
Option A: Favorite relationship(s) (familial, friendship)
Option B: Favorite enemies/rivalries

Oct 07 || Day 5: Words
Option A: Favorite quote(s) and/or a quote(s) you associate with a character(s)
Option B: Lyrics of a particular song

OCT 06 || Day 6: Crossover/AU
Option A: A crossover
Option B: An AU

Oct 07 || Day 7: Free day
Anything you like!

PLEASE make sure to tag tmntgirlpower, tmntgirlpowerweek, or tmntgpweek in the first five tags so that I can reblog them. I’m not following any other tags. Or, alternatively, mention @tmntgirlpower​ in your post so I’ll be notified.

Our friends at Handwritten created a beautiful online exhibition showcasing artists’ letters from our book ‘Pen to Paper: Artists’ Handwritten Letters in the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art’ edited by curator of Manuscripts Mary Savig. Included are insights on artists’ penmanship by art historians Tiffany Bell, Lee Glazer, Tullis Johnson, and Akela Reason.

Visit the exhibit at handwrittenwork.com

Images clockwise: James McNeill Whistler to C. B. Bigelow., 1891 Oct. 5. James McNeill Whistler collection. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

Dan Flavin letter to Ellen H. Johnson, 1979 Jan. 22. Ellen Hulda Johnson papers. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

Charles Ephraim Burchfield letter to Lawrence Arthur Fleischman, Detroit, Mich., 1956 Mar. 17. Lawrence and Barbara Fleischman papers. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

Thomas Eakins letter to Frances Eakins, 1869 Mar. 26. Thomas Eakins letters. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

Best. Boyfriend. Ever.

Request: My best friend (@thecrazyenthusiast) is completing another lap around the sun on Oct. sixth (b-day) I am asking a bunch of fanfic accounts if they would write her a fanfic to help her celebrate. She likes DeanxReader, Destiel, Johnlock, Spirk, Janto, and Stony. She does not like smut. Also, it’s not select who can write them, I just asked the blogs I can find, so if people who see this want to write one, go ahead! (People feel free to write more than one) Either way, thanks and have a nice day!

Characters: Dean x Reader

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You seriously have an awesome friend so this is for you!! I hope you enjoy it. Also sorry for it taking so long. I didn’t know what to write.

For @thecrazyenthusiast

You slammed your hand down on your alarm clock just as it changed its numbers from 7:59 to 8:00 thus stopping it from even going off. For maybe the first time in your life you had beaten your alarm clock. You thought that you would feel more tired than you currently did (having woken up at 4:00 am) but then again it all made perfect sense. After all today was the first birthday you were spending with your boyfriend, Dean Winchester.

You kicked your legs up and down in your bed as you busted with excitement. You clutched the sheets in your hands so hard your knuckles turned white as you forced yourself to calm down.

Sure birthdays were never that exciting (at least not since you hit your teens and birthdays became less about cake and presents and more about parties and seeing who could hook up with whom) but this one was an exception for this one was being planned by Dean.

Though of course he has said nothing about it so far you knew that whatever he had planned was going to be especially thoughtful and sweet. Unbeknownst to the rest of the word Dean Winchester was exceptionally caring, loyal, funny, and sweet despite his tough exterior.

Before you could think twice about it you hoped out of bed and swung the door open sprinting down the halls. In the library you saw Dean sitting in one of the chairs, leaned back casually as he did something on his phone.

You snuck up behind Dean and quickly wrapped your arms around his neck kissing him on the cheek. He jumped slightly before relaxing as he saw it was you. He shoved his phone in his pocket and placed a hand up on your arms that were under his chin as he turned his head to peck you on the lips.

“Hey babe” He said, his voice gruff as it was morning. “You’re up early, got a hot date?” He teased.

You chuckled and leaned in so that your lips barely grazed the top of his ear “Hopefully.” You whispered.

Dean immediately spun around and lifted you up so that you now sat on his lap. “I like the sound of that.”

You chuckled again and pushed your lips against his roughly as he immediately responded as he placed a hand on your hip and ran the other through your hair.

You pulled back when the need for air presented itself causing Dean to whimper slightly as you smirked “So how about some breakfast?’

“Ok what do you want?” Dean asked with a soft smile on his lips.

“What do you have?”

“Um” Dean thought about it for a while before answering “eggs.”

You did your best to hide your groan “Anything else?”

“Uhh…eggs” He flashed a desperate smile causing you to roll your eyes.

“So nothing special.” You said doing your best to keep the disappointment from your voice.

Dean drew his eyebrows together slightly in confusing “Uhh if you’re lucky I might be able to find some hot sauce.”

“Nah” you sighed, if he was playing some sort of game with you he better stop now because you were already getting annoyed with it “Normal eggs sound good”

Dean smiled and gave you a small peck on the lips before lifting you off him. You sat down in his chair and huffed, this is not at all how you planned today going.


The rest of the morning passed by in a similar fashion. Dean stayed completely oblivious to the importance of today’s date and you continued to grow more and more depressed with each passing second.

In fact the only quality time you had spent with Dean today was when the two of you watched a movie, granted he did let you pick the movie but still. Other than that he was always on his phone or finding excuses to leave the room.

Finally around noon he spoke to you “Hey babe would you mind running to the store and getting some groceries?”

“Sure” You muttered before pushing yourself out of the chair, desperate to get away from your so-called boyfriend.

“Oh here” He said just as you were about to step out of the room. You turned around just in time to see a pair of keys come flying in your direction. You caught them with ease, your hunting instincts providing help “Be careful”

You looked down at the keys in your hand to see that they belonged to the impala, he was letting you drive the impala? You smiled before running out of the bunker before he had a chance to change his mind.


You pulled back into the bunkers drive way after having spent about 2 hours shopping giving you plenty of time to clear your head. You were no longer as mad at Dean, after all it wasn’t as if he was doing it on purpose.

You walked into the bunker with a clear head stopping dead in your tracks as you saw the kitchen. The lights were dim and candles lined nearly every surface. The table set with a beautiful white table cloth and brand new looking plates, a mound of spaghetti on top of them. Two champagne flutes were filled and Dean stood by wearing his fed suit, clutching a bouquet of flowers in his hands.

He walked up to meet you on the stairs where you currently stood frozen in place. “May I escort the birthday girl to her seat?” Dean asked with a soft smile that made your hear melt as he extended the flowers to you.

You giggled slightly and took them “You may” You responded before looping your arm in his forgetting completely about the groceries.

Dean showed you to the nearest chair and pulled it out for you as you sat, you couldn’t keep a big grin off of your face. “You did all of this?”

Dean chuckled slightly as the tips of his ears turned pink “Yeah, sorry about ignoring you earlier I just wanted it to be a surprise.”

“It was worth it” You said softly as your gaze roamed all over the rooms, taking time to appreciate every detail. Dean’s gaze, however, had yet to stray from you.

“You haven’t even received my present yet.” He said drawing your attention back to him.

“Oh no I don’t need a present this is more than enough” You began hastily only to stop as Dean pulled a small velvet box out of his suit coat.

Your hands shook slightly as you flipped the lid up to reveal a beautiful small diamond necklace. You felt the air leave your lungs as you looked up at Dean in disbelief.

“Though jewelry is impractical with hunting so are relationships so I figured what the hell.” He chuckled slightly. “You’re worth the risk”

“It’s beautiful.” You whispered as a lump began to form itself in your throat.

Dean only smiled before standing up and walking behind you. Without a word you swept your hair to one side and handed Dean the necklace. With nimble fingers he quickly put it on you, his fingers grazing the skin on the back of your neck slightly causing the area to tingle.

He placed a small kiss to the top of your head before walking back around the table and seating himself. Immediately you brought your hands to your neck and felt the diamond, it felt so right, so natural sitting there.

“So anyway” Dean grinned raising his glass. “Happy Birthday Y/N” You returned his grin and raised your glass clinking it to his before taking a small sip.


“That was delicious” You said as you placed your napkin up on the table.

“I would have made you a cake but apparently the batter doesn’t like being left in the oven for three hours while I napped” Dean smiled causing you to giggle.

“Who knew” You responded brining a smile to Dean’s face.

“So I got the next best thing.” He said as he pulled a tub of ice cream out of the freezer.

You grinned and pulled two spoons out of the drawer.

“Oh not here” Dean grinned as he held his hand out to you.

Without a second thought you took it and allowed yourself to be dragged outside to a small open area behind the bunker.

You gasped as you saw it: a large luxurious blanket spread on the ground surrounded by even more candles (who knew it was possible).

Dean chuckled seeing your reaction “Yeah I asked Cas to help me light the candles, he may have gotten a little excited.”

“It’s perfect” You whispered spinning around and pecking him on the lips before racing off towards the blanket.

Dean laughed and chased after you, plopping down on the blanket next to you. He popped the top off of the container handing you a spoon. You took a scoop and moaned at the taste.

“Best. Birthday. Ever.” You smiled.

“Well that’s what I was going for” Dean chuckled leaning in and pressing his lips to yours. He tasted of the ice cream causing you to smile into the kiss.

“Best. Boyfriend. Ever.” You whispered before leaning against Dean and shoving another spoonful into your mouth.

At this Dean laughed out loud “Well that’s what I was going for.”


(via 802 at the B&OCT | South Shore 802 is at the B&OCT interchan… | Flickr)

Caption: “South Shore 802 is at the B&OCT interchange at East Chicago, Indiana”

February 1977

Photo by Lou Gerard


A busy day at Forest Hill junction on the South Side of Chicago in July 1963:

Photos 1 and 2: “B&O E8 1441 is really moving as she heads south past Forest Hill Tower in July 1963.”

Photo 3:  “C&O E7 4515 is southbound on the B&OCT at Forest Hill in Chicago in July 1963.”

Photo 4: “A Wabash passenger train heads west through Forest Hill late in the afternoon. Banner Blue, Wabash Cannonball, not sure.”

Photo 5: “Two brand new C&O GP30s and a GP9 are westbound crossing the B&OCT at Forest Hill enroute to Rockwell Street yard in July 1963.”


July 1963

Photos by Gordon Quigley (collection of Lou Gerard)


Hey Taylor! It’s Ashley here :). We need to have a little conversation. I wanted to share a little story with you about my mom. Okay long story short, she’s been by my side for the last 26 years, and we’ve definitely had our disagreements in that timespan, but if it wasn’t for her I honestly don’t know where I’d be in my life right now. Because of her, I’ve been able to make my dreams a reality and have realized how important it is to always follow my heart because it can never steer you wrong, but if for some reason it does, well, those mistakes were meant to happen and I can only learn and get stronger from them and that’s what life is all about. Things happen for a reason, as my mom always says, and me finding you ten years ago was icing on the cake of this beautiful life that my mom has given me. We saw you two years ago on the Red Tour in Tulsa, and it was such a wonderful experience to share with her, one we’ll definitely never forget. I love her so much, Taylor, and I would just like to kindly request that you sing “The Best Day” on the B-Stage in Dallas Oct. 17. I thought this would be even more fitting because AT&T Stadium is where your mom presented you with your Milestone Achievement Award, and that was such a beautiful moment. So, I thought it would be amazing if maybe you would consider playing this song not only for my mom, but for your amazing mother as well because she has also done so much to make so many people happy. I’m so appreciative and grateful to have my mom in my life, and Mama Swift is a precious gift to this world as well. Thank you for everything, Taylor, and me, my mom, and my bestie @alltoowell89 will be singing and awkwardly dancing along with you in Sec. C138 Row 5 Seats 7, 8, 9 if maybe you wanted to say hi :) We all love you so very much Taylor, and we cannot wait to spend the best day with you on Saturday!!! Xoxo, Ashley.