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anyway the whole “the tonys are so diverse” thing is now cancelled!! you can all go back to ur homes @ all the communities who just saw two musicals about straight white people win in almost every category over actors and actresses, directors and designers of colour, not to mention the whole “hello, dolly!” beating out two incredible revivals full of lgbt and poc characters  

it was nice while it lasted


Bellarke week - Day 6 - Favorite chemistry moment

↳ 1x08 - Clarke convinces Bellamy to stay.

“We’ll figure something out.”

“Can we figure it out later.”

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fly to the Netherlands to fight/hug Gray with


can you imagine her face

we, dressed in armor & breaking into her house to pet her cat

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best day of my freaking life

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(fancam) 161231 sbs drama awards - hey jude
candy crush | do not reupload, do not modify.

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i was playing comp mercy today and the enemy team was being rly rude and at one point it was 1 to 2 and they kept pushing forward so i flew over and rezzed 4 people on the objective. everyone on the enemy team left after we took it so we won by default and i got play of the match

B E A UTIFUL.  Show up those jerks with your hard earned skill!

I love hearing support vindication stories. They’re so satisfying and I live vicariously though them.

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I've created a few characters for a story, two who are closer than the rest and fit very well together. But the other three characters seem like they're almost forced into the group. It doesn't seem like a natural group of friends. I'm not sure if there's too many characters, or if it's their personalities. I wouldn't mind editing the other three. How could I make this feel like a more natural, genuine group of friends (such as something like guardians of the galaxy type of gang)?

  • Combine Characters: If you have two characters doing the job of one, try combining them into one character. It’ll be easier to write scenes in which all of the group members appear because you’ll have one less person to keep track of.
  • Change Up Their Presence: If A and B are always together, try writing a scene in which A is only with C and D. And then another with A, B, and E. Or just A and E. Show B and D together. Change it all up.
  • Use It: Use this awkward dynamic to your advantage. This happens in real life. Two people might be seen as a “package”, i.e. they’re always together or they only hang out with the rest of the group if they’re both there. Your characters can bring it up as an issue within the group. It can create social conflict between the characters.
  • Keep Writing: As you keep writing these characters, you’ll get to know them more and you’ll be more comfortable writing them. As you rewrite you’ll be more sure of what they’re doing and their relationships might improve.
  • Reasons: Give them reasons to hang out. Why are B and C in the library? Maybe they’re partners on a project. Why are A and E eating in a different area of the food court? Maybe they’re both vegetarians and couldn’t buy anything at the burger place. Give them things to share.

oh man i can’t wait 2 watch dean and benny kickin it in purgatory like old times, just fightin monsters and makin out and callin each other “brother” gosh diddly darn i don’t get excited about white men on soopernatrual often but BOY HOWDY do i love benny lafitte