The Toxic Lady


A patient is cut into and rancid fumes emit from the body. All the nurses and doctors in contact with the patient suddenly become violently ill and die.

True Story

In 1994, a cancer patient was admitted into the hospital. When nurses try to get a blood sample, toxic fumes from the blood caused them to become light-headed and pass out. They had no control over their limbs when they awoke. Twenty-three hospital personnel exhibited at least one symptom from being in contact with the cancer patient. No one knows what caused her blood to be so toxic.

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Torture Method: Strappado 

Strappado is an uncomfortable form of torture that, unlike many of the others on this list, doesn’t necessarily end in death. In strappado, the guilty party is strung up by the wrists, behind the head. The awkward angle is pretty much guaranteed to cause an agonizing dislocation of the shoulders, but if it doesn’t weights may be added. Thought to have originated in medieval times during the Inquisition, strappado has been used into the 21st century.