let’s talk about this moment

look at how he SNATCHED this card out of warren beatty’s old, wrinkled ass hands. he took it so fast warren’s crusty senses couldn’t even process that he wasn’t holding the card anymore until like 20 seconds later when his fingers started twitching again. 


Okay in the first pic, how as soon as mins hand touches his neck, kook straightens in his seat. Doesn’t he look like he enjoys himself(to you too)? And in the second gif that SMIRK! After jimin lets him go -hell even before that- he has this slight amused smile/smirk on his face that..like so…different. It looks like he is trying to fight it no no forget that it’s not really it– it seems so subconscious to me. Like those little times when something good happens and we are not aware of our surroundings for a second -even people watching us- and we are not aware we are smiling to ourselves? I am talking about THAT smile!

It can be my imagination alone but i am not talking about shipping here. I think jimin makes jungkook really happy and I dont really mind whichever way it is. (I would be good if romantically tho not gonna lie)

Gifcred: @gayjikookadi


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Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this