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if you're able to, can you do maxie with a s/o headcanons? thank you !!

I hope you enjoyed it, Anon. I do apologize for the length (lack of). ~ Laz

Maxie Relationship Headcanons:

- Maxie seems incredibly cold-hearted at first but he’s really a bean.

- Gets embarrassed with any displays of affection wether it be in public or private.

- Is super passive-aggressive when jealous, especially with Archie. He’ll start petty arguments with his s/o and go out of his to spite Archie.

- Archie knows that and actually seeks out his s/o to piss him off.

- His s/o also knows it and tends to ‘accidentally’ spill their drink on Archie and take it upon themselves to clean it off.

- His dates are very orderly and planned out. So are any trips they take. He’s the person to plan out all the vacation activities and the times.

- Is actually a huge nerd and studies history as a hobby. He needs a s/o that will allow him to complain/geek out about historical events and people.

- Has a small fear of water due to an incident when he was younger when local bullies tried to drown him as a ‘prank’. So he slightly panics when at the beach or any large body of water. His s/o or their Pokémon would usually be the one to keep him calm.

- Archie teases Maxie a lot and his s/o is always the one to come to the rescue since he knows he can’t fist fight Archie himself. Archie is too nice to fuck up Maxie’s s/o, so he’s not concerned about them getting hurt.

- Maxie’s s/o influences him to be a lot more open-minded and patient. So he’s not as temperamental or one track minded with his work or employees.

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pokemon villians
  • giovanni: i want money
  • silver: i hate my dad
  • maxie: i want more land for my crops
  • archie: I LIKE WATER
  • cyrus: hey. i literally hate the entire world and im a depressed antisocial mess, lol...... bye world
  • n: im not evil :(
  • ghetsis: i want ALL of the pokemon. fuck you
  • lysandre: what did i want again? i said the world was ugly but like. did i have any real motivations outside of this
  • lusamine: my husband left and so did my kids. here are 3 easy steps to regain them
  • guzma: i like bugs a lot and everyone kept squishing them so now im rebelling the whole system. fuck you guy