Te he visto sufrir como una puta
callar como una enferma
follar como la primera vez
abrazar como la última
dormir como si tuvieses seis meses
tocarte la espalda como si tuvieses ochenta,
contra la pared
querer morirte y no hacerlo
vivir sin ganas
mentir sin fuerzas
reírte con rabia
crecer sin tocar techo
bajar la basura y no el nivel
perder trenes y alguna vez los nervios
arrancarte el pelo por no sujetártelo
mientras sostienes el futuro y a veces la mirada,
Con una mano en las bragas y otra en el gatillo,
el sexo de la prisa
vomitar el corazón pero nunca escupirlo.
No conozco a nadie que escriba y que no esté triste
tampoco a nadie que pueda salvar el mundo
y lo sepa
Stop romanticizing the past. Forget the “good parts” you keep torturing yourself with. See them for what they really are and not for what you wish they would’ve been. Stop and think about the pain; she left you. Remember that part. Don’t sugarcoat your relationship to make yourself feel better and fill your heart with false hopes. She was a lesson.. not the one that got away.
—  Good advice from a good friend
Bathroom Makeover?

in 6.1 this is what the bathroom in the Turner’s flat looked like:

However in 6.5 it looked like this:

I can understand a mirror being changed but not the tiles!

(It’s probably just as well the Turners are moving!)

No cariño, no soy mala persona, solamente que a ti te toco conocer la parte de mi que hace daño.

anonymous asked:

hello lowah!! it's silly but i'm curious so... in your military au, what's engraved on the paladins' dog tags? ^^;; also wanted to say i really love your art (and especially the au!)

Hi anon! That’s a good question heheh and tbh i didn’t really give it a lot of thought before now. The paladins use code names because despite being a rather secretive group, the Voltron Force is infamous and high profile to their enemies. So preserving their identities is the best way to ensure the safety of their family and loved ones. Therefore their dog tags only carry their codename, and their blood type. 

An idea i also juggled with: because they have to preserve as much personal information as possible, the paladins have the freedom to engrave whatever they wanted on their tags. Such as a personal mantra or proverb.